Photo of Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge, MA, US
Photo of Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge, MA, US
Photo of Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge, MA, US

Hi-Rise Bread Company

American Restaurant

Hi-Rise Bread Company14
sandwich • bread • cakes • pastry

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  • Photo of Gayot Boston
    4 years ago
    Stop in for a breakfast sandwich on some hot-out-of-the-oven bread, homemade soups and fresh salads at this artisanal bakeshop and all-day café.
  • Photo of sm47
    6 months ago
    Excellent coffee, smells delicious inside with all the baked goods. No wifi - but it's a nice relaxing atmosphere.
  • Photo of Diane C
    a year ago
    I often come here for lunch. Love the #62 sandwich (called D&N Have Exact Change!) Really enjoy the big table to sit. The cookies are the best especially the chocolate walnut chunk.
  • Photo of louiseandreeff
    a year ago
    everything is homemade... I had the short rib sandwich and it was probably the best sandwich I've ever had in my life. My dad and I also could not help ourselves and grabbed three different types of homemade cookies!!
  • Photo of Creecher4
    a year ago
    Quick service. Smells absolutely fantastic. Hot chocolate very satisfying. Lovely selection of baked treats and what looks to be a very reasonable selection of wines for purchase as well. Extended evening hours were greatly appreciated, especially as winter darkness lengthens it's nice to have a bakery open past 5pm.
  • Photo of Scott M
    a year ago
    I really enjoy the sandwiches and breads at Hi Rise, especially the breakfast sandwiches. The house-made artisanal breads are good, and have been for years. Some of the quirkier ones, like the potato bread, corn bread, and Boston brown bread are exceptional. The quiches – not something that's high on my list – are exemplary. Their dessert pastries are a bit heavy for my liking. The Concord Ave location also has interesting wines for sale.
  • Photo of pinacolada2017
    a year ago
    I come here once in a while for their lattes and vanilla loaf. It's pricey, but nice. The staff is not that friendly, I rarely stay to drink my latte.
  • Photo of Chris R
    2 years ago
    Went for a walk from our AirBnB and found the Hi-Rise just one block away. I hd heard a lot about it and had my mid-morning coffee there. The coffee was Counter Culture and was rich and delicious. I was surprised that the walnut chocolate chip cookies were unremarkable. It was fun to watch the bakers at work.
  • Photo of Isabel G
    2 years ago
    If you are in the area and want something to eat this is a stop by. The cookies are really good, the lemon bread and the macaroon cookie (almond cookie) are the best. The sandwiches are good and big. They can be shared for two if you don't want anything that big.
  • Photo of Knox10SC
    2 years ago
    On a chilly rainy morning we walked up Concord to have bakery for breakfast. Glad we made the walk as the baked goods were excellent and my grandson enjoyed his muffin. Hot coffee warmed us for the walk back. Recommended and we will return.
  • Photo of critiquer862
    2 years ago
    Hi-Rise's version of the grilled-cheese sandwich, called Classic Grilled Cheese on its menu, is nothing short of supreme. Its ingredients -- cheddar, Monterey jack, tomatoes, and spicy mustard on sourdough -- complement each other beautifully and are grilled to perfection. The sandwich is large enough for two people to share (unless you're ravenously hungry). Caveat: Hi-Rise is small and offers sparse seating; I'd never even seen empty seats there in the past, which is the main reason I'd not sampled the grilled cheese in earlier forays to the bakery for its also-excellent brown bread, until around Xmas week this past year, when crowds had thinned out. And grilled cheese doesn't lend itself well to takeout. So maybe go on an off-hour.
  • Photo of Tobias P
    2 years ago
    No question about it! Excellent quality baked goods. My negative comments are "small" but nevertheless germaine I believe. 1. Rather expensive for a neighborhood establishment - in other words we are paying what one would expect to pay in Harvard Square! Some of the staff serving retail sometimes have a bit of an attitude ... And some of the customers seem to settle in for the morning ...
  • Photo of Peter_Bomberg
    2 years ago
    The Pecan maple scone was very good but would be even better heated up Orange juice perfectly made sooo fresh Skim milk latte hot and rich just perfect for the morning Dan's Havana heaven huge and superb Cash for your hargo the best part of the meal a 6 as is but the baguette was a bit hard. With softer baguette it would be a 7
  • Photo of ItTastesSoGood
    2 years ago
