Photo of Ten Ten in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Ten Ten in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Ten Ten in Baltimore, MD, US
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Ten Ten

American Restaurant

Ten Ten14.5
brunch • steak frites • korean tacos • brussel sprouts

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  • Photo of Rachel Lipton
    3 years ago
    Awesome Brussels sprouts.
  • Photo of Nick_Bmore_MD
    5 months ago
    Ten Ten is permanently closed. However, they are opening a speakeasy here, but don't tell anyone. The owners are making a big point of keeping it a huge secret by telling everyone but pretending like they aren't.
  • Photo of thaka8
    6 months ago
    Food was good however my burger buns got soggy very quickly. I barely ate 1/4th of it. Drinks were alright.
  • Photo of Christopher H
    7 months ago
    Happily surprised this morning with the brunch experience at Ten Ten. The menu is focused and provides just enough options to meet everyone's desire. The portions are hearty and the food was outstanding. From an incredible steak dish to omelettes, with a good selection of side dishes (really good grits), we were very happy on a Sunday morning.
  • Photo of Winston C
    9 months ago
    Ten Ten came at the recommendation of a colleague. The establishment provided a wonderful atmosphere rich with soft music and fine photography on the walls (taken by the owner himself). It is located away from the busy thoroughfare of inner harbor. I did not get to sample most of what the menu has to offer so I would definitely return for another opportunity.
  • Photo of Renee B
    9 months ago
    A group of us took our friend out to celebrate her engagement. The staff was amazing, even sending a family-style appetizer to our table. Our server, the manager, and chef all treated us like we were the most important people in the restaurant. To top it off, the food was awesome! Everyone in our group agreed that Ten Ten was a perfect place for our group to celebrate!
  • Photo of Patricia S
    9 months ago
    Restaurant is fairly small. There are 2 rooms that are fairly open to each other, although the second is a few steps up from the other. There is a small bar in the first room with some TV's. As a result, noise is a bit of an issue when the restaurant is full or close to it. The night I was there, there was a large, loud party in the second room that drowned out all conversation in the rest of the restaurant, which did not make for a pleasant evening. My dinner was great. Mushroom risotto. My friend's crab cake was very generously sized and looked delicious. But it took forever to get before and after dinner drinks. Our server seemed to be doing double duty at the bar and we had to flag her down a few times. It is not an easy place to find via car as the restaurant sits back and down a walkway from Fleet Street. I thought that they had valet parking, but that was discontinued a while back, so you just have to find a parking place reasonably close to the address and then explore on foot until you find the front door. It appears that they will have outdoor seating when the weather gets better, which should be nice since the tables won't be right on Fleet St.
  • Photo of PortableWheels
    10 months ago
    This place is a bit confusing, and I understand they are changing the concept... The menu is small and really all over the place - can't quite understand what they are trying to be. The on-menu wine list is the same. There is an off menu list that is fairly good, yet you have to know about it. The steak frites - steak was OK - served on top of the virtues which makes one soggy mess. Charcuterie is made in-house, and it is extraordinarily light - hard to do as most are over cured and over oily. Wine ranges from $30 - $200+ and there are plenty of options in between.
  • Photo of hsbvim
    10 months ago
    We visited Baltimore a year ago and ate at Ten Ten. It absolutely had to be one of the best meals I have ever had, so we just had to return again. Del was our waiter, and he was fabulous: exceptionally friendly, attentive service without being overbearing, and very helpful in all respects. The main reason I wanted to return was to have their incredible Fried Green Tomato appetizer and their not-to-be-topped Chesapeake Rockfish. Unfortunately, our biggest disappointment was that neither were on the menu. My wife and I shared the Charcuterie & Cheese as an appetizer. We thought it was quite good, although a little small for two people to share. For entrees my wife had the Shrimp & Grits, and I had the Maryland-style Crab Cake. We thought that both were excellent. The Shrimp & Grits were more than my wife could eat, but my Maryland-style Crab Cake was the perfect amount for a complete meal. Note that it is one crab cake, and many other restaurants in the area serve two crab cakes for a meal. They do offer an additional crab cake for the meal, if you are a big eater. The crab cake had huge chunks of crab meat in it, and I just loved the lemon beurre blanc sauce. This place is nestled off a small courtyard off the street, so it is easy to miss it. Just use the 1010 address and look for an open courtyard to find it!
  • Photo of cherrystreettraveler
    Perhaps they were short-staffed the night I visited, but there was one server for the entire dining room. No matter how good she was, it was not possible for her to serve that many tables effectively. Dinner took nearly three hours and while I enjoy a leisurely meal, the delays in between ordering, getting drinks, and getting food were extreme. The food was quite good, but I would not return if they continue to be short-staffed on servers.
