Photo of Small Batch in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Small Batch in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Small Batch in Saint Louis, MO, US
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Small Batch

American Restaurant

gnocchi • rangoon • pad thai • poutine

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  • Photo of brandt_family
    4 months ago
    We were in town for a convention but came up on someone who suggested this place. It was absolutely worth the very cheap Uber ride from the convention center! Tiffany listen to what we like, and then made her own infused drinks to go along with our taste.
  • Photo of FlowCharter
    5 months ago
    My husband is a big whiskey and bourbon fan so I was able to easily convince him to try out this restaurant with me. We were so pleased! The menu had a lot to choose from which made for some difficult decisions :) We started with the hummus appetizer which was very generous and also included tabouleh salad and some other tasty spreads. Then I selected the risotto special. Usually not able to enjoy risotto due to the dairy but they made their option without any! What a treat! My husband enjoyed the grilled egg plant. Again really great portion size and unfortunately we were too full to try any dessert this time. I've recommended this place to lots of folks and look forward to coming back!
  • Photo of Judy O
    5 months ago
    The decor is lovely, but that is the only thing I like about this place. We went on a Sunday for brunch. Three in our party. Our son had been there a few months prior and liked it. The menu, I believe had maybe 6 or 7 choices for brunch. There were only a couple that sounded good to me so I and one other member decided to try the Johnny Cakes. I have had better food at Jack in the Box. The cakes were thick, heavy, dry and tasteless and I almost forgot cold. They were topped with fresh strawberries, pecans, some sort of pineapple thing that did not taste good at all. The strawberries and the pecans tasted good. Neither of us came close to finishing our meals. The only reason I ate as much as I did was because of hunger. I had avoided eating earlier in the day in anticipation. The server came and asked how things were, as she toted away our almost full plates away. I said "Lousy", she made no comment. Then another person came by and asked and I told her they tasted like hockey pucks. She said they use gluten free flour to make them. No apologies, no concern, just walked away. I spent the rest of the day belching up nasty tasting Johnny Cakes and the next morning in the wee wee hours in the bathroom, being sick. I wondered, at the time, about the lack of customers when we went after reading all the great reviews. I'm not sure what they were eating, but next time they need to try the Johnny Cakes and get back to us.
  • Photo of dana2013ballwin
    6 months ago
    I had the pleasure of a second dinner at Small Batch. This is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and anything vegetarian can be made vegan. The food is superb. The first time I went with friends and we shared appetizers. The potstickers were my favorite, but all were amazing. The second visit I ordered the cavatelli and my friend order the Thai pad. We have each other a small sample of our dinners. Both dinners were excellent. I wanted so bad to order more selections as take out but decided I'll wait and treat myself to another fantastic dinner at the restaurant soon.
  • Photo of ahimsa2u
    7 months ago
    Went here for our anniversary. As vegetarians, we were excited to have the whole menu to choose from. The Rangoon and the Pad Thai were both really tasty (though it would have been nice to have more than 4 pieces of tofu). The brussel sprouts were decent. The tacos had a nice flavor but the chickpeas were super dried out. The potatoes were strangely dry and flavorless. The drink I had (can't remember the name) was super tasty. Might go back if someone else wanted to but probably won't seek it out again.
  • Photo of MatthewHundley
    8 months ago
    Small Batch has become our goto place for special occasions. Our first trip was for our anniversary. Then we were there with friends on New Years Eve. And more recently for Easter Brunch with our kids. Our family sits on various sides of the vegetarian spectrum (fully vegan to eggs/cheese are ok). Small batch had selections to fit all variations of vegetarian. The service has been good. The food and the cocktails excellent. The ambiance also excellent. On our breakfast trip we enjoyed Eggs Benedict, Johnny Cakes, their Slinger and French Toast. All were amazing. Small Batch is located on the same block as The Fountain on Locust. Not far from the Grand Arts District. Cool place for conversation along with food and drink exploration. Pricing is on the higher side. A great special occasion kind of place.
  • Photo of nadodimannan
    9 months ago
    We were pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of this place. Whiskey collection can meet the needs of starters to experts. Accompanying food menu was really enjoyable. Highly recommended for social outings with friends or office colleagues.
