Photo of 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA, US
Photo of 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA, US
Photo of 5 Napkin Burger in Boston, MA, US
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5 Napkin Burger

Burger Joint

burger • fries • sliders • salad

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  • Photo of senadba
    3 months ago
    I loveee burgers and a frend of mine told my about this place and we have to goo and it was pleasure to eating there.Burgers wass so nice staff also and overall nice Monday lunchtime in this place
  • Photo of Louis H
    3 months ago
    I saw a few poor service remarks in the review, but I was treated exceptionally well from the bartender to the host to my waitress. Cool decor and cool vibe make for a good ambience. I would imagine it very loud if earlier than 9pm. You have many options of burgers. I had to have the namesake burger and was very pleased. In fact, I'm going to start doing gruyere cheese on burgers at home. Fantastic! I also had the Brussel sprouts. If you even remotely like sprouts, get these. And if you don't but like Asian food, get them as that have an oriental flair to them. Highly recommended!!!
  • Photo of zag01
    3 months ago
    We called in here for a quick burger due to it's proximity to our hotel. We had the obligatory discussion with the staff who advised we would have to wait 15 mins. (It literally was less than 40% full & remained that way) So we went to the bar, good beer choice ,friendly bar staff. Our server then came to say the table was ready, I asked if we could put drinks on table as we were taking them with us , NY wife could as it's a soft drink but beer had to be paid for at the bar! We were then seated and eat a nice burger once we had finished the server cleared our plates, then reemerged with our bill badly hidden behind his back and asked us if we would like anything else. Not now we thought, so we paid and left. So good beer,nice burger, average at best service.
  • Photo of CCRussell
    3 months ago
    I was in the area and looking for a place that I hadn't eaten at before - I didn't want to go to the Cheesecake Factory (been there too many times). I popped in for dinner, and liked it so much that I came back again the next night. Service was as fast as I would expect in a sit-down restaurant. Not fast-food fast, but it wasn't fast food. Everything came in a reasonable timeframe and the servers were all very pleasant. I ordered the avocado-ranch burger. The patty was exceptionally tasty, not a frozen patty. Excellent but very messy, a bit hard to eat because of the very tall bun. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would have liked to see more guacamole, but that would have made it even messier. I tend to order more well done than I like, because restaurants tend to underdo things, and this was the same - I ordered medium, got medium rare, which is what I wanted. Lots of places are like that. I also ordered a milkshake - very tasty but a bit overpriced.
  • Photo of Ela J
    3 months ago
    My family and I were desperately looking for lunch one afternoon and we decided to try the 5 Napkin Burger, especially since there was a very long table wait for the Cheesecake Factory. We were seated pretty much straight away and our server came to order our drinks. My brother and I are both over 21 and have been served in all the places we've shown our UK drivers licenses at, but my brother was rejected alcohol here, since there's a State law saying only Massachusetts drivers licences are acceptable. We just said, ok then and we both ordered soft drinks instead. My mum then decided to ask the host what the rule was about the ID and she came across over defensive and a little rude when answering my mum. A. This point, we'd had our drinks and I'd ordered a diet Coke, I took a sip and it had a strong taste of root beer, so I asked the host (while she was at our table) if I could change my drink since I don't like root beer. Yet again her response was rude and she took my drink away. The food didn't take too long to come out and it was cooked fine and tasted good. But the service wasn't on par. By the time we'd all finished our food, our server then came to ask if everything was ok with our food. We didn't have a chance to order more drinks or a dessert if we wanted onr as we were presented with the bill almost immediately after finishing our food. Veru disappointing but the food did fill a hole in our stomachs.
  • Photo of fasanakc
    4 months ago
    Very average place with overpriced burgers. Underdone burgers asked for a medium well got a medium and one burger ordered medium was too rare for a burger. Spotty but friendly service.
  • Photo of Lyndsey B
    4 months ago