    Delicious - from the coffee and pastry to the salads and sandwiches- everything is first class- interesting clever combinations , great presentations and dependably great flavors. Love the curried chicken salad and the mediterranean roll up. The pastry is fabulous. Not too sweet. the poppyseed cake is a winner. The brown bread comes out once a week. Do not miss it. The raisin pecan bread is sinful. Not sweet but definitely addictive. I like the original bakery. It has all the baking action and the big common table.
  • Photo of Claudia H
    2 years ago
    The warm restaurant is filled with the smell of fresh baked goods made right on the premises. This is a great place for breakfast or lunch, or for a light snack. Watch the bakers craft their specialties as you eat, and bring home dessert and a bottle of wine or craft liquor as a treat.
  • Photo of Yakalele
    2 years ago
    What I like best about Hi-Rise is the fact that it has such a strong home made feel. The cakes are also more home style and thus it adds to the nicety of the place. While the ground floor is rather nice and warm, the upper floor has more of an empty and cold feel to it. In summer time of course the garden is a great appeal.
  • Photo of siobheanf
    2 years ago
    I have been going to hi-rise for over 15 years. Over this time, there have been incidents that I have overlooked. My sister used to frequent with me and had a terrible experience when she ask for her 6 year old son to use the bathroom and they said NO! He had to go behind their dumpster to go the bathroom. I went today, Sunday around 2:15 p.m. as they close at 3 p.m. I do not mind to pay the expensive prices but expect a min of customer service. My favorite sandwich, Il Presidente, they have removed from the menu...fine...the replacement had things I wanted to modify. First the girl told me I could not modify again they are chargin premium prices and the store was not busy...then I went to order my son a specific soda that another boy was having....I pointed to the boy's drink, the counter staff said rudely....I can't read lips so what do you want because I was pointing and not looking directly at her! I wanted to basically walk out...I then ordered my son a hot dog...I waited for ten minutes and went to check on it...she said rudely I gave it to your husband which was another family so then it was almost three and she told me they would not cook me a hot dog for my son when they had given it to the wrong table...customer service has never been their strong suit and I have overlooked it for years but now...I will never patron the bakery again as there are so many choices in the area and I refuse to waste a sunday afternoon to be stressed, overcharged, rudeness, and walk out without my son getting fed. Again, their rude behavior far outweighs the good quality of food they serve at a premium price.
  • Photo of HuntressCA
    3 years ago
    This Hi-Rise is in a mostly residential section of Cambridge. We went several times for breakfast and had various specialties, a basket of mixed toast and different breakfast sandwiches. One day the toast was a really delightful assortment of different types of bread, the next it was just two kinds, a challah and something else, a little more boring. It comes with their homemade jam which is really good. If you're with a group of people and run out of jam, prepare to pay extra. There are no free re-fills for coffee and you're better off with a custom coffee like an Americano than their regular drip. The serving is larger. There's a communal table and lots of small rickety tables. The places fills up for breakfast and lunch and Cambridge's finest can get very pushy over the seating. They could expand the seating to improve their business and offer better service overall.
  • Photo of Shantap
    3 years ago
    Unless you have time to drive to Anarosa's in Salisbury for the REAL thing, this is the next best bread scene in Boston. Go. Try. Eat. ALso: the wine is pretty good and they offer six packs of wine for $60. Also, they make an EXCELLENT roast chicken for take out. Try that -- it is truly spectacular.
  • Photo of siobheanf
    3 years ago
    i have to say the quality is great but the prices are outragous! i was sitting with my son at a communal table so no service etc..which is fine been going for years...i looked over an observed an apple pie was well over $25 dollars for something not that big..i was thinking...apples are in season and what can you do to a simple recipe to warrant the price....the sandwichs are good but overpriced.... realized there are other local choices are much better prices for comparible quality
  • Photo of ConstantTravelers
    Enjoyed the variations of brioche. Delicious, as were the other baked items we tried. Friendly staff. Long way from Harvard Square.

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