Photo of Campbell House Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Campbell House Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
Photo of Campbell House Museum in Saint Louis, MO, US
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Campbell House Museum

Tourist Attraction

original furnishings • step back in time • family history • our tour guide

1508 Locust St
Saint Louis, MO 63103, US
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  • Photo of Kitsaattheshore
    2 months ago
    Walked on over from the City Museum, it is the last remaining home from the former neighborhood of Lucas Place. It is the height of Victorian opulence, lovingly restored. Our docent was very knowledgeable & let us take as much time as we needed to soak it all in. This home had as guests, President & Mrs. Grant, General Sherman & Chief Red Cloud for starters. On the one wall in the hallway you can see where they meticulously copied the decorative wall trim. Check out the ice cream molds in the kitchen, & the smallest sewing machine I have ever seen in the housekeepers room. There is a nice gift shop in the basement, a pretty garden & a carriage house. 8.00 for adults for the guided tour, children 12 & under free. Closed Monday Tuesday Open by appointment only in January & February. Photographs are permitted.
  • Photo of traveler99992017
    2 months ago
    A hidden gem. Beautifully and painstakingly restored piece of St. Louis history. Go for one of the days when they have special events. The gift shop is also worth a look.
  • Photo of msm40
    3 months ago
    We were in St. Louis for a couple days and while I don't enjoy house tours my wife loves them. I usually take her to one or two on our vacations. So, I looked up homes in St. Louis and found this one. From the outside it doesn't look like much but once inside it is remarkable. Even I was impressed. The house was almost entirely filled with original pieces. I've never been.on a house tour that almost the entire house was original. The decoration of the house was perfect. when our host opened the pocket doors to the living room we were amazed by how nice it was. we were taken thru the house by Andy who knew everything about the home and I was impressed that he was able to keep my ten year old son interested throughout the hour tour. The fee is extremely reasonable only $8 for adults. If you are in St. Louis go visit this home. It doesn't get the credit it deserves.I would consider it a can't miss tourist attraction in St. Louis. Don't miss it.
  • Photo of Pambawamba
    3 months ago
    My sis and I loved this home and the docent, Maureen, was wonderful! We held her up with many questions so we were there 3 hours but it was great! We learned so much. The fact that most of the furnishings are original with the family is very unique and makes it much more interesting. I truly recommend it.
  • Photo of beach_lover101
    3 months ago
    My teenage granddaughter and I toured this beautiful old Victorian Home recently and enjoyed it very much. The guide was very informative about the home and family's history and this grand old Victorian home....which is the last one remaining on St. Louis' first private street named Lucas Place in the mid 1800s. It's amazing someone or some organizations had the foresight to preserve this home and so many of it's furnishing....even restoring walls to their original paint/decorations. It's a testament to the community! Amazing. We really felt like guests in the Campbell Home and expected to see one of the family members come to greet us at any time. The tour lasts about an hour and covers three floors of the home as well as the basement and the carriage house. No elevator yet, so be aware there are stairs to climb during the tour.....and to navigate on the way down :). Admission is $8.00 per person and well worth it. A nice perk is the free parking lot next to the Campbell House to save you the hassle of finding a spot on the street and feeding the parking meters. For anyone interested in history and a glimpse back to the Victorian era, the Campbell House is a must see!
  • Photo of Julie B
    4 months ago
    This is a tour that was very informative of the area, the house, and the former owners. The rooms are all decorated mostly the way they would have been back in the day. The tour girl did have to keep answering the phone and letting people in which made our tour take a little longer but it was worth it to see everything. The gift shop is nice. Beautiful.
  • Photo of 574emilyk
    4 months ago
    $8 pp to tour and spend about an hour on an afternoon. The home has been beautifully restored to it former glory, even down to sending paint chips to a lab to find out their exact hue. Due to fire code you can view but not walk the servant staircases. But see what a daunting task they must have had serving in that home. The home is lavish in victorian decor, and takes you back in time to a different era. Well worth the trip!
  • Photo of Mommyscene
    4 months ago