    My husband and I were in the mood for a really nice burger so we popped in here for dinner as we had the impression from the outside this was a really great burger place. We ordered the Korean BBQ ribs to start (these were by far the best part of our meal), my husband had the bacon cheddar burger and I had the buffalo chicken burger. Mine was ok, the buffalo was fairly hot but there was a LOT of breading on the chicken. My husband said his burger was again just ok but a bit dry and the cheese was barely there. In addition, the fries were WAY too salty for our tastes, I would prefer to salt things myself rather than them coming already salted. Service was fine and while we didn't want desert we didn't even get offered the menu. Overall, we left a bit underwhelmed, looks nicer on the outside than what the reality is inside unfortunately.
  • Photo of Shaked007
    4 months ago
    After a beautiful visit to the Prudential Tower above (Reviewed by me separately) I wandered through the mall looking for something to eat. 5 Napkins seemed attractive, so in I went. The place was packed, which is usually a good sign. Apparently the staff wasn't geared to serve so many people.....It took me ages to manage to attract someone to my table. Once i was noticed, it appeared that they had run out of some items (such as sweet potato chips, which I love.....), which shouldn't happen in the middle of the day. After I placed my order, it took ages to arrive. Once the food came - The burger was delicious. So was the Brownie Sundae that I took as a compensation for the missing sweet potato chips........ To sum things up, the food was very good, but the service could definitely be better. Nice Place!! Good Burgers!!
  • Photo of GaryH1724
    4 months ago
    Great burgers and the Korean ribs were great. Service was outstanding. My son had the pizza and it was just okay but why order pizza at a burger joint!
  • Photo of Canresident
    5 months ago
    Don't really have much to say about this place. it was extremely expensive . I ordered a non alcoholic lemonade(blueberry and mint) waiter said it was everyones favorite. he never even asked if I liked it even though I left it there. the food was food nothing special . service was poor this is one I can cross off my list if we go back to Boston.
  • Photo of Dara F
    5 months ago
    We stopped here for a late lunch/early dinner. We were pleasantly surprised how delicious everything we ordered tasted. I had the burger salad and my husband had the lamb burger. Our daughter had the pizza. We shared the Brussels. Everything was awesome. In addition, our server,Taylor, was superb. The whole staff seemed to work together so well. Plus the decor was great! Highly recommend
  • Photo of Peter A
    5 months ago
    The resturant looks really nice, the staff is helpful and the menu looks delicious. So far, so good But the food was dissapointing. The burger i ordered was the most dry and boring burger I have had in a long time. And by dry I mean the bun was dryer than a salt cracker. The "butter fried broccoli" was partly defrostet broccoli So, not quite what I expected
  • Photo of Joanne S
    5 months ago
    Great meal ! Mushroom burger is best !!! Hearty portions, quick service and relaxed atmosphere. Kids were satisfied with their portions too.
  • Photo of Brian M
    5 months ago
    fantastic burger, big, Juicy, incredible flavor with the blue cheese bacon and jalepeno mix. Definite visit next time we are in boston
  • Photo of Luv_2_Cation
    5 months ago
    Had a family lunch and the food was fantastic! We did split the burgers as they are quite large! Highly recommended..
  • Photo of Robert W
    5 months ago
    Well it is a nice place, lot of variety of burgers and such. I had a gluten free burger that kinda fell apart. It was still good. My kids liked their meals. It is a little pricey but good. Service is what I came to expect in Boston. Speak up and you will be fine. They had some gluten free beverages I had not tried so that was nice. Overall, stop over and check it out.
  • Photo of budgetbuddy01
    5 months ago
    This is located in the Prudential Center. To say the least, I was very pleased with the food and customer service. I had the bacon cheddar burger and it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had. Our waiter was very nice and attentive to all our needs. It was a little pricey, but well worth it.
  • Photo of Leonard O
    6 months ago
    Got the lamb burger - forgot the name but begins with M. Oh so tasty and spicy! Just a great meal and wonderful menu. Enjoyed it immensely and will go back for more!
  • Photo of Jayne B
    6 months ago
    Very good, great burgers and salads. Aye there 2 times, very happy with service and quality of good. The staff are very helpful and food service was prompt
  • Photo of Ann H
    6 months ago
    Hubby had the truffle burger with the fried egg. I was nervous to try it because I'm not a fan of runny yolk. However, it was AWESOME!!! I'd definitely get it again. I had the veggie burger, which is made in house, and it did not disappoint. It was different than most veg burgers because it wad primarily beet! I would definetly go back. I had an IPA, and only noticed after I received the beer that they do flights, so I would like to do that next time :)

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