Photo of City Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of City Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of City Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
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City Museum

Tourist Attraction

City Museum34.5
story slide • knee pads • ferris wheel • all ages

701 N 15th St Ste 35
Saint Louis, MO 63103, US
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  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    At St. Louis, Missouri's City Museum you'll find 600,000 square feet of salvaged materials, including two abandoned planes, that have been turned into a playground for adults. Take a ride down a 10-story slide, catch a pop-up circus, go for a spin on a Ferris wheel (on the roof!), wander through man-made caves and order bespoke shoelaces made on a sewing machine that dates back to the 1800s. Insider tip: The best time to visit is Friday or Saturday night, when the place is open only to adults.
  • Photo of Melissa Reed
    4 years ago
    Great place to take the kids, it will keep them busy for hours
  • Photo of April Berger
    4 years ago
    Best place to take a New York art snob
  • Photo of MN_Peter
    5 months ago
    Our kids (10, 8 and 5) ranked City Museum in St Louis above Disney, Universal, and Lego Land. If you have kids between 4 and 12... plan to spend the WHOLE Day here, it is fantastic. Tips: 1) Try to plan for a visit when it will be less busy. 2) Bring a flashlight or headlamp (also sold in the gift shop) 3) Wear activewear and closed toe shoes... it's a bit of a workout with lots of climbing and crawling. 4) Be sure to pay the extra few $ for the rooftop... its well worth it. We are about a 10-hour drive away... and we would go back to St. Louis just to visit this place again.
  • Photo of MuseumStoreShopper
    5 months ago
    This is the kind of crazy thing that only exists in one place: St. Louis is lucky to have the City Museum. There's nothing quite like it anywhere, and as I wandered around, the thought that repeated itself was "I don't even know how to describe this place if someone has never seen it before." It's fun, it's wacky, there is climbing and crawling and some tremendously long slides, some parts are really well done while others are still under construction, but overall it's the kind of place you need to see to believe, and it's easy to get to and well rewards the effort. The shop is fantastic and full of treasures, with the same vim and joie de vivre of the rest of the museum: I believe it's the only museum store I've ever visited that sells knee pads, but once you visit, it makes perfect sense that they would. A real delight, I highly recommend.
  • Photo of Imaprize
    5 months ago
    One of the best museums I've ever been to. It is so unique. We kept talking about the mind of the designer and what he must have been thinking. There is something for everyone. Unfortunately, we were there on the "busiest day they've ever had" (day before eclipse) so the crowds were atrocious. Wall to wall people. That's the only negative. However, the kids had so much fun climbing, crawling, sliding, spinning, running, swinging, etc. You name it, they can do it at City Museum. The roof is very cool. Spend the extra money to go up there. Lots to do up there. Slides, bus, Ferris wheel, climbing, etc. Have fun!
  • Photo of tiffy56
    5 months ago
    The inside of the museum is nothing exciting, but the outside is a lot of climbing and slides that will occupy your children for hours. I really wouldn't call it a museum, but a giant jungle gym. We had a lot of fun, be prepared to climb new heights!!
  • Photo of mbdennis
    5 months ago
    I am unsure of the term museum. It's a crazy climbing playground of slides, planes, buses, tubes. It's hard to describe. The outside of the building has most of the climbing so I would visit in good weather. The inside has an elaborate cave system. You choose one of many openings and crawl into the dark and see where you come out. We used our phones for light. I heard many people say unless you are climbing right beside them this is a tough place for young children because they are hard to find. I would agree. You need an adult with you who is willing to do all the fun crazy things the kids want to do!
  • Photo of J David H
    5 months ago
    It's what you do when in St. Louis. Voted the #1 family attraction in the world and you better do it if your in town. Parking is all around the building, however there is only one that is considered the "City Museum" lot and it is the most reasonable at $10 flat fee. The City Museum has several eye popping exhibits including a school bus that hangs over their 10 story building that will get the kids excited blocks away. However, none more thrilling than Eli in my opinion. Big Eli is a fully restored 30 foot high ferris wheel which dates to the 1940's and was previously stored in a barn. The wheel lights up at night and views of downtown St. Louis spectacular. The museum's indoor and outdoor attractions utilize repurposed materials to create possibly the most interactive art museum in the world. To say it's a huge playground is quite the understatement. New exhibits are currently under construction and will be complete in 2018. They are always looking to improve on an already fantastic family museum. The roof top is closed Nov-May. Merchandise can be purchased on the first floor. Recommend purchasing knee pads for those that plan a lot of climbing. You can bring in your own pads and gloves. Both children and adults will love a day at the City Museum. Your kids will thank you over and over.
  • Photo of A J
    5 months ago
    I am a very big fan of repurposing items. This place does exactly that. I really enjoyed the way they used the items. The only thing was there were a lot of children around, of course. We saw quite a bit of it but most of it's geared towards children, the tight spaces and such. We wanted to explore more but there were so many entrances and exits two other parts of this museum that we just decided to leave after maybe about 40 minutes.
  • Photo of taylorjamesbrian
    5 months ago
    This place was well worth the time and money while visiting Saint Louis. Too many adjectives could be used to describe this place. Must see.
  • Photo of David P
    5 months ago
    Lots of fun for kids of all ages. Places to discover, things to learn, events to watch ( like a mini circus ). When you are thru walking, climbing and crawling thru every nook and cranny relax and get a bite to eat or a cool drink. There a several places there to get food and drink. Make sure you go down the big slide. Oh yeah bring a mini flash light, you will need it in places. Get there early to beat the crowd. Where comfortable clothing for climbing and crawling. Enjoy a fun day of discovery with your kids.