  • Photo of Donna K
    10 months ago
    We were in town awaiting the departure of our cruise the next day. My son found this restaurant online and liked the eclectic mix of appetizers, entrees and craft cocktails. All three items were amazing. The staff was very attentive and our waiter Sam was very knowledgeable about the menu. I recommend the Green Thumbs cocktail!
  • Photo of Regina B
    10 months ago
    What a fantastic Brussels Sprout appetizer - not everyone's kind, but I could go for a whole meal of them! And the crab cake meal did not look big, but it was - I am so stuffed!
  • Photo of cab208
    10 months ago
    In town for a week-long conference, I wasn't going to waste a single evening waiting for fellow conference goers to jump on my food mission, so I headed to 1010 alone. I reviewed TripAdvisor and a local food magazine for resonably priced restaurant options. Although in Baltimore, I am not much of a fish person (raised Catholic on Mrs. Paul's on Friday - sorry - it all tastes the same....) and wanted something I couldn't get at home in the MidWest. Although I ordered the house favorites - fried Brussel spouts and shrimp and grits - it was a conscious choice. I waited to regret making "the easy decisions" but my meal was sooo much better than I expected!! I was not disappointed! The Brussel sprouts were so unusal in their flavor and texture. I am not sure how they "fry" them but there is no breading - thank goodness - and so tasty! The grits were "sturdy" and not Cream of Wheat-like AT ALL (my fear) and topped with six large juicy shrimp. It was served in a large bowl surrounded with a DELICIOUS broth consisting of plenty of andouille sausage. O.M.G.!! For dessert I went with the bread pudding; you won't regret it! Needless to say, I left with enough of everything for a "redux" for lunch tomorrow!! My dinner was served in a timely fashion; it was hot and delicious. The service was personal and friendly but not cloying; I got "helpful" help with my dinner, dessert and beverage questions. I was seated at a table in the bar area and watched the movement of the host and bartender/waitress. Everything seemed smooth and all of the patrons were greeted cordially and seated promptly.
  • Photo of 833Julie
    a year ago
    We have visited Ten Ten twice now, and we have not been disappointed. The ambiance is great - very cozy, but not too quiet. It was very easy to have a conversation across the table without feeling like we had to listen hard! Way too many places are noisy these days, and Ten Ten was perfectly comfortable. The menu is very inviting, with many creative options for every palate. We chose the fried green tomatoes with crab meat - delicious! We also enjoyed the brussels sprouts, which were very flavorful and enough to share between 4 people. For our entrees, we ordered the shrimp & grits, which was very tasty and the shrimp were huge! We also ordered the braised short rib, which was also delicious and cooked perfectly. We were actually there during Restaurant Week, so our meals included desserts, which were the perfect ending to our delicious meal. All in all, Ten Ten is great for a nice night out - either as couples or with a group of friends. The service is excellent, and the menu is really delicious. They are also on Open Table, which makes it very easy to secure a reservation/check availability.
  • Photo of Jeff G
    a year ago
    The food was excellent, but our dinning experience was ruined by comments from the kitchen staff. My wife and I were on a anniversary dinner, and as she walked by the kitchen on her way to the bathroom, she could here comments from the staff about her looks. We tried not to let this ruin the evening, but she was extremely uncomfortable. We did say something to someone, and they said they would address it. We didn't here anything after that. They gave us a desert on the house, but regardless it was still unacceptable and very disappointing. They need to consider blocking off the kitchen if they have staff this unprofessional.
  • Photo of klynnkitto
    a year ago
    Stellar in all ways. We were in town just briefly, and managed to hit Restaurant Week. I'd researched before coming, not wanting to waste a Friday night on mediocre food, and had a good feeling about this place. And yes -- thanks, reviewers, for your accurate portrait of this place -- it was indeed the bomb. Amazing cocktails, (I had the Green Thumb, and it was tasty and not too sweet) and a fabulous meal. Even before we walked in I was impressed... I'd made a reservation for 4 people at 6:30, and with only a couple of hours notice, they were able to accommodate a 5th person in our party (which of course bumped us to a table-for-six). This request was handled in a very friendly way, and like I say, I walked in feeling very positive. The Resto Week options I chose were: -- chopped romaine salad (a huge bowlful of fresh, crisp lettuce, along with olives, crunchy croutons, tomatoes, and -- to me -- weird little slices of pickled green pepper) -- seared salmon on pearl couscous with spinach and a perfect lemony tomato sauce (this also came with mussels, which I had declined) -- an insanely delicious and decadent dessert... I'll just quote from their website, since it's just TOO MUCH (but in a really good way): Caramel Pretzel Pavé - Chocolate Mousse, Caramel, Pretzels, Candied Peanuts, Icy Milk Sorbet. Um hmmm, it was all that. I went with the wine pairings -- really glad I did. Well chosen, and good value. Atmosphere as others have mentioned is ideal -- a bit cozy, a bit industrial, cool art, exposed brick, linens, and not dauntingly fancy or anything. I'd have been fine bringing my kids here (ages 12 and 10) but it's not aimed at kids, that's for sure. Finally, the service. EXCEPTIONAL. Our server, Dell, was top notch. Professional, friendly, knowledgable. We had lots of questions; he had answers. He made good suggestions in terms of cocktails, handled our various small special requests, and had perfect timing with the kitchen. A real treat.