  • Photo of JTF_1977
    10 months ago
    My partner and I joined two other couples for a night out at Small Batch. I picked the place based on the fact that it was new (to us) and had a vast whiskey selection. It was not till we were on our way that I even realized the place was vegetarian. I will have to say it made me a bit nervous I picked this place for a group of 6, none of which are vegetarian. •The interior of restaurant was very cool. Nice open space, cool design and two levels of seating. •Our waitress and busboy who took care of us all night were both wonderful. Service here was excellent. •Our group shared whiskey flights along with our appetizers. We got the cauliflower and poutine to split. I am not a big fan of cauliflower, so I will defer judgement on that. The poutine however, I can say was amazing. •Each of us got different entrees for our main course. My partner and I got (and split with each other) the Pad Thai and Rigatoni. Both were wonderful and full of flavor. Each was a bit spicy, but in a good (palatable) way. I would absolutely recommend both dishes. •Most of our group stuck with sampling whiskey flights, but two us switched to cocktails (they have a pretty stocked bar if whiskey is not your thing). •I will say it was kind of expensive. Not for the food, but for the whiskey / drinks. But we felt everything came together and it was worth it for the experience. So as long as you (and those you are going with) are either vegetarian or open to being so just for one evening, I would completely recommend this place. The food was very good and any whiskey lover would love the flights and endless whiskey options!
  • Photo of dsm123
    10 months ago
    When it first opened everything tasted great. Over the last two years it's been up and down. Quality is sometimes ok but recently meals have just been inedible. Coconut milk veggie dish sounded great but it had a mushy vinegary black fermented rice and stewed tomatoes in it that made the dish inedible. The creamy pasta with red pepper had mushrooms and kale but it was watery and the heat from the pepper was bitter mixed with the kale; was terrible. My wife and I think either no one tastes the food, no one knows how to cook, and or no one there cares anymore. It's very bad.
  • Photo of jmikus
    a year ago
    I've been to Small Batch a number of occasions, with big groups and on date night. I love the Bailey's restaurant group and find Small Batch feels more upscale then say Rooster or Bailey's Range. I appreciate the vintage atmosphere, with tall bar, black detailing, two floors, iron rails, and outdoor seating. The drink menu is superb! If you don't like whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, they have an extensive cocktail menu, along with a selection of wines. I recommend trying a flight of whiskey or trying a cocktail. Their selection of whiskey is extensive, the most extensive I've seen. You'd be hard pressed to find restaurants/bars with flights that represent whiskey, bourbon, and scotch throughout the world. And, as for my favorite cocktails - shrubbly and professor plum are unique. The dinner menu has tapas/small plates, entrees, and desserts - everything is vegetarian. Getting over the initial shock that it is vegetarian is easy, because the food is well-flavored and well-made. They do rotate their menu, but I love their potstickers, gnocchi, pad thai, and hummus. If you like dessert, I recommend the afoot d'italia or the creme brûlée. And, their coffee is delicious!
  • Photo of Kris R
    a year ago
    Vegetarian food, a never-ending selection of bourbons and whiskey, and staff with a knowledge and service level that is exceedingly rare. They also offer cocktails and can recommend variants and substitutions to suite your tastes. While this will not be a cheap night out, it will be memorable and satisfying. I have toured several food options and all of them have been delicious. The flights of bourbon and whiskey are a good value. I have also learned more about each thanks to the knowledgeable staff. It is also a low pressure and I felt comfortable ordering more adventurous drinks than usual.
  • Photo of Maggie T
    a year ago
    I have written a review on Small Batch, but I've since been back many times and I just love it more every time. I'm not a vegetarian, but the food is seriously incredible. You HAVE to try the poutine. How does vegetarian gravy get that good? I don't know. Small Batch is also the home of my very favorite Pad Thai. I love whisky and you can't beat their selection. The mixed drinks are excellent and very reasonably priced. The atmosphere is perfect- classy but not stuffy. The waitstaff is extremely knowledgable. I seriously don't have a bad thing to day.
