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Lakota Bakery


Lakota Bakery15
cookies • macaroons • sandwich • linzer

1375 Massachusetts Ave
Arlington, MA 02476, US
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  • Photo of Gayot Boston
    4 years ago
    The macaroons alone --- chocolate, coconut, lemon or mocharoon --- are worth the drive.
  • Photo of Susanne B
    4 months ago
    I have had baked goods from Lakota many times and they are always fresh and delicious. Often unusual and creative, I think Lakota is one of the two best bakeries in Arlington. Limited items, but always wonderful --
  • Photo of Paintergeorge
    5 months ago
    This place has the best cookies money can buy. Also known for having served bithday celeberation cakes to President Obama. They have a map on the wall showing where these cookies end up in the rest of the world. Very friendly and efficient atmosphere.
  • Photo of Ohenri27
    5 months ago
    The cookies at Lakota Bakery are absolutely amazing! Every time we visit we always walk away with our favorites; old-fashioned peanut butter, almond joy macaroons, molasses ginger, and peanut butter sandwiches. The seasonal sugar cookies are always a fun treat and come in a variety of shapes depending on the season or an upcoming holiday! Definitely a family favorite and a wonderful mainstay in Arlington!
  • Photo of kriedel2017
    5 months ago
    The cookies are amazing. I bought six at this visit, all wonderful. Cut them up and shared with family, everyone loved them.
  • Photo of CJ112015
    6 months ago
    Wonderful array of macaroons, shortbreads, sandwich cookies! Don't forget to try the ginger cookie! Great staff who will often offer samples.
  • Photo of F137LIwilliamm
    6 months ago
    Lakota (Now "Cookie Time") makes the best cookies ever. Whenever I take them anywhere, they are the hit of the event.
  • Photo of HDOYLE
    7 months ago
    amazing buttery fresh baked gourmet cookies. A great variety of delicious cookies such as macaroons to butter cookies.
  • Photo of Jeff S
    7 months ago
    I'll be honest ... I didn't think cookies could possible be worth $1.50+ (I think they are a little bit more) per cookie, especially when they are the size of Lakota's. And for a number of years, price was the single biggest factor keeping me out of here. About 12-18 months ago I needed something different for a dessert option for the kids so I stopped in thinking I would pick a couple up and it would be easy and good. EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW and EXPECTED WAS WRONG. First off, there is a reason they have stayed in business and continue to thrive --> they have an astonishingly great product. Further, there is no easy selection when you walk in as EVERY SINGLE COOKIE is delicious. While everyone will have a preference as to what is their favorite, I'd be hard pressed to have someone convince me that something wasn't delicious/tasty/fresh/etc. Lakota has easily become my go to place when I want/need a local/convenient business to get dessert from. It still feels a little odd to drop $20 (ish) on a dozen cookies, I also know for a fact that I will get more enjoyment out of those cookies than I would from a similar spend on desserts from any one of a number of other dessert shops/bakery departments. All I can say is I feel lucky to have a store like Lakota in Arlington, and am hopeful that it remains a thriving business in our community for years to come. I could not recommend this establishment more highly to anyone who is looking for something sweet to eat.
  • Photo of Judith P
    7 months ago
    Lakota bakery (now called Cookie Time) specializes in cookies and they are amazing! They range from butter cookies with amazing fillings, thin almond-based florentines, and the best macaroons around. They make some that are seasonal shortbread decorated for holidays, and kids love these--but most are sophisticated cookies that will appeal to adults. These are not just cookies--they are worth the price and the effort to find nearby parking (or taking a little stop off the Minuteman bikeway).
  • Photo of mortimerpickle
    7 months ago
    I haven't met a Lakota cookie that I haven't liked. No artificial fats in these cookies (like in supermarket cookies). They are decadent.
  • Photo of Uxbridgeite
    7 months ago
    I love Lakota cookies! Each one is awesome. If you are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, the Lakota is the place to go. My favorites are the florentines and the macaroons.
  • Photo of mjacobs
    8 months ago
    We have a friend that brings us these cookies for every party... they are a treat and he is super generous because they are quite pricey. We love the florentines and macaroons, but they are all really well done cookies.
  • Photo of Carol Ann M
    8 months ago
    Love Lakota Bakery. The cookies are so good. This is a cash/check only shop, so leave the credit cards at home and make sure you bring enough cash. The coconut macaroons are my personal favorite, my kids love the chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate macaroons. There is a great variety of different cookies, that all taste great. It is my go to place for cookies. They are not cheap but worth every penny. We have been going here for over 15 years and will continue to frequent Lakota :)
  • Photo of vacationer11244
    9 months ago
    For 20 years, this has been my go to place if I want the best dessert made. They specialize in cookies straight from heaven. Taste and quality are superb. Price is very competitive or less. Owners. bakers. and counter servers are always friendly, helpful and pleasant to be around. The Best cookies on the planet.
  • Photo of KLF95
    9 months ago
    Pricey, but fantastic cookies. Every time we need to bring someone a hostess gift, we head for Lakota. And sometimes we treat ourselves. Problem is that a dozen does NOT get you one-of-everything-that-looks-amazing ... you'd need about three dozen.
  • Photo of Nancy J
    10 months ago
    A friend always brings me goodies from this bakery. They are the BEST cookies I have ever had anywhere. I never have to go here since my friend passes it on her way to my place but I know where it is located and it is easy to find.
  • Photo of Susan S
    10 months ago
    Oh Yum. Such a tiny shop on Mass Ave that makes up for the size with a bountiful selection of gorgeous, delicious pastries and cookies that are out of this world. There were also 4 or 5 gluten free selections the day I visited, which my Bro-In-Law appreciated. This is not a cheap bakery but it's also not the most expensive one I've ever visited, either. I say it's worth the price. This is take-out only.
  • Photo of chatvany
    10 months ago
    Need I say more? They make the best cookies and cakes, period. If you are in doubt go to their web site, pick the cakes tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Photo of mabel_amar
    a year ago
    I had Lakota's cookies many many times and each time it tasted the same and it is the best cookies. I buy Lakota cookies for X'mas gifts.
  • Photo of picketfencemusic
    It's all true! Yummy butter cookies. Seasonal designs if you want. Flowers, sports, holidays, politics. (They even designed cookies for the Women's March!) Exquisite macaroons and fancy "Almond Joy" and "Triple Sec" delights. Old fashioned choices including oatmeal and peanut butter, too. They supply other yummy establishments - like Darwin's - with them as well. Fun to spot Lakota creations around the area. Glad I don't live closer. Especially since bathing suit weather is coming!

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