Photo of The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC, US
Photo of The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC, US
Photo of The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC, US
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The Grey Eagle


The Grey Eagle34.5
music venue • acts • taqueria • concert

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  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Besides a checkered floor and posters touting acts past and present, the spot has a no-frills aesthetic with its exposed rafters, retro candy machines, well-loved couches and old piano. Standing room for 600 surrounds the stage plus there are a handful of high tops by the bar, which serves a huge selection of draft beers. 
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    An intimate atmosphere and a wide variety of talents from metal to folk to stand-up comedy. This venue offers a little of everything.
  • Photo of Teresa Greenlees
    2 years ago
    more likely to find the banjos and bluegrass here
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  • Photo of TuniB
    7 months ago
    I'd recommend eating here before the show-- we had the arepas with lentil chorizo, cauliflower tacos and the chorizo-beef burgers and they were all very good. The show we saw had seating (some don't) and we were up close right by the musicians. The venue is small enough that it is an intimate experience regardless of where you are.
  • Photo of Kayla D
    7 months ago
    We have been here 3 times in the last year and half, always have a great time. Lots of restrooms, smoking area outside, and tacos to help soak up the alcohol. Very reasonably priced, staff is very helpful if patrons have a little to much to drink. Can't wait to return again.
  • Photo of Elzabelza
    8 months ago
    We were on vacation from NJ and went to see Dan Baird on 3/12. I had just managed to sprain my ankle earlier in the day so I was very happy to see that there was a small parking lot and some chairs and seating in the rear of the venue. We arrived early and ate at the bar before the show. Good Mexican food. The show started on time and the band played to the small crowd as though they were playing to a sold out house! We will definitely return when we visit Asheville again.
  • Photo of mcliffoh
    9 months ago
    My wife and I saw Joseph from Portland, OR at the Grey Eagle. The venue is relatively small and friendly. It is a standing venue so wear comfy shoes. Joseph was great and fit the venue well. The crowd was enthusiastic and the band loved Asheville. The one drawback is that the floor does not bounce like the Orange Peel!
  • Photo of mandolinchad
    a year ago
    This is such a great music venue. The sound is always good and the prices are fair. It's a very cozy space that is large enough to host some solid traveling bands.
  • Photo of mountlifeeleven
    a year ago
    Short blonde haired bartender, Mimi. Don't get service from her. She's rude, charges you extra and decides to makes tabs the same, when everyone is separate (and orders their own drinks). I've served for over 3 years and never had this service from a bartender tonight like I had from her. I love this venue, but dang, her over all persona was awful. Be careful ladies and gents.
  • Photo of Timothy B
    a year ago
    Just saw Jackie Greene at grey eagle.This was first time at grey eagle. The vene has outdoor seating. The concert was inside, open area with very limited seating. Was able to move around and see Jackie Greene sing. The sound was good. Was able to see and hear good. Seating in bar/taqueria area. Enjoyed the concert. Lots of eateries close by. Tried to eat at Buxton BBQ but had a 2 hour waiting list. So ate at venue food was good, beer cold.
  • Photo of Robert W
    a year ago
    Excellent tacos and beer in an attractive, artsy, outdoor setting (there's also a big inside room). Taco choices are very creative, keeping with Asheville culture.
  • Photo of Coley52
    a year ago
    Drove up from Florida to see the Quebe Sisters. Grey Eagle has a full bar/taqueria restaurant which was good. We were surprised at how close to the stage we were, and the sound system was excellent! I could actually hear after the concert. If you want great live music in an intimate seated venue, you'll have a great night at Grey Eagle in the red building...
  • Photo of Bob P
    2 years ago
    Visited the Grey Eagle for the first time recently to see Chris Pureka perform. Opening performers were MaryLeigh Roohan and Erin McKeown. All 3 acts were outstanding, and we loved the intimacy of the venue. The sound was excellent, and there was adequate seating for everyone.
  • Photo of robert r
