Photo of Colette in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Colette in Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Colette in Baltimore, MD, US
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French Restaurant

beignets • pasta • branzino • small plates

1709 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201, US
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  • Photo of Michael S
    8 months ago
    This small restaurant in the Charles Street Village area of northern Baltimore is a gem. It's not really a bistro, but is a wonderful spot for a surprisingly enjoyable gastronomic event. We began by sharing all of the appetizers and "starters" as we could simply not decide on which one to order; so we ordered them all! From the warm mixed olives to the arancini (small tasty deep fried rice balls containing a ragu of mozzarella and spices) we moved on to roasted squid seasoned with yogurt, scallions and bok choy; pancetta, greens and ricotta; gruyere beignets followed by a very delightful salad of butterhead lettuce with turnips and buttermilk herbed dressing. And, that was just the starters! A glass of champagne was followed by a Rossi (Montepulciano) which perfectly complimented the dinner... The absolutely perfect housemade sausage with sauerkraut and poached egg and toast was flavorful and enjoyable. Housemade strip steak served up with grilled veggies was superb. Several nights each week they feature a rather classic hamburger with all the trimmings and the requisite pommes frites (to die for!), and an incredible potato gnocchi served up with ricotta and garlic!! Dessert was a ricotta cheesecake (actually a cheese pie which was so very reminiscent of my grandmother's!! and a rhubarb galette with strawberry ice cream which we shared. The wonderful coffee ended the excellent meal. Our wait-person, Zach, was attentive without being over-bearing. All-in-all, a wonderful dining experience in a very relaxed atmosphere... Recommend for "foodies" who are looking for something a bit inventive and superb!
  • Photo of Holly S
    9 months ago
    We went to a movie at The Charles, so thought we would try Colette. It was truly superb! The cocktails are wonderful and the food and wine excellent. It feels very much like a French bistro and our waiter was great. We will go again whether seeing a movie or not.
  • Photo of renfield1969
    9 months ago
    We were glad to hear that a new place opened next to the Charles Theater, but also a bit nervous. More dining options when we see a movie! But it's French, is it going to be snooty and pricy and pretentious and fussy? After several months, we finally stopped in for drinks and snacks while we were waiting to meet some friends. We took some seats at the bar late on a Saturday afternoon, and the friendly staff took care of us. We were worried if we'd be underdressed, but while the dedicated servers were dressed professionally, the bartenders and other patrons were in casual clothes. They have a small but exceptional beer and wine list, with happy hour selections even on a Saturday. The wines are mostly French, but I just asked for a dry white and the bartender delivered. The entrees look amazing, but we didn't feel like a big meal so we just chose selections from the small plates, and appetizers sections of the menu. We had the Sardines with Potatoes, which is just a few small fish laid on some golden brown potato chunks. The fish were... tiny fish, but okay. The potatoes were just amazing, absorbing the fish oil or whatever other ingredients they used to cook them with, but it made for a fabulous small dish to drink with. We also shared the Grilled Octopus, which was served as two large tentacles and came with sausage and greens. The octopus was a little salty, although my wife disagreed, but we have never seen it served as one large portion like that and grilling just makes octopus magic anyway. Entirely satisfied, when our movie was over, we recommended to our friends that we all returned back there for drinks. When we came back Saturday evening, the place was packed and I was worried we would not find a place to sit. There was a high-top across from the bar that the four of us were able to stand around, so we crowded around that hoping we were not in the way of the other tables. This wasn't my first rodeo in a crowded bar, so I stepped over to the bar to give our drink orders only to be shooed back with the assurance that someone was taking care of us, and I nearly ran into our server as he was already behind me. I just asked for a dry red wine, and others at the table ordered a Union Blackwing and an Okocim lager ( a Polish beer, close enough to Boh.) We again raided the apps and small plates to share at the table. The Peanuts fried in Maple Syrup with Bacon were excellent. How could they not be? They did make for a nice little snack to share around. The Beef Tongue Crostino was tasty, although it is only meant for one or two as it comes on one big piece of toast cut in two. It was easy enough to cut into four, though. Same with the Bass Salad Crostino. The Ramp Dip was tasty, and the turnips and carrots it was served with seemed like odd choices but worked very well. While we stayed away from the entrees, I was still impressed at how inexpensive the meal was for the experience we had. Those small plates and apps were very reasonably priced, and the beers were either on special or were low priced regardless. The unsurprising exception was my wine. My two glasses were half the check for the entire table. That can easily happen, but of that's your concern pay attention when you order. Between what we received drink-wise and food-wise, coupled with such a convivial relaxed atmosphere even at busy times, I can easily give this place five stars for the experience.
