Photo of Max Brenner in Boston, MA, US
Photo of Max Brenner in Boston, MA, US
Photo of Max Brenner in Boston, MA, US
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Max Brenner

American Restaurant

brunch • fondue • burger • waffle fries

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  • Photo of View C
    4 months ago
    Loveee the chocolate. Just go for dessert. Make reservations just in case though. It can get loud too so not the best place to have convos
  • Photo of Emily P
    4 months ago
    Calling all chocaholics. This is the place for you. Max Brenner isn’t just chocolate. They have salads, sandwiches and entrees as well. Of course we came for the chocolate! The menu is rather large and can be a bit overwhelming. Our very friendly and knowledgeable server, Shannon, made recommendations. We started with a hot chocolate. Several different flavors to choose from along with the type of chocolate you want. I decided on the Mexican spicy made with milk chocolate. This was not overly spicy at all. The chocolate and spice work well together, there is just a hint of spice which hits you in the back of the throat. The hot chocolate arrives in these adorable “hug mugs”. They are designed to be lifted with both hands so when sipping it feels like a drinking a warm hug. We also ordered the baked cookie dream. It’s a LARGE chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet and topped with vanilla ice cream. Ooey-gooey, chewy and hot out of the oven makes this cookie any chocolate lovers dream come true.
  • Photo of mrsco238
    4 months ago
    Chocolate martinis and white russians.... Friday night, so the restaurant was packed. Service wasn't the greatest even thought we were sitting at the bar.
  • Photo of UFPAGator
    4 months ago
    Went for something to eat after the Lady Gaga concert at Fenway Park. Loved that it's open late. Had chocolate martinis, chocolate crepe and some artichoke dip. Food was great. Atmosphere was nice.
  • Photo of Jessica M
    4 months ago
    My husband and I really enjoyed our dinner here! Nice atmosphere and the food was delicious. We started with the BBQ Hawaiian pizza that was very good. I do suggest asking for extra bbq sauce to drizzle on top. I had the oozing mac n cheese burger with added bacon on top! It was so yummy and the French fries served with it were tasty as well. My husband tried the waffle steak sandwich and was pleased with it. For dessert we did the loaded dessert pizza and the waffle banana ice cream sundae! Both dessert were so so good! We do feel the service was slow and we felt we did wait awhile between each meal course. The staff was pretty friendly and our order came out perfect from the kitchen. If we are in the area again I would return and most likely order that delicious burger again!
  • Photo of beachm0m81
    4 months ago
    Stopped here last night for drinks and dessert. Dessert menu is extensive. We shared the churro waffle taco, which was pretty amazing and good sized. However a group next to us ordered the fondue ($23) and I was surprised how small it looked (in comparison to, say, the Melting Pot chocolate fondue. We had good service from the bar tender, but a girl came up next to us and stood for close to 10 minutes without even being acknowledged. At that point, it was later in the evening and the bar wasn't so crowded so that kind of surprised me. Overall, we had a good experience, the place was crowded, so obviously very popular and the menu was extensive, but I think it's probably a one time trip for me.
  • Photo of Sumra H
    4 months ago
    We had dinner here on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Made reservations for 9pm hours before, were seated by 9:45pm because they couldn't put together a table for our large party. Our waitress was very nice, however since it was a busy night she was quite busy, tried her best to check up on us but mistakes were made. Food is excellent, we enjoyed everything we had for dinner. But when our $19 dessert came, it was a disappointment. Tiny portions, not like the description and not filling at all. The hype for the dessert is too much, but food is actually pretty good. Don't go on a busy night unless you don't mind waiting.
  • Photo of Yu Ra K
    4 months ago
    I've seen a few reviews saying that the food here is overpriced. Yes, it is expensive, but in my opinion, it is totally worth it. Can't see myself coming here too often though (not good for my wallet AND my waistline!).
  • Photo of anonymous5
    5 months ago