    2 years ago
    Recently attended a seated show for Singer Song-Writer Sean Watkins. Pleasantly surprised by how close we could sit to the performer, the volume level of the music and ability to have personal reactions with the musicians. This place is just the right size for the Americana/Red Clay type musicians we enjoy!
  • Photo of BaileyJGB
    2 years ago
    Love this local's favorite. Much better than the Orange Peel. More of a neighborhood feel with great music and food.
  • Photo of ron o
    2 years ago
    Love the Grey Eagle, great bookings, great location awesome atmosphere. The big BUT here is the sound???? Went to see the REV on 1/27 it sucked, hopefully it was just a bad night,because past shows have been great
  • Photo of Danny L
    2 years ago
    I lived in Asheville for 4-years until this past summer, and The Grey Eagle never disappointed....from Richard Thompson to Tony Joe White to Dave Alvin to Tony Joe Shaver to............list goes on....all seats are good seats in this small venue...great bar...friendly staff....and ticket prices more than reasonable. Check-out their fine website for upcoming shows and more.
  • Photo of Jason D
    2 years ago
    Stopped in to see the Watkins Family Hour on Friday the 09/11/2015 and this was my first time making the rounds here. The parking was ample, the beer was super cold and the atmosphere was clean, non smoking and well ventilated with doors open on both sides. The sound was clean and crisp and loud! The food before the game was fantastic. I highly recommend the Barracho Nachos! Thank you guys for a great time!
  • Photo of 20Radar
    2 years ago
    Went to hear The Wham Bam Bowie Band and the sound in the space was great. It is a standing only area, but if you get there early enough you can grab one of the few seats behind the people standing. The venue is four parts.....1. Entrance area where you buy tickets. This area is also where the restrooms are located. There's some great pictures on the walls of pass acts. 2. The bar area where you can also buy food (the fries are great) and plenty of seating here. 3. Outside area where there is also plenty of seating. 4 Stage area where there are less seating, but plenty of room for standing. This area is perfect size to hear a band play. The sound is awesome. If you feel like you want to sit down in the stage area you'll need to get there early. Great place in Asheville that's been around for a good while.
  • Photo of Jade830
    2 years ago
    I tried Contra Dancing because of a friend's recommendation. I arrived about 20 minutes before 8pm so I can get a little practice. I was fine then but when the dancing actually started I got soooooo dizzy! Unfortunately, I am prone to motion sickness and didn't realize how many times you get spun around. I guess the trick is to look at your partner while spinning but I learned that a little too late. I was glad the song ended because that was it for me. I felt like I had just gotten off a rocky boat. I saw how popular it was for the locals: many brought a change of shoes with them, one guy was stretching on the sideline. I can only imagine how easy it is for guys and gals to meet & exchange numbers since you pretty much get to dance with every girl/guy in the place. Thanks for the experience, Grey Eagle. Keep Contra Dancing away from Chicago, please!
  • Photo of Elizabeth O
    3 years ago
    Yes, the first time I saw the outside I was a bit leary....and parking can be an adventure, but the music groups are amazing. Over and over we see great groups that draw big crowds in other cities yet here at the Grey Eagle, even w sold out numbers things are very intimate. You can sit at the bar w band members and share a beer. This is one of the best treasures of Asheville and bring amazing talent to town.
  • Photo of souzagar
    3 years ago
    While visiting Asheville we had the opportunity to attend a show at thus great little venue. Robyn Hitchcock was performing and was amazing, funny and interactive just like one would expect. His opening act was Emma Swift a young Aussie trying to make a break into the country scene. She did a short set that did not interrupt the main act. Tip, if you are staying down town consider walking as it is an easy walk and will allow you to partake of their great local draft beer selection during the show.
  • Photo of Shelby T
    3 years ago
    We took over The Grey Eagle for a birthday party including a band, and it was the best. Great beer selection, fantastic sound, and tacos! It's not always a private party event space, but a regular music venue. If you get a chance to see a show at The Grey Eagle while in Asheville, most definitely do it.

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