  • Photo of Juggling_Mom
    10 months ago
    Three of us had a wonderful, relaxed dinner at Colette on a Saturday night. The restaurant was bustling but we did not feel rushed. We started out with a cocktail and the gruyere beignets. All of the cocktails were excellent, well balanced and worth savoring. The beignets were fun with a light decoration of honey and chive. The menu is diverse but limited (fits on one page). I can imagine it changes regularly depending on availability of raw ingredients. We had several other small plates; the mackerel was notable for being not fishy or salty at all, and plated with greens and a rainbow radish. I had the Alaskan Char, lightly grilled and set on dandelion and other greens. It was lovely. Another one of us had the duck, which was properly rare-ish, and had a wonderful bean and greens confit underlying it. Our other member had the kombucha squash small plate, which was also excellent. We enjoyed a nice bottle of red wine with the meal. Overall, a winner.
  • Photo of Katherine_T2073654
    My friend and I ate at Colette's after seeing a movie at the Charles Theater two doors down. Quaint restaurant. The bar looked very inviting. They have speciality cocktails from the early 1900's. My cocktail was from the 1930's. The menu consists of small plates, entrees, and desserts. We picked out two items from the small plates which were very filling. Definitely not the morsels of food usually served on a small plate. The salad which we both had was very good. I had the clams and bean stew which was excellent. The broth was wonderful. My friend had the butternut squash crostini which was also excellent. Service was great. We really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant.
  • Photo of Erin J
    a year ago
    My friend and I had a late Sunday brunch. The short rib hash and eggs were outstanding. My friend enjoyed her mushroom omelet. The soundtrack was great.
  • Photo of robpb411
    a year ago
    Finally circled back to visit following a great review in the Baltimore Sun and word of mouth praise from business associates. Called initially after review and was booked. Called months later and landed a spot. Interesting mix of ambiance. Bar greets you upon entrance with a draped curtain at doorway and lots of bottles, glass and mirrors. Dining room is drab by comparison. Spilled all the candy in the lobby...... Food was well-prepared but the menu offerings seemed to wander down the page. Service was attentive and the wine and cocktails fine.
  • Photo of MR_JR_12
    a year ago
    We really wanted Colette to be a good place to eat near the Charles Theater, an alternative to the usually crowded Tapas Teatro. When we were seated on a Saurday night, there was a lively and noisy crowd. My wife had lamb; the waiter cautioned that it was fatty. True! She cut off half of it as unedible. I ordered the giant shrimp from Nigeria, nicely seasoned but mealy and soft. We had to ask several times to get our waiter back to the table to pour the rest of our wine. Won't be back.
  • Photo of rburdmd
    a year ago
    Went here with family after a day downtown in DC. Close to Amtrak station. Smallish place. Had reservation. Served by team, they did a good job. Nice recommendations for wine. Ambience very comfortable. Pace of service/food nice. Food was nice. Different and impressive fish dishes, including appetizer. Different and exceptional pastas. Nice place to go, no good reason not to.
  • Photo of gavisphere
    a year ago
    There are definitely more hits than misses at Colette. We shared a bunch of small plates, pasta, sides and dessert, most of which were good to great. The golden beets and was well cooled carrots had great color. The gruyere beignets were fluffy and light. The whole fried porgy was superb. The parpedelle was fresh made and al dented but the duck ragu was sparse and bland. Much better was the side of meatballs ( yes, meatballs are oddly a side). The roasted kale was smoky but too salty for me. For dessert the hazelnut creme brûlée was lovely but skip the salted caramel pie. It's a mess that has more chocolate than caramel and a texture that is sticky in an unpleasant way. The cocktail list is a thoughtful mix of classics and new drinks and both our choices were great. All in all Colette was a good experience and we'll be back.
  • Photo of baltimorefamily4
    I'm giving this a 4 because since it has opened I've been here 3 times. First time was a 5. The second time, a few weeks later, (summer) it was a 4-4.5 and this week it was a 3. It's small. It's quaint. I like the atmosphere. The drinks are great. I was just disappointed with the menu this time and none of the food "wowed" me. There were 7 of us. Most of us shared two meals- but we tasted each other's food. The beignets which were great the first two times just weren't as good. One friend, who also had been there twice before agreed, The "big shrimp" entree was a bust in our opinions. The fried fingerlings were great. A couple of other small plates were also great. The two desserts we had were good. I'd go back with the hope it's a 4 or 5 again!
