Photo of J.P. Licks in Cambridge, MA, US
Photo of J.P. Licks in Cambridge, MA, US
Photo of J.P. Licks in Cambridge, MA, US
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J.P. Licks


ice cream • frozen yogurt • sundae • cakes

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  • Photo of karenbC3615CX
    3 months ago
    The ice cream is so smooth and creamy! The chocolate has a wonderful flavor! Delicious!!! We would absolutely go back.
  • Photo of DespinaKa
    4 months ago
    I remembered this place from two years ago, when I had visited Boston. When I went to Cambridge again, I NEEDED to have this ice cream again! The quality has remained excellent and I was very happy to see that they had a wide variety of dairy-free ice-cream for the vegans/lactose-intolerant people out there!
  • Photo of bleph
    4 months ago
    My friend recommended that we stopped here for ice cream rather than my all-time favorite Ben & Jerry's Like many places in Harvard Square it was packed on a Friday night. This is no inexpensive ice cream at $5 a scoop It was very good very limited seating.
  • Photo of AsnTingTing
    5 months ago
    I visited this place in the evening to get some dessert. The ice cream is lovely and it's hard to choose from all the different flavors. One small thing about this place is that the space is quite small, so there isn't a lot seating available. Despite that, I would definitely recommend this place and return for another visit.
  • Photo of catz86
    5 months ago
    I spent many June is Dairy month, celebrating my birthday with grilled cheese & 2 metal containers of milkshake, the special at Rennenbohm's Drug Store luncheon counter, Madison, WI. So when I found out at that JP Lick's had a birthday free sundae club and points for every cone, I was IN IN. Mostly away from dairy these days however JP Lick's has an extensive selection for everyone. All time favorite, closest thing to "home", Coconut Almond Chip, sugar cone. Cups & spoons are not only wasteful of resources but of the ultimate experience of eating straight with your tastebuds.
  • Photo of LoveVirginia
    5 months ago
    We loved the brownie brownie batter and was a good place to stop after eating at a local restaurant. The line was long, but moved fast.
  • Photo of TheGardners_11
    5 months ago
    This is really good ice cream right off the Harvard Square subway station. They have a kid size in case you just want a small taste without a ridiculous amount of calories. This isn't limited to just kids! I have the maple almond butter ice cream and it was fantastic! It's a small place so don't plan on sitting inside. They do have some limited seating if you don't mind being squashed!
  • Photo of Rick P
    6 months ago
    The go to place for ice cream in Harvard Square. Some like Lizzie's. But I am all about fresh when it comes to home made. So I go to the busiest spot with the most fresh flavors. It's not cheap. But a wonderful treat.
  • Photo of lbyrne99
    6 months ago
    Loved the coffee cookie and cream flavour. Delicious. Kids ordered wrong had brownie sundae and it was huge !!! Delicious but way too big for one person . Walked over to Harvard and enjoyed on steps of library . Highly recommend
  • Photo of jenny2659
    6 months ago
    Try sweet cream. It's the best. Add hot fudge and whipped cream. Heaven. Especially on a hot day. Expect lines during the summer
  • Photo of DanSki006
    6 months ago
    What an awesome way to end our day!! JP Licks came highly recommended by a local and we were not disappointed!! We had several different flavors of ice cream: coffee (my personal favorite), cookies and cream, coffee flavored cookies and cream and peanut butter cookies and cream--my family clearly likes coffee and cookies and cream flavored ice cream :) There are a lot of those great looking menu items as well!
  • Photo of Carlynne2017
    6 months ago
    Great place to go for a quick dip of ice cream! Many, many flavors to choose from and even have Vegan and alcoholic options!
  • Photo of mjacobs
    6 months ago
    It doesn't get richer than this ice cream. New England is famous for so many premium home made ice cream places. JP licks is one of the best.
  • Photo of Gershon T
    6 months ago
    This chain of ice cream is all over the bay area, but it seems that all they do is outlast the competition without actually bringing too much variety of good taste. It's sad and although their new soft serve is good, they have the lack of customer personalization that Sweet Tart in Newton and other places had.
  • Photo of Sharon O
    7 months ago
    Great if you are there. Service is really good. Better local options available, such as honeycomb ice cream on Mass Ave.
  • Photo of EMILE D
    7 months ago
    A popular ice cream shop for Bostonians. You can have of course an ice cream, and there also other products like smoothies, milk shakes, sandwiches and a variety of pastry. A lot of ice cream flavors, so many choices! Hot beverages too, good coffee. Good prices.
  • Photo of crawfie
    8 months ago
    Had a stop here at the end of my morning cycle from Seaport to Harvard via the scenic route. Excellent coffee, a nice croissant and 10 minutes watching the alternative universe go past, relaxing in the sunshine.
  • Photo of Cheryl G
    8 months ago
    They give out as many free tastes as you need to decide. Great variety of ice creams. Maple Butter Walnut was excellent. Friendly service and a very nice shop.
  • Photo of greatlady482
    9 months ago
    If you are an hardcore New Englander than J.P. Licks in Harvard Square is not for you and your family. We all have our favorite little ice cream niches but J.P. Licks is just convenient. If you can wait to go home then you should wait for your favorite cone. We went to get shakes so we could walk around. It was just too sweet and we ended just tossing the 4 shakes. The service and location were outstanding.
  • Photo of akadoublej
    9 months ago
    Who'd a thought that an ice cream store would have such great coffee? It's really, really good. Bring your own travel mug for a discount.

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