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Urban Bean Coffee


Urban Bean Coffee14
donuts • dutch girl • espresso

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Urban Bean Coffee has 13 Tips

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  • Photo of Paul Tracy
    4 years ago
    Great coffee and a nice place to work upstairs!
  • Photo of David D
    8 months ago
    Chanced on this after walking through concrete wilderness from the Motor City Casino to Downtown. It was a perfect oasis, casual and relaxed.
  • Photo of Karacpage
    a year ago
    This is a cute little neighborhood coffee shop. The coffee is delicious and not over-roasted like Starburnt.
  • Photo of twoinmaine
    a year ago
    Detroit has a few really good non-Starbucks coffee places, but few are downtown. Urban Bean is one of them. It is an orange-paneled hole in the wall now (summer 2016) surrounded by street construction. Find it. Order espresso drinks. Order a coffee cake slice. Have a nice conversation with the owner. Order an espresso to go, and a bag of those wonderful Detroit potato chips. Call yourself an explorer because you found Urban Bean in the first place.
  • Photo of Juan T
    2 years ago
    If you need a dose of coffee with a taste of Detroit music, this the place. The owner is becoming a Detroit underground icon. Make sure you go out and support him when you're in Detroit. I had the pleasure of Djing on a internet radio station called Burst radio at The Urban Bean.
  • Photo of Andrew S
    2 years ago
    This place has a lot of character. They have random food there like donuts and breakfast burritos but everyday seems to be different stuff. Could see myself posting up upstairs for a study or laptop session. They have DJ's spinning records upstairs, I heard, but there weren't any when I went
  • Photo of Liliasna
    2 years ago
    Go here for the space. The coffee's great, but the space is what makes Urban Bean Co. unique and enjoyable. It is a small orange and glass box attached to the end of a concrete building. Downstairs is the counter, and upstairs you step into the 1970s, complete with retro orange chairs to match the orange facade outside. The two-story, floor-to-ceiling glass allows a great view of downtown and watching pedestrians and bicyclists on the sidewalk and street below. My only complaint is how loudly the music was being played, so I wouldn't go without earbuds next time if I needed to concentrate on anything. And next time I'm trying the Pure Evil Latte because who else serves a latte with amaretto?
  • Photo of Jason H
    2 years ago
    I would much rather pay less, and get more service from Urban Bean, and pay more, and get less service from a national chain coffee joint. They also serve local snacks, like Dutch Girl doughnuts! Josh is awesome! Thank you!!
  • Photo of Surya N
    3 years ago
    A friend and I went in here to get change for our parking meter and possibly enjoy some coffee and take a break. When I walked in, not only were we ignored by the one barista, it took 4 minutes (yes, I timed it) for him to even acknowledge and serve me. The vibe was more like you'd find in a seedy bar at night, despite it being a sunny day. When the barista got the wrong item for me and I corrected him, he made a show of apologizing to the guys who'd been hanging around the bar: "I'm sorry, guys," as if I had inconvenienced all of them. I was pretty taken aback.
  • Photo of Regina0194
    3 years ago
    This place is great and in a good location. I just wished it was open later (am I the only one who likes a late night coffee?)
  • Photo of Adam N
    3 years ago
    This is a cool little coffee shop tucked away on a corner. The coffee is decent, in my opinion, nothing special. My cup smelt a little like mildew. I went here to study, bad idea. It's not a great spot to study. The tables are very small and the evening that I was there there was a dj. It's a really cool place just to hang out though and relax. I'd go back to just chill for a bit.
  • Photo of Darren W
    4 years ago
    Very interesting place. Got a regular dark coffee and fresh croissant which we were told comes from Birmingham fresh everyday. It was great. The staff are friendly. Food was uncovered at the time. Place had a nice retro feel. The place was very dusty everywhere. But I would go back.
  • Photo of applegirl57
    4 years ago
    So glad that Urban Bean reopened after Recession-induced closing in 2008. A welcome addition to the Capitol Park/Campus Martius scene. Excellent coffees, lattes, espressos. To take away, or sit in the upstairs retro-1960's rec room dining area. Dutch Girl donuts (fresh) each morning. Bicycle-friendly. Great people-watching from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Josh is a real character.

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