Photo of Moto Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Moto Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Moto Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
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Moto Museum

Tourist Attraction

triumph grill • louis university • interesting collection • ducati

3441 Olive St APT 201
Saint Louis, MO 63103, US
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  • Photo of Swl781
    6 months ago
    This wonderful display of old motorcycles is attached to the very good Triumph Grill restaurant. We only saw the first floor which has a large variety of European models. The second floor was only glimpsed briefly with Triumphs and other American models. Free entrance, and also available to rent for events. A great place to take a friend who is a cycle enthusiast, or anyone who appreciates historical equipment.
  • Photo of Tom B
    6 months ago
    A very nice free attraction for the motorcycle enthusiast. Large variety of motorcycles from street to dirt to trials to flat track all in one nicely presented museum. Well presented, great variety, and free to the public. There is an attached restaurant - had we known - we would have stopped in for lunch there. Now you know..... looked pretty good!
  • Photo of Gerald W
    8 months ago
    I used a mild expletive referring to sacred excrement in describing how great this is and somebody had their fee-fees hurt and the post was deleted; so am reposting. Yep, I'm biased a bit because my Brother-in-Law and I were on a motorcycle trip and this seemed like a good place to stop and spend time and then have lunch before heading out of Saint Louis. I ride a Kawasaki Concours and he rides a Kawasaki Nomad. Anyway. What a collection! The plaques at each motorcycle provides a good history of that technology in Europe. There seems to be some organization, though I would have appreciated an arrangement that demonstrated the evolution of the motorcycle in Europe, including the blind alleys and inspired choices that have led to modern machines. But, hey, it was all good as I thought about what it would be like riding some of those machines as I read about them and saw the designs. Too cute for words was the little Vespa with sidecar in the room that highlighted Italian designs. (Y'know, I think that small tires on scooters are dangerous, but Vespa has been successful, as I've seen from my work in Milan.) Well worth the visit! And the building houses two restaurants and a motorcycle dealership. Of course we window shopped and the dealership had a stock of Triumphs. Boy-oh-boy, were I ever going to the "dark side" of cruiser ownership the stylish MY15 America sure caught my eye and longing.
  • Photo of David And Eugen... H
    This is a moderate size museum with a private collection, apparently owned by the the proprietor of the attached dealership. It is best to go when the dealership is also open as some of the bikes seem to be on the sales floor as displays. Lots of old motocycles, predominantly European. Many famous brands, forgotten brands and obscure brands. When was the last time you saw a Scott Flying Squirrel? Good to combine a visit with the attached Triumph Cafe, which has a direct entrance to the museum. Currently on display are some obscure eastern European bikes and 40's and 50's Italian ones.
  • Photo of N0rmalee
    9 months ago
    Hubby is a huge fan of all transportation modes and this place includes a bunch of motorcycles, mostly European and some you've never heard of before! It's a big venue spot for special occasions as well.
  • Photo of Pat L
    a year ago
    The MOTO Museum is a large one-story venue containing an amazing collection of motorcycles of all makes from many countries that span a century. Motorcycle buffs can spend hours there reading about each bike, but the average person can walk through the three big rooms in less than an hour and get a good idea of the evolution of motorcycles throughout the years. The MOTO Museum can be rented for wedding receptions and special events. It is also another hidden St. Louis gem and admission is free.
  • Photo of Karen S
    a year ago
    This museum is small but very interesting. It contains a collection of mostly European motorcycles with stories about each one. What is really nice is that it is attached to a very nice restaurant and hotel. We'll probably stay there on our next visit to St. Louis since it is so close to downtown.
  • Photo of Norma J
    a year ago
    Another great free attraction in St. Louis is the Moto Museum. You walk thru and look at all these beautiful vintage motorcycles from all over the world. Many are from Europe, in pristine condition, and are very old. (There is an optional donation box which I recommend you might put something in there depending on how you enjoy the exhibit). After museum is the Triumph Grill, where I enjoyed a delicious lunch with friend. It also has motorcycle theme. After restaurant we enjoyed seeing a beautiful boutique hotel. There is also a large motorcycle store at that end. This is just a short walk from the Grand Center Revived area where the Fox Theatre is with Broadway shows, Powell Hall where the St. Louis Symphony performs, a jazz bistro, the wonderful museums of St. Louis University, and several restaurants.
  • Photo of MSO70
    a year ago
    We thoroughly enjoyed the Moto Museum. We stayed for about 30 minutes. The various motorcycles are from all over the world and worth the visit.
  • Photo of Millpers123
    2 years ago
    Great collection of vintage motorcycles. The history on the plaques below the motorcycles gives a lot of history and background. A quiet gem for anyone who enjoys history, motorcycles, machinery. Good for the kids too.
  • Photo of kavithasrinivasan
    Free entrance. If you are a motorcycle buff, you can definitely enjoy a tour of the museum. Good collection of a variety of motorcycles. I loved the scooter collection. Walk into all the rooms and enjoy a quick drink at the connected bar.
  • Photo of Judy S
    2 years ago
    This is a free museum of very unusual motorcycles from around the world. Most of them are very old, but in good shape. Each one is identified.
  • Photo of AmyWren
    2 years ago
    We stumbled on this place while waiting for Samuel Cupples house to open & touring SLU campus. A very nice collection of well restored European motorcycles
  • Photo of Kenneth L
    2 years ago
    Found the collection most interesting and rare. A fine addition to the fantastic fare at the eatery and the way cool hotel plus the dealership for Triumph, Ducati and Vespa's.
  • Photo of Bonny385
    3 years ago
    I loved it! It's also a great space for events! There are a lot of motorcycles in here event from other countries. It's a very nice place!
  • Photo of Jaime H
    3 years ago
    A little of the beaten path, but this gem of a find is a must visit when heading to St. Louis. The museum has a wide variety of motorcycles that from around the world. The Triumph Grill that was attached had an amazing atmosphere, with a unique decor and the food while little in price was huge in taste! I will definitely be returning the next time I'm in town!
  • Photo of Bryan C
    3 years ago
    The museum is the cornerstone to a whole motorcycle city block. The Triumph cafe adjoins the museum. There is also a Ducati, Triumph and KTM dealership. I was let into the museum after hours while eating at the very delicious Triumph cafe.
  • Photo of falconfire
    3 years ago
    Had a business Christmas party here and we had a wonderful time. The motorcycles everywhere are crazy old and just awesome. This would be a great place for a wedding reception. The atmosphere in the banquet area is perfect. Go check this place out!
  • Photo of hiwaychild
    3 years ago
    It's a museum, Ducati dealership and restaurant. The collection of motorcycles from countries you never knew made motorcycles is amazing - not one Japanese bike in the place. Admission is free, but please leave a donation when you go. Take your time looking around - it's worth it!
  • Photo of Kathi T
    3 years ago
    I visited the museum when some visitors from Taiwan came with their 3 boys. I thought I would be bored... this museum is amazing and so interesting! We spent several hours looking at all the motorcycles. It is hard to believe that this collection belongs to one ST Louis based gentleman. Impressive and fascinating history and evolution of the cycle. The venue is also available for event rental. My husband held an event there and it was phenomenal from the feedback that the attendees provided. The restaurant also has some tasty plates. Check it out on the eastern side of the SLU campus. Enjoy the area and see the restoration and lively atmosphere of Grand Avenue...lots more to see and do!

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