  • Photo of Cheryle C
    5 months ago
    The City Museum is primarily the work of one retired dreamer who could somehow get his hands on all kinds of things the City of St. Louis was going to throw out. It's filled to overflowing with architectural details off of old downtown buildings. The Museum starts on the first flow with a warren of concrete tunnels and niches where the kids can crawl and hide. Then it moves on to a mish mash of old glass which has been embedded in more concrete in very elaborate fantasies.There are old juke boxes and the bar signs from some classic Saint Louis eateries with well known local and international beers. You can buy a snack or lunch and talk about how amazing the Museum is. I forgot to mention that the entrance fee is $12 even if you're just going to sit down and wait for your kid(s) and not do any crawling or climbing yourself. The snack bar's offerings will soothe even the hungriest tummies. The food is worth the price. There is a slide coming down from the 7th floor that my grandson was too acrophobia to ride. He did ride a smaller slide elsewhere in the building. And the funniest thing I saw was a school bus hanging crossways across one corner of the roof. One sad note to this marvel is that its creator died several years after the Museum's opening while he was moving concrete from an old concrete factory and storage site with one of those huge bulldozers and the vehicle tipped and pinned him down and killed him. We'll never know what he was planning to do with all that concrete or what other marvels he would create for his hometown.
  • Photo of Kitsaattheshore
    5 months ago
    This was a must do for my companion, we walked over from our hotel & got there in the am. School was in session so I guess we lucked out, not overly crowded. I was blown away by the beauty of the place, there was one gorgeous mosaic after another. As we were two adults we didn't do much in the way of the climbing but we did do some of the slides & my companion tried the hamster wheel. We did not do the rooftop, but what we did do & I encourage everyone going to do, especially if your kids are older, is seek out Sharon & Marion, I believe they are on the 3rd floor. Sharon will have you make a beautiful snowflake wreath, made up of any animal you can imagine, she will then laminate it for you, if you are the first of the day it's free if not its 1.00. If you are interested she also has a books of patterns & if you purchase she will autograph it for you. Next door is Sharon who worked on some of the beautiful mosaics. With her you will make your own mosaic, using shells, tiles, glass & beads. I must say I was very impressed with our artwork & while you were working they entertained you with stories about the museum. Very fun & a great keepsake. We actually left our mosaics to dry & left to walk over to the Campbell mansion & then reentered to pick up our treasures & enjoy more of the museum. 12.00 seemed quite reasonable. There was something interesting to see around every corner, loved it, never seen anything like it.
  • Photo of rphone2414
    5 months ago
    This place is so awesome. Second time back and the kids loved it even though I'm so sore from crawling and climbing ever where. I've never seen a place like this before. I highly recommend it to anyone minus older people.
  • Photo of Jane B
    5 months ago
    City Museum was a surprise for us. Not sure why it's called a museum because it's really an interactive playground enjoyable for all ages. Although the lines can get a little long at times, the entire place is movement since there's almost nothing that can't be touched, climbed on, played with or watched. It's an awesome place to people watch. We anticipated spending a couple of hours there and ended up spending five hours Not sure we saw it all either. I'd highly recommend City Museum as a must do when you visit St. Louis. Don't miss it.
  • Photo of Michael M
    5 months ago
    I took my kids to the museum and wound up being equally as excited about the place as my kids were. So much to see and do!!
  • Photo of 4ebeth4
    5 months ago
    Not just for kids! So much fun. As physically and mentally challenging as you make it. Give yourself a minimum of 2 hours preferably 4-6 hours. Go to the roof. It's worth it.
  • Photo of Sara L
    5 months ago
    Visiting the city for a conference and they had an event here. I couldn't even begin to explain this place but it's not your typical museum. You are never quite sure what you will stumble upon, where it came from or what you are looking at. This unique attraction should be a must do when in St Louis. Tons of photo ops. Be sure to watch your kids as there are a lot of fun things but also easy to lose them here along with some potential hazards if you aren't careful.
  • Photo of wedge158
    5 months ago
    While on Route 66 we stopped off in St Louise for a few days. The City Museum was a great place to go. It is not like any museum you have seen. There are crawling trails at all levels right up to the roof - not for the faint hearted but the kids love it. Even the banisters are giant crayons. There is lots to do, you could easily spend most of the day here and kids (young and old) will love it's quirkiness.
  • Photo of LeanneAqua
    5 months ago
    Kids loved it! So may exciting and interesting things to do. Could not get them to leave- because they just wanted to keep playing,
  • Photo of michaelcS2269LH
    5 months ago
    We walked from our hotel to visit , and it is listed as a place to see . Not at all what we expected - or wanted , bearing in mind we are both well into our 70's . It's a way out childrens' oriented experience , and at $ 12 each not a good spend ( for us ) .
  • Photo of KristyB77
    5 months ago
    City Museum is an old shoe factory turned into a funky, industrial playground that is fun for kids and adults. It is the most unusual place I have ever visited, and we loved it! I recommend going on a day with nice weather so that you can enjoy the roof and the outdoor play areas. Those are the best spots in my opinion. Inside, there are tunnels and caves running throughout the bottom 3 stories, tons of slides including 10-story spiral slides, and climbing tunnels that look like giant Slinkies. On the roof there is a school bus hanging off the side of the roof (that you can play in!), a rooftop ferris wheel, more slides, a huge birdcage that overlooks the city (that you can climb in). I think City Museum is a MUST SEE & MUST DO if you are visiting St. Louis. Bring a small flashlight, comfy clothes, and shoes good for playing and climbing. Kiddos may get lost, so make sure they know your cell number or write it on them.

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