Photo of Regina Pizzeria in Boston, MA, US
Photo of Regina Pizzeria in Boston, MA, US
Photo of Regina Pizzeria in Boston, MA, US
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Regina Pizzeria

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Regina Pizzeria44.5
pizza • pie • prosciutto • meatballs

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  • Photo of Michael Halbherr
    2 years ago
    Good place in the Italian neighbourhood of Boston. They could all be cast members in the Godfather. Also, great place to see soccer games on the weekend. They all tune into the Italien soccer league. 
  • Photo of Kenny Kocincki
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Giovanni Corsetto
    Best pizza in Boston
  • Photo of Thrillist Boston
    3 years ago
    There are few better places to find some thin crust slices right out of the brick oven. Plus, pitchers of beer!
  • Photo of JimLuckas
    3 months ago
    Truly Authentic Family Style Cuisine at a great price. When you walk in the front door you are immediately greeted and made to feel right at home. The staff gives you the feeling that you are old friends coming back for good food and drinks. The Pizza was outstanding, We ordered 2 medium Pizzas between the 3 of us and it was just the right amount of food at a reasonable price.The pizza crust was perfect and the choice of sauces was excellent. You can tell they use the finest vegetables and meats to make a perfect pie. This is definitely one for the family that wont break the bank and a must have when on the North side of Boston.
  • Photo of Ronald P
    3 months ago
    Had a little bit of a wait outside in line as the restaurant is very small We had some basic pies like pepperoni and also got one of their specials all very delicious with great crust After we were done go to either Bova Bakery or Mike's for a cannoli and cappuchino
  • Photo of FLFlyer
    3 months ago
    Our assessment was that Pizzeria Regina was just average. We were visiting from Philadelphia and i can honestly say that we have many pizza restaurants that are equal or better than Regina. Pizza was not bad, just not special as we were led to believe.
  • Photo of Michelle J
    3 months ago
    Waited in line for about 40 minutes to get seated. Very busy inside and we got their famous pizza with 3 pounds of meat, peppers, sausage, etc. Was a lot of onions on our pizza and not much of the other ingredients. For the wait, the pizza was mediocre. I wouldn't wait again on line to eat there.
  • Photo of murphy96
    3 months ago
    So loved this place had to come back a second time, pizza is so good and it's very reasonably priced . Staff are lovely and they serve cheapest bottle wine in the north end of Boston
  • Photo of Hulagirl926
    3 months ago
    This place was great. The pizza is amazing! We ate here three times during our five day stay in Boston. Tastes like New York pizza Good quality ingredients Reasonably priced Can buy pizza by the slice
  • Photo of WizardofAz60
    3 months ago
    And it was! We ordered the #11 pizza which is one of their most popular per the very friendly waitress. The crust was pure perfection.
  • Photo of P1474THandreasb
    3 months ago
    We found this Pizzeria by chance but remembered that it was a recommendation. So we jumped in for a small Pizza and a beer. What shall I say: You will not find a Pizzeria like that in whole Italy: marvelous, great, outstanding...
  • Photo of Tom B
    3 months ago
    I grew up on this pizza and this is one of the best I ever had. There is always a line out the door and down the street. I usually order by phone and bring it home.
  • Photo of drregina
    3 months ago
    The pizza here is overrated but the service was decent. This was my 2nd visit in two decades. The crust is yeasty. The sauce is mediocre. We ordered ricotta on our pizza and it came mixed in with the cheese rather than placed on it in dollops as we'd hoped. If you like pizza that lacks oil, it might be appealing. There is nothing else on the menu except beverages (alcoholic ones too ) so non pizza eaters can't even have a salad. Perhaps the place has a charm of yesteryear that warrants a visit once, but I would not return again. And it's not on one of the main streets of the North End so use you cell GPS to find it.
  • Photo of Sparklekimmy
    3 months ago
    We come here every time we are holiday from England and there Pizza's are the best, nothing can beat the flavour, we like the old school service, nothing fancy, you can always tell if a place is good, plenty of locals eating here and if your unlucky you have to queue, but believe the wait is so worth it.
  • Photo of Darren B
    3 months ago
    Not the most salubrious of places but the food was to dye for. The meter and greeter could do with retraining but the other staff where fantastic. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Nathan D
    3 months ago
    Not much to say other than this place has great pizza in a great city. Put those two together and you get a great experience.
  • Photo of gsprunner
    3 months ago
    Ran the marathon a few years ago and my family's favorite meal during the weekend was our trip to the North End Pizzeria Regina. High quality ingredients, great sauce, perfect crust. We are from Chicago and have spent lots of time in NYC, Regina is our favorite pizza. Note that our trip to the Fenway location was not close to the same experience. Just a couple hours before a Sox game and the place was virtually empty, and the pizza there confirmed why.
  • Photo of KPN1965
    3 months ago
    Classic North end. Pizza, pitchers of beer and wine. By far the best pizza in Boston and surrounding area. There's typically a line - it moves fast. The décor adds to the flavor and atmosphere.
  • Photo of Tagfcuk
    3 months ago
    We had a couple of hours to kill before our flight so decided to head to the North of Boston for a walk and maybe some lunch. With great fortune we found Pizzeria Regina. There was a small, but well controlled, line which was a good sign. We were quite quickly seated in a booth and the place just felt like home. A real hustle and neighbourhood feel about everything. You know when Disney tries to recreate these places in their parks but fail - well this is a win. The menu is extensive with three sizes of pizza available. I can't remember what one I chose but it was fantastic. I'm not prone to exaggeration but I have pondered this meal for quite a while and cannot think of a better pizza. A sentiment shared by my wife. This is not a fine dining experience, it is a diner experience. Don't expect Egyptian cotton table cloths but do look forward to exceptional pizza.
  • Photo of Bill F
    3 months ago
    Three of us met at Regina Pizzeria for lunch. The pizza was very good. Pizza is all that is on the menu. The restaurant is very small, but friendly, with shared tables when space requires. We are very glad to have experienced it.
  • Photo of RJ O
    3 months ago
    Literally this place is on a corner in North Boston and is everything you would ever want in an Pizza place. Perfect sauce, perfect crust and perfect attitude. I ordered a few pies for my crew while in town working and it hit the spot. I highly recommend checking this place out.
  • Photo of Rhys_H24
    3 months ago
    Spending some holiday time in the city, I had heard about the North End and Italian restaurants, we were walking from TD Garden and walked past Regina Pizzeria and I checked my Trip Advisor app, and the reviews raved about it, so decided to walk in..... best decision I made for a very long time. It was really busy mid lunch, owner found us a table and honestly the best pizza I have tasted, better than Lombardi's in New York, not just the pizza, the family running the small restaurant, the authenticity of being in a proper pizza bar, 2 policemen sitting at the bar waiting for lunch takeout, chef's making the dough in a red hot kitchen. I felt like this was true down to earth culture and it was excellent. I had The Giambotta (inc anchovies) every mouthful had so much flavour, my family had different pizza's but the dough I could just keep eating. Loved it, will miss it, but if I return to Boston, I cant wait to go back it has only been trading since 1926 so good chance will still be there.
  • Photo of JayPten
    3 months ago
    They have good cheese pizza, this go from New Yorker, go Yankees... :) This is one of food choices we have when we go to the Fenway park.

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