Photo of Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Patisserie Poupon in Baltimore, MD, US
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Patisserie Poupon

French Restaurant

Patisserie Poupon14.5
cakes • pastry • authentic french pastries • my favorite

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  • Photo of Isabel Jimenez
    3 years ago
    So delicious! The best baguettes and cakes around !
  • Photo of Caroline T
    3 months ago
    Lovely quaint shop. Just a few blocks from the hotel I stayed at. I purchase 4 different pastries ~ they were all DELICIOUS.
  • Photo of ct3inmd
    8 months ago
    I have bought pastry here too many times to count. Quite simply, there is nothing to equal it within 200 miles. A buche de Noel was heavenly. Routine croissants, macaroons, and soufflés are just delightful. Prices are not excessive, either.
  • Photo of Gregg P
    a year ago
    What can I add to what has been written. Picked up 2 cakes for Thanksgiving. I was a first time shopper. The place on Baltimore street is awesome. Loved the cakes. Yes I will be back. I just can't believe it took me this long to find out about it.
  • Photo of Nathalie A
    a year ago
    This is the best place to get french pastry. I love their croissant, gateau Madeline and the cakes are exceptional. the best place to order your birthday cake or any party. it will be the hit of the party.
  • Photo of Nathalie R
    a year ago
    We used to come here when my kids were little back when we lived in Baltimore 14 years ago. On a recent trip, this was the only stop i wanted to make when visiting Baltimore again. I surprised myself that I remembered where it was and the food was definitely as delicious as I remember. The almond croissant is not to be missed, always flaky and perfect with a hot chocolate or a latte.
  • Photo of ASNGW01
    a year ago
    This is the best bakery for treats anyone could ask for. I always stop here and even had them bake my wedding cake, which people still talk about. Love this place, definitely recommend.
  • Photo of tgriffi6
    a year ago
    This is a Great Bakery with all types of goodies only drawback is the limited hours that they are open
  • Photo of pearl10953
    2 years ago
    Perfect for anniversary! It was very moist , not too sweet. Just delicious and creamy. Not overbearing in taste.
  • Photo of mimi L
    2 years ago
    Staff are very nice and polite, the coffee and all the pastries are above expectation. I was in France 4 time and this is not less than any French shop.
  • Photo of YearlyVacationer1
    We stopped by this shop on a mission for macarons. They not only had a great selection of macarons but a decadent selection of croissants, cakes, tarts and other goodies. The prices were reasonable. This is not a shop where you would want to spend time eating on the premises even though there were 2 small tables with chairs. Unfortunately we had not had lunch and were also looking for food. This place does not serve food, just desserts. We were pleased with the service and notice people working in the back making the desserts so that everything is fresh. Loved this place and plan to go back.
  • Photo of julesvoyage
    2 years ago
    I had heard of this place and decided to order party platters for a board meeting, and it was excellent! The presentation was great. And as a French native, I have to say that it was pretty authentic French pastries, charcuterie and croissants sandwiches. I would definitely recommend to anyone for a treat or even for catering an entire business lunch.
  • Photo of sljwatts
    2 years ago
    I have tried many desserts, but my favorite is the croissants. I love the plain ones, which are not plain because they are just like biting into heaven. The cakes and cookies are excellant, but alas I am always stuck on the croissants... You pay a bit more, but it is worth every penny...
  • Photo of boodaisy
    2 years ago
    Best oatmeal raisin cookies EVER!! Will make this a "must stop" next time I'm in Baltimore. Companion also raved about chocolate chip cookies.
  • Photo of ptk21044
    2 years ago
    Simply outstanding a small but elegant French café with great food. I had the French onion soup and a special of the day a French ham and cheese sandwich. Both were excellent sitting in this cafe brought back memories of being in Paris it is that good
  • Photo of Baltozar
    2 years ago
    Its expensive but you will taste of real quality of European deserts in every single bite! You enjoy high quality in small portions. Every single desert from Pâtisserie Poupon is amazing, just perfect amount of sweetness. I highly recommend for real connoisseurs and just to anyone who love great quality deserts.
  • Photo of PerrymanTraveler
    2 years ago
    I have been coming to the Patisserie Poupon for years, and I live over 40 miles from this business. They simply have the best cakes and pastry. They have never let me down. Whenever I want to be invited back to a place, I bring a cake from the Patisserie Poupon. Sometimes it is the Opera, sometimes the Royale, sometimes the Spanish Fruit Cake and the last time which was just 6 days ago, I bought all three plus an impulse buy. If you deserve a break today, then go to the Patisserie Poupon. It is right around the corner from the Shot Tower.
  • Photo of CarolSS
    3 years ago
    We were staying a couple of blocks away and sort of bumbled into this little bakery. Very nice pastries, very French. Decent coffee and, last time, there was even a place to sit and enjoy the croissants. Lovely!
  • Photo of Jessica G
    3 years ago
    If you are willing to eat on the go, this is a MUST. The macaroons, espresso, chocolate croissant, and American coffee were excellent. The brioche was just this side of excellent. Only one small table with three chairs.
  • Photo of willtravel4food
    3 years ago
    Walking distance from harbor Adorable Delicious Charming mural We always stop here when in Baltimore.
  • Photo of Labro3n
    3 years ago
    This is a bakery with world class Parisian cakes, tarts, & breads.This location is best for carryout. I have rarely seen its equal & know of nothing superior. Prices are high, but easily worth the cost.

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