  • Photo of GreggDavis
    a year ago
    Second time for drinks and appetizers - both times were great experiences! The cocktail menu includes a brief history of the recipe. The bar staff knows not only the cocktails and their history, but also the history of the many liquors and other ingredients that go into the cocktails. Highly recommend it!
  • Photo of SkanderNero
    a year ago
    Some of the best cocktails in Baltimore, both the classics and their new concoctions. Crystal is an awesome mixologists. The bar menu is also refreshing, and a far cry from the usual burgers and wings. The baked Camembert is the best pairing for their Cuban Old Fashioned.
  • Photo of John C
    a year ago
    An enthusiastic five stars for Jen and the culinary artists at Colette. The food and service were exquisite. My meal was extraordinary: Grilled zucchini, marinated tomatoes, whipped ricotta & basil Bronzino, preserved lemon, summer squash & parsley. Treat yourself and spread the word. This French bistro has the most flavor per square foot in years of fine dining!
  • Photo of Susanne C
    a year ago
    Very elegant yet casual energy here. We liked our food and our drinks. Tiny space not for a group, but very nice date venue!
  • Photo of wolockbsw44
    a year ago
    My recent dinner at Colette with my wife was very good. The gruyere beignets were excellent, as were the duck confit pancakes. Also the whole bronzino and bavette steak were very good. The waiter was great, but the kitchen could not keep up. Our apps came out quickly, but then there was a wait of 45-60 minutes for our entrees. Not sure what happened, but it was very long. I thought the food was great, but would not rush back based on the kitchen.
  • Photo of jcoster
    a year ago
    Thoughtfully prepared fresh food. Creative drink suggestions but happy to make whatever you want. Menu changes frequently with local available food. Nice cozy atmosphere , great place for special dinner or casual regular dining .
  • Photo of eatingcharmcity
    a year ago
    Colette is the new sister restaurant from the folks over at Bottega. It's a much different vibe: larger space, full bar, and hidden kitchen. I love the guys next door, so I couldn't wait for this place to open. I wasn't disappointed. It's French inspired, hence the name. I love the dark candle-lit kinda bar. It definitely sets the mood for a perfect date night. The space is big though, so don't be afraid to take your groups. There are plenty of open seats in the bar area, so the guys behind the bar can get a little busy... Be patient. There is a nice wine list, unfortunately, I walked in slightly after happy hour and missed all the specials. Womp, Womp. Bartenders were mixing up some quality cocktails, and when they had time, they were willing to talk us through all sorts of spirits and cocktails. As per usual, I went with wine. First choice from the food menu was the Gruyère beignets. Because Gruyère and because beignets. Fantastic. Perfect crunch on the fried crust, and light and airy body with the tang of the cheese. As if that was enough, chef tops these gorgeous little nuggets with a drizzle of honey and fresh-cut chives. Thank goodness there were only 5, because I could eat these all night long. We had another snack - the steak tartare. The raw beef was likely sent through a grinder since it was in tiny little balls, which does change tartare texture just slightly. It rolls around a little more instead of just melty melty goodness. The ramp mayo on the bottom added a nice sharp acidic note to the creamy beef. Chef added a crunchy texture of the cured egg yolk on top and plenty of crunchy toast points. The snacks were incredibly balanced; I can't wait to go back and try a few of the entrées.
  • Photo of napman
    2 years ago
    We usually don't eat in Baltimore however we decided to have an early dinner before an O's game. Hoping to find something new we took the recommendation of a friend and ate at Colette. The North Charles area seems to finally have developed after years of trying. The tapas place next to the theater was jumping. We were one of the first groups at Colette. We were seated and the waitstaff were eager to help us choose from the menu. Between our two couples we had four starters, three main courses and two desserts. The quality and the preparation of everything was wonderful. Highlights of the meal were the squash blossoms, the Meurguez sausage, the quail and the seafood (soft crab and Bronzino). I almost gave Colette five stars and I would expect with just a little more polish it will become one of the best restaurants in Baltimore. We certainly plan to come back.
  • Photo of wnocranberry
    2 years ago
    My husband and I along with our son and his wife ate at Colette's after we watch a movie at the theater right next door. We ordered several appetizers along with our main dishes. My husband ordered the Ham, Kale and Crab Gratin but never saw any ham. My chicken arrived late but it was good. Our son ordered the Bronzini (fish) and enjoyed it. Our daughter-in-law ordered the mussels and said they were good. it was VERY pricey. We were seated quickly because someone had reserved a table but didn't show up. It was a nice restaurant. I was not happy with the location of the restroom. You had to leave the restaurant and walk into an empty hallway in another building and it was creepy!!

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