    It is a fun place to celebrate all things sweet and chocolate. I really want to like this place, but it was disappointing due to small portions and cost. To pay 25.00 for the fondue is a rip off. You get a small bowl of fruit (6 strawberries and 4 pieces of banana) another small bowl with 4 marshmallows and a cookie cut in 1/2, and then 3 shallow saucers with about 2 tablespoons of chocolate to dip the fruit into...REALLY this is 25.00? Save your money and go to The Melting Pot for fondue. Also the 6.00 milkshake was in a 10 ounce glass. Just lame. Satisfy your sweet tooth at a local restaurant and have dessert there. This place is just mehhhhh.
  • Photo of Muwaffaq J
    5 months ago
    Most beautiful and tasty chocolate place I have been to. The environment is very inviting and the dishes are very creative bringing out the aromas and tastes of chocolate. I can go there everyday.
  • Photo of Finnairmd11
    5 months ago
    This restaurant is definitely know primarily for their chocolate! I truly feel that the drinks are way over priced and not worth what you pay! The dinner menu is ok, but I don't think I will come back for that! You want dessert... this is where you want to be!!!
  • Photo of Michelle C
    5 months ago
    We visited for brunch! Our server was friendly! Everyone liked their food! We had chocolate pancakes and the french toast both were delicious! My daughter had kids pasta. The sauce was served in a syringe which she loved and it's now a souvenir! My husband got the Cuban sandwich which he said was delicious it must have been because he went back and got another one the next day! We also got the large fondue for dessert! This would be perfect for a large group or family. There is something for everyone and everything was great! The only issue I had with this restaurant is that it is very loud!! We were there at an off time so they weren't packed, but it was so loud you could barely hear the person sitting across from you. They need to put in some sound absorbers since the sound just seems to bounce and amplify from the walls.
  • Photo of jeffwU2958ED
    5 months ago
    My wife and i had never been to a max brenner restaurant. Wow! What a treat! We enjoy the desert very much it as a fondue chocolate desert and we also had the desert pizza too. The service was great and if you like chocolate fondue you'll enjoy this restaurant!
  • Photo of Itslily x
    6 months ago
    I didn't think this place owned up to its expectations. The service was not great and the salad that I had was very bad. The max and cheese wasn't bad and the fries were good. Overall I think this place is a one and done
  • Photo of IsabelleCoaching
    6 months ago
    It's a fun place in Boston to visit They have a gift shop in the restaurant They have very good desserts based on chocolate but also salads, waffle fries etc...You can also sit outside in summer. The wait is proportional to the amount of people and it's not a big deal The waiters do their best We loved it!
  • Photo of rtaliwal
    6 months ago
    Good food, rich dips and chocolate galor. Bring your appetite and put away your calorie counters. Specializing in fondue and waffle sandwiches.
  • Photo of Darian R
    6 months ago
    Atmosphere: Lively, Loud, Comfortable Service: Friendly, Helpful, Confused (two different waiters tried serving me) Food: Timely, Great Quality, Good Quantity (definitely fills average person without leaving leftovers) Price: Certainly more pricey but worth the occasional splurge if one has a sweet tooth Overall Experience: Memorable, Recommended, Would go back again with family/ friends
  • Photo of LILovers
    6 months ago
    So we were wandering through Boston and needed a sweet after Ramen noodles. From the corner of our eye we spot a chocolate martini that looked TDF! We walked in, sat at the bar, looked over the menu and two different drinks each later we were resistangly done. This place has the greatest chocolate cocktails we have ever encountered. I want one now, lucky for me short trip to NYC we can. Of course everything looked amazing but since we were on liquid dessert, we only grabbed a chocolate shot from the gift shop to go. Great environment, great vibe and great overall experience. Full food menu also available. 45 locations worldwide!!
  • Photo of obriner
    6 months ago
    This place is great for dessert and breakfast. Their lunch and dinner menu is okay, but nothing spectacular (which is what warrants 4 out of 5). Customer service is pretty good. We have had great customer service from most, but did experience an okay service from a waiter this last time.
  • Photo of John K
    6 months ago
    No complaints. The food was good. An excellent choice of beers. And the chocolate was delicious. The waiters were friendly and accomodating.

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