Photo of Preservation Hall in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Preservation Hall in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Preservation Hall in New Orleans, LA, US
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Preservation Hall


Preservation Hall44.5
standing room • big shot • reserved seats • sit on the floor

726 Saint Peter St
New Orleans, LA 70116, US
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  • Photo of Vincent M
    a year ago
    No air conditioning, seating is first come first seat.
  • Photo of Mark K
    2 years ago
    $15 entrance
  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Just show up and expect to stand in line at this wonderful venue just off of Bourbon Street. But you can also order tickets online and go in at the front of the crowds, guaranteeing your party one of the hard bench seats in front of the band. Preservation Hall is a historic New Orleans tradition that spotlights talented local band leaders and sidemen that draw an international crowd of music fans. The decor is basic and consists of benches and cushions. 
  • Photo of Ben Tinklenberg
    3 years ago
  • Photo of daleenaboren
    5 months ago
    We visited Preservation Hall on our last night. We had standing room tickets and it was amazing. One could imagine standing there 50 years ago soaking in great jazz. Definitely the highlight of my trip!
  • Photo of Madnesss
    5 months ago
    we loved this tiny little place with trad jazz. You cannot book to go here, so you need to get there around half an hour before your show and line up. It's $15USD to get in. Very small venue and when inside you will see why they call it preservation Hall. To preserve the trad jazz theme. It was extremely hot though, so make sure you take a fan (not electric lol) or something to wipe yourself down. We were uncomfortably hot. You can take drinks in from outside. There's no bar nor is there any toilets. So prepare yourself before you get in there. Anyway if you're after trad jazz, as we were, then this is your place.
  • Photo of quickstick10
    5 months ago
    Great old venue. I paid for the from row. It allows you to come in right when they open and get an assigned seat. It also helps them with the funds for "preservation". Excellent musicians.
  • Photo of Richard C
    5 months ago
    Make sure you book in advance to see The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. You'll easily miss the entrance on St Peter Street but turn up 15 minutes before the show and sign in with your ID. If you don't book you might not get in! Hard seats, very hot - take your own drinks. Our show was 8.15 until 9.00pm and brilliant jazz. A great experience.
  • Photo of Denise D
    5 months ago
    Quirky and fun atmosphere. Wonderful staff. We had a great time here with our fellow agents celebrating our yearly convention.
  • Photo of Brian A
    5 months ago
    There was a time one could pay admission, hang out and enjoy music here as long as your heart desired. Though it had always been a bit "touristy", the musicians were great with a lot of character and fun so it was always enjoyable. It's sad to say this has become nothing but a money scamming scheme. On this visit, the musicians were flat out boring. I never minded the heat or lack of a bathroom(could sneak next door to a bar) because it was a lot of fun and entertaining. What really annoyed me this particular visit was the little "hipster" types working there. I was telling my daughter the name of one of the songs and was asked to be quiet by an employee even though I wasn't being loud. So let's see, $15 admission for a 45 minute show with boring musicians(at least on this particular evening), a place supposedly dedicated to the preservation of jazz while really just soaking your wallet...I think not. There are far better options. On a side note, if the Preservation Hall Jazz Band that tours comes to your area...don't miss them as they are what it's all about and money well spent.
  • Photo of Lou Anne D
    5 months ago
    Our party included the 80 year old birthday boy, his children and in-laws and all of us were transfixed. The venue is tiny, historic and enthralling. We got the big shot tickets so we could sit down during the show. It is hot but you don't care. We actually were escorted in by Wendell Brunious, the band leader and trumpet player. My vocabulary limits me in expressing how special our evening was. The reserved were worth every penny. We got drinks from across the street, then sat back and were amazed! We will do this every time we visit. Make a reservation NOW!
  • Photo of AlB1957
    5 months ago
    We enjoyed Preservation Hall, and the Jazz Band was good. However, they looked very bored. Even though the music was great, the musicians looked like they were bored and just going through the motions. We saw other musical groups in the Quarter that not only played great music, but also looked like they were enjoyed playing jazz.
  • Photo of Janteuwen
    5 months ago
    Walked in just before it started, 15$ for tickets if you stand, 7 great jazz players, set of 45', did 6 amazing songs where each instrument took a piece of each Song. Wow! Highly recommend it.
  • Photo of SJSNewJersey
    5 months ago
    The music was terrific, but very hot and crowded. The program was about 45 minutes...could have been longer. Take Water!
  • Photo of MuchoJourneyers
    5 months ago
    The legendary Preservation Hall provides a venue for musicians to preserve and perpetuate the music of a past generation. Wow! They do succeed. It's amazing to watch and listen to these musicians so dedicated to their craft to provide a listening experience to a dedicated audience. On this Sunday afternoon the normal Jazz Band did not play. We were entertained with a seven piece combo playing Scott Joplin ragtime music. It was a near two hour concert with one break. The idea is to get there early and purchase some form of reserved seating so your wait in line in minimal. Then go next door to Pat O'brien's bar and enjoy their popular Hurricane cocktail and bring it back to the hall. At the Hall there is no food, no drinks, no bathroom, no AC and no comfortable seating. When the benches are filled you either sit on the floor in front or remain standing in the back. In this hot darkened room once the music begins you are totally absorbed in the sounds emanating from the combo. In this authentic setting these fine musicians preserve the music of New Orleans.
  • Photo of Ann Marie D
    5 months ago
    All I can say is Wow!! If you want a fun jazz experience, then visit Preservation Hall. I recommend that you get there about one half an hour early because you will have to wait in line, but it is more than worth the wait. You will be entertained by some wonderful jazz musicians and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.
  • Photo of Geri R
    5 months ago
    Paid to sit down, but best dollars spent while in NOLA. Not to be missed. These musicians are on the top of their game. Can/Will play just about any request you can think up with verve and love. Try to book in advance for the showtime/day you want if you prefer to sit. If you don't mind standing for the hour show, it's free. Now THAT is the best deal in town for authentic jazz.
  • Photo of Judy A
    5 months ago
    Don't know why we haven't included Preservation on our other trips, because this was a truly special experience. Wendell Brunious led the sextet that performed for us and each band member was excellent. Trombone, trumpet, clarinet, bass viola, piano and drums were all beautifully showcased in this tiny venue. Tucked in next to Pat O'Brien's