    My husband and I randomly decided to take this tour while celebrating our Anniversary. I am so glad we did. Our Docent Crista was amazing at making the tour interesting. We both loved the tour and learned a little bit about St. Louis History.
  • Photo of squeaksnth
    5 months ago
    This Victorian house is worth the visit. The interior has been brought back to exactly the way it was when the family lived here. The restorers were lucky because there was photographs of all of the interior. They matched the paint and wall stencils exactly. The carpet samples were sent to England to have rugs made in in the exact same design and color. All of the furnishings are original to the house and it is a beautiful house. See exactly how the ultra wealthy lived in the Victorian era. The docents have extensive knowledge of the family and time.
  • Photo of Ron A
    5 months ago
    There are many great homes. The Cambell house is 7 floors of pure opulence where the family lives. Typical for the day of early rich folk's homes is the clash between the wall paper and carpet. And in this house REALLY clashing interior parts. Most of the furnishings are real to the house. The Campbell House equals a good visit most days of the week.
  • Photo of bsandrs
    6 months ago
    We were planning to visit the Campbell House and checking on line discovered that on Sunday afternoon there was a joint venture with Union Avenue Opera where we were able to visit the house and enjoy a garden picnic with musical interludes. The house, including the decor and contents plus history of the residents is well worth the visit alone but it was an added delight to enjoy the great atmosphere and music in the setting. The last remaining building from the lost Saint Louis neighbourhood Lucas Place, which fully deserves support.
  • Photo of Mike O
    6 months ago
    What a wonderful tour guide; his name may have been Daniel. Five of us enjoyed listening to him for about an hour; personal, knowledgeable, and responsive to questions. He was a delight. Likewise, the gift shop employee, was personable; she was knowledgable about the items for sale, and she offered several ideas for other tourist attractions. Tours are offered upon arrival based on demand. The home itself is as interesting as the history behind it; it reflects the heyday period for St. Louis. Plenty of free off street parking is available in their lot next to the house. The tour process of $8.00 seemed a bargain.
  • Photo of Kate W
    6 months ago
    Such a fascinating Victorian style house. They said about 90-95% of the house has its originals! The tour is well worth it for $8. Their gift shop is also great as it has rare lithophane lights you can purchase. Highly recommend! The city museum is a couple of blocks away from here.
  • Photo of N0rmalee
    6 months ago
    Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and helpful, and the fact they had the letters and paperwork to bring it back to very close to the original was so great! To have only 3 of 13 children living past 7 years old is so sad!
  • Photo of Monica S
    7 months ago
    This was a heat opportunity to see how the 1% lived in the 1800s, in St. Louis. Our tour guide, Dennis, was very knowledgeable and very passionate about the museum and the history of the Campbell family. Definitely not a place for kids who have yet to learn to keep their hands to themselves.
  • Photo of tucsonfolks
    7 months ago
    Looks like not too much fr the street, but once you go into the living room, on the tour, you will change your mind! Outstanding guide! House is just as it was in 1850-all furniture and personal items!
  • Photo of Savannah L
    7 months ago
    I work at a historic Victorian house museum in New Orleans, so I am always excited to see similar places. This DID NOT disappoint! Probably the best late-Victorian house museum I've ever seen, and I've been to quite a few. It also contained the most original decorative arts of any house museum I've ever been to. My best friend, who took the tour with me, said "Before we even got upstairs, I could tell you were in love." She wasn't wrong. Thank you, Michael, for the highlight of my trip!
  • Photo of Julie J
    7 months ago
    We went on a group tour of the Campbell House Museum. The tour guides are very knowledgeable. The family history is fascinating The home is from the Gilded Age and very preserved. Make sure to ask a lot of questions so you can get all the history!
  • Photo of Robin C
    7 months ago
    Don't miss touring this historic home! The home is exquisitely maintained with all original furnishings. Our docent was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Cute gift shop.
  • Photo of jeansteck
    9 months ago
    This home has most of it's original furnishings brought back, along with excellent tour guides who will show you the entire home. President Grant ate many meals here and other historic dignitaries also visited. A must see for history geeks.

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