Photo of TenTen Ramen in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of TenTen Ramen in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of TenTen Ramen in Baltimore, MD, US
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TenTen Ramen

Japanese Restaurant

chashu • noodles • ramen • sushi place

413 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD 21201, US
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  • Photo of NDGM90
    9 months ago
    Good Japanese food. The karaage is tender and juicy but just a bit salty. The place is quiet and clean but does not really strike you as a Japanese restaurant. Other than the signage and a few Japanese art, the feel is more of a generic food take out. the food is good, the Tokyo modern is well balanced. I'm surprised they have ceviche on their menu but didn't try it. The staff are courteous and polite.
  • Photo of bw411
    a year ago
    We stopped in for a quick lunch and found this place to be quite good all around. The service was good and the Ramen soup was quite tasty. They decor inside is nice and has a bar which seemed to get a lot of solo diners who frequent this place. The menu is limited and comes on a plastic placemat, but they have some rice bowls and stir-fry's as well. Highly recommend for lunch.
  • Photo of Greg R
    a year ago
    Great service and atmosphere, reasonably price specials. Had different variations of the Tonkotsu Ramen bowls - broth had very rich an bold body and noodles cooked al dente. Would most likely try again.
  • Photo of Elizabeth L
    a year ago
    This was our second Ramen dinner. We were hungry when we arrived at TenTen and we enjoyed our meal. I had the Ramen with seafood and my husband selected the one with spicy chicken. Both were tasty. We started our dinner with delicious and crunchy fried squid. We wish that our other dumpling appetizer was as crispy. Overall, it was a tasty meal in a warm setting
  • Photo of Matthew K
    a year ago
    This quaint ramen shop below the southern edge of Mount Vernon packs a flavorful punch. Come here with an empty stomach because you will be eating a good amount. Portions are great for what you are paying. I would say best Ramen I have had in Maryland to date. If you are in the neighborhood and want to try a different cuisine and something other than crab, come here.
  • Photo of Clevlander
    a year ago
    This Is a Ramen place (not sushi). It feels authentic Japanese. You arrive and get a number then go in front of the kitchen to place your order. I had the Hatcho Miso (dark miso) which was OK. They also recommended Tokyo Modern
  • Photo of HENRY  MR W
    a year ago
    I had been to many ramen shops in NYC and this is the worst. Besides the types of the broth this place offers for the ramen, everything is bad and mislead. The broth is too salty and too much MSG. The price for the ramen is not cheap. Go to Mekong Delta instead for a good bowl of pho!
  • Photo of rkap
    2 years ago
    It was just before closing so the specials were already sold out. Our wait staff was helpful in picking out a meal and chose just the right beer. Everything was delicious.
  • Photo of xpliu
    2 years ago
    I happened to walk by and decided to check it out. The service and atmosphere were nice. The ramen I had - nothing in the soup had taken on any flavor, but the soup itself was really, really salty. I could barely finish my noodles. Maybe it was just an off day though cause some of the reviewers had good experiences.
  • Photo of mflicker22
    2 years ago
    My first time staying near the Harbor for a conference and chose to walk down Charles Street vs. large chain options near the water. So glad I did. The team on a weeknight was friendly. Ramen was served hot, ramen was not overcooked (rare outside of Japan). My favorite is always Pork/Miso (#13 on the menu). Wonderful presentation and seating options!
  • Photo of Jen K
    2 years ago
    I am a vegetarian, my son loves seafood and my husband is straight up carnivorous . We each found something to love here. I do not frequent ramen shops so many menu items were unfamiliar to me, but the staff was very helpful and friendly. Everything was beautiful presented, nicely seasoned (not too salty!) and really delicious. Loved it!
  • Photo of koorinan
    2 years ago
    店内にはスタッフがいるが、オーダーは事前に自分でレジに行って前払い。 アメリカのラーメンには期待していなかったが、ここのラーメンはかなり期待以上だった。
  • Photo of PolarBear
    2 years ago
    I visited Ten Ten Ramen because it was closed to the hotel I stayed at. I didn't looked it up on the internet or read any reviews. I order a bowl of ramen in the basic tonkatsu broth. The broth was a little thicker and cloudier than the broth I accustomed to see in many ramen shops. It also had a layer of grease on top (i don't mind it, but I think I should point that out), but I don't know whether it was part of the broth or it came from the grilled chashu. Anyway, it was flavorful and was not overly salty, a common sin in many of the ramen broth I tasted before. The highlight was the chashu. It was sliced to the perfect thickness with the right portions of fat and meat, and grilled to perfection. Overall it was a very enjoyable lunch. The price was comparable to other ramen restaurants I frequent.
  • Photo of Derek M
    2 years ago
    I absolutely love this place and eat here almost weekly. The Ramen is the best in Baltimore by far, with rich broth, savory combinations, and great variety of traditional and adventurous noodles. Put another way, the titillating tapestry of textures, tastes and temperatures are terrific. From a service perspective, be ready to be welcomed in Japanese like family by the staff as you walk in the door. Once you arrive you get a table #, make your selection, and order at a window at the back. Then sit back down and wait for the steaming bowl of rapacious ramen love to arrive. One warning, the specials change periodically, so don't get too attached to a favorite without preparing for tears when the rotation ends.
  • Photo of sdsurfkitty
    3 years ago
    We were looking for a ramen place in Downtown and found TenTen. We ordered the Gwa Bao (steamed wheat flour bun, braised pork belly, Korean cabbage, sweet soy sauce glaze, seasame see - $8.50)...think Peking duck but with pork belly...along with the Guo Tie (house made pan fried pork and cabbage dumpling and a bowl of Miso Ramen (miso tare, thick and curly wheat noodle - $11). Their ramens are topped with chashu, soy braised egg, merma, narutomaki, nori, scallion and corn (for miso only). The food came out quickly. The Gwa Bao was tasty...the pork belly was a nice change to the duck I'm used to eating in this form. The dumplings were good and the shape was unusual in that they were long tubes instead of the half-moons. I think this made the filling more evenly cooked. The dipping sauce was delicious...sweet and tangy...I ended up dipping my ramen pork belly in this sauce. The ramen was great. The broth was rich and a tad on the salty side. The noodles had the perfect texture and overall it just hit the spot. Overall, the service was quick, the food was delicious and if I am in Baltimore again, I would come back here.
  • Photo of LoveMyChihuahua
    3 years ago
    This joint is frequented by young adults. It operates like many noodle shops in East Asia. You order the food and pay first, get your own ice water, and the only thing the server does is brining your food. No tipping required. The ramen is not too authentic. The broth is very greasy, but the flavor is alright. Fried Tofu is quite good. The price is reasonable.
  • Photo of Summilux
    3 years ago
    前払。オーダーをいちいちキャッシャーまで行ってするのが面倒。 台湾ビールを置いてるので経営者は台湾系かも? ラーメンスープは濃厚、ややスープが冷めて出てくるのが難。 時々枝豆が売切れる。げそ揚げは美味。
  • Photo of lnwyd
    3 years ago
    My husband had his eye on this restaurant--he's quite the soba fan--and we were headed for the Walters Art Museum which is right around the corner, so we settle on lunch. We'd been in the space before--when it was a (not very good) sushi place. This is so much better. The main room is a long narrow space, a bar along one side where one may sit to eat and/or drink. Orders are placed with the cashier in the back, who gives you a number to set on your table. (We sat at a table in the back room--much quieter, more comfortable.) I had Spicy Tonkotsu ("thin and dense (toothsome) wheat noodle + tonkotsu style broth with sea salt tare. added house made la yu (hot oil) + topped with chashu, soy braised egg, menma (bamboo), bean sprout, nori, and scallion"). Just yummy! My husband had Braised Beef Noodle ("thick and wide wheat noodle + savory and spicy beef broth. topped with braised beef shank, baby bok choy, preserved mustard green, and scallion"). It was extremely rich and fragrant with what might have been Five Spice. We split a pot of hot tea. The whole bill came to about $20. I don't quite remember. The staff were tattooed and clad in creative ways--much like my students at Maryland Institute College of Art about a mile away. They were all charming, efficient and friendly. We truly relaxed over this meal--put us in the perfect frame of mind for the museum. On the way out we noticed they advertise a happy hour. I'd love to work my way through the menu and try some specials as well. Anyway, it was all a pleasure. The amount of food in a soup bowl is just about perfect--I finished everything off and was pleasantly full but not stuffed. I was suffused with the warmth that comes from delicious food well seasoned and spiced. And we even had no trouble parking--although honestly parking is pretty limited in the vicinity. Don't know what to suggest about that other than to walk over, take a cab, or park your car nearer the amusement you plan to explore.

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