  • Photo of shalmunzies
    a year ago
    If you're near the harbor, this is a fun spot with great burgers,salads , and sandwiches.Very funky ambience too. Would gladly eat here anytime.
  • Photo of Amy D
    a year ago
    This was the first time I ordered and ate mussels by myself. Mussels should be enjoyed with friends and family. I enjoyed every moment of the traditional curry coconut flavor with baguette to dip into the sauce. I ordered 2 appetizers of this. It was so good. Service is a little odd. This was my 2nd time here and service was odd the 1st time too. Just treated very matter of factly versus friendly. However, manager was friendly and attentive.
  • Photo of Hawk470
    a year ago
    We’ve had dinner at Ten Ten a couple of times and enjoyed it very much each time. The menu has a definite Southern influence, but it is very “nouvelle” and not at all restricted to what you would expect with that heritage. With its warehouse framing, distressed wood floor, metal ceiling, prominent ductwork and exposed brick, Ten Ten must have been born as a warehouse or something similar. But the unique chandeliers and atmospheric black and white photos on the walls give it a touch of elegance. They combine to create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and quite individual. Our dinners have been very good, special even, but some dishes have been better than others. A word of warning however, the portions are large, especially the appetizers, so you should not over-order. One appetizer or salad to share, along with two main dishes should suffice for a couple. To begin, the very personable and informative servers bring baguette slices that are fresh, but not warm, with butter. A good start. Among the starters we’ve had, the cornmeal fried clam strips have been a real standout. Crispy and light, they demonstrate the kitchen’s fine way with fried food. The remoulade dip is a little bitter, but good, however a spritz of lemon is my preferred topping. The clams come accompanied by a buttermilk dressed small salad, so a dinner salad may not be necessary. This fabulous dish is certainly large enough to share and can serve as a fine, light dinner for one. The fried Brussels sprouts came perfectly done, with crunch and a touch of sweetness when others would make them too sweet. They also feature a little bit of spiciness too, which reinforces their distinctiveness. This too is a very large portion, so you will have plenty to share. The salads have been uniformly fine. The Caesar, with a tasty Parmesan cracker, came with a little too much of a good, thick but not too cheesy dressing for my taste, but I just left some of the dressing on the plate. The field greens featured very good quality greens with a pleasant dressing that is a little on the sweet side, along with some pecan bits and a little cheese. The kale salad came as an unexpected, but very satisfying combination with peanuts, cabbage, crispy noodle strips, and a good peanut dressing. Again, all portions are quite large, so very much suitable for sharing. Among our main dishes, we gravitated toward the fish, in part because the menu described them so deliciously and because their accompaniments were quite interesting. In keeping with the kitchen’s fine way with frying, the cornmeal fried blue catfish really stood out. With a sweetly spicy tomato sauce, the fish sits on a bed of al dente steamed Zucchini, grits and the luscious tomato salsa. The peach bourbon glazed salmon was also very good. I could have done without the prominent bacon flavor in the potato, zucchini, and squash hash, but the hash came firm and perfectly cooked rather than mushy. The deliciously seasoned fish stew brimmed with lots of fish, shrimp and mussels over orzo. The accompanying baguette toast was a bit burned, but that did little to detract from the dish’s overall excellence. Our one meat dish, a huge pork chop, came perfectly grilled, flavorful and moist, but a bit tough. It was accompanied by perfectly al dente zucchini, Brussels sprouts, squash and mushrooms over soft crouton-like gnocchi. The generous pours of very good Grenache blend, Sangiovese, and Cabernet that we enjoyed with our meals illustrate that Ten Ten takes its wines seriously, but without pretense. Kind of like a summary of the restaurant, large portions, very good food, but down to earth. We’ll be back.
  • Photo of Christi P
    a year ago
    We stumbled upon this restaurant and could not have been more happy about it. We brought our toddler daughter, and they restaurant was casual enough for us to have her there for dinner, however fancy / delicious enough to make it a nice unique dining experience.
  • Photo of sandra m
    a year ago
    Korean tacos amazing! Fried Brussel sprouts I'm still dreaming of them! French onion soup awesome! Everything was great! The staff was the best part from the attentive hostess who helped surprise my husband for his birthday to the wonderful manager and waitress! We loved this experience!!

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