  • Photo of Christal D
    a year ago
    If you like whiskey this is the place for you! They have 10 pages of whiskey to choose from. My husband and I went to the matinee show at the Fox Theatre. After the show we wanted a snack and some drinks. We had the Rangoons and the Buffalo Cauliflower. Both were very good. I liked the Rangoons better than the Buffalo Cauliflower appetizers. It was purely just a personal preference. My husband and I also got flights of whiskey. Between our two flights we were able to sample six different whiskeys. Neither of us is a vegetarian, but we often have vegetarian meals. We plan to return to this restaurant and have a full meal.
  • Photo of Teresa V
    a year ago
    I'm not a vegetarian but have gone here twice now. Both times the food and service was top notch! Both times we got the same server and both times he explained the menu, asked for special dietary considerations and politely engaged as appropriate in conversation the numerous times he came to our table to fill the water glasses or to bring us new drinks. The rangoon, wontons, and gnocchi are my favorites but make sure you save room for dessert the brownie and the special of the night which was baklava, with which we added the salted caramel ice cream, makes you talk about when you're going to come back before you even leave.
  • Photo of Guinness R
    a year ago
    This is a very cool whiskey bar and vegetarian restaurant near the Fox and Powell Symphony Hall and think this is the perfect place for either a pre-show dinner or after show drinks. I'm not a whiskey fan myself but my wannabe whiskey connoisseur friend couldn't get over the selection and flight combination possibilities. Joss was our server and was a huge help in suggesting whiskeys based on taste. There were plenty of other cocktails and wine to choose from if whiskey isn't your thing - I had the French Connection and highly recommend it. We were there mostly for drinks but ordered the poutine as a snack which is so big it ended up as a meal. It was a very tasty combination of gravy and cheese but it's filling so be careful if you order it as an appetizer. Fantastic place, I plan to go back!
  • Photo of Christy A
    a year ago
    If food is what you're looking for Small Batch won't knock your socks off however if you're looking for cocktails & snacks this is your place. Owned by the same proprietors as Bailey's Chocolate Bar, Bailey's Range, Rooster, Wheelhouse, Bridge Tap House, so I expected this spot to pretty much knock my socks off. The decor was gorgeous, Gideon's service was pleasant however the Rangoon and House Salad left me unimpressed. The Rangoon tasted old, as in not freshly prepared. They were luke warm and the wonton was tough. I did enjoy my House Salad the half portion went a long way. Goat cheese anything is a selling point for me. the vinaigrette also complimented the greens well. I did not care for the strawberries placed on top. They tasted of a soggy, frozen consistency versus fresh and crisp.
  • Photo of OliverHPC
    a year ago
    I am a committed carnivore, but I felt nothing was missing from my meal. The Rangoon, Mesa Plate and Noodle bowl were all 5 star and fantastic. This was a great unexpected treat. Don’t miss it.
  • Photo of GadaboutCSB
    a year ago
    We are vegans and came to Small Batch with a group of 10 carnivores. Everyone loved their food. Our server, Kevin, was extremely knowledgeable and explained which dishes could be made vegan or gluten-free. The dishes were creative and very well-executed, with generous portions. My husband and I tried to return for lunch the next day and were disappointed that the restaurant is dinner-only. I would eat here often if I lived in St Louis. Also, the restaurant is bourbon-centric and the menu had pages and pages of small batch bourbon offerings.
  • Photo of Jceurv
    a year ago
    The restaurant is cute with black and white vintage photos. The chef gifts a taste of a fabulous appetizer. The meal I ordered "pad thai" was delicious. We ordered specialty drinks. They were made to perfection. The waiter was very pleasant and stopped by at the right times to fill our water or ask if we needed anything. I'd certainly return and make this a favorite place.
  • Photo of goingplaces345
    a year ago
    This place was a surprising find. It was about 15 minutes from our hotel by the arch using Uber. The neighborhood was interesting and seems to be an up and coming area. The restaurant interior was very inviting. The server was very knowledgable and friendly. The food is presented nicely and it seems very upscale. The only disappointment was the spiciness of the BBQ dish. It wasn't marked as spicy on the menu so I'm not sure what the ingredient was, but beware if you aren't a fan of hot dishes! Even if you're not vegetarian, this is a great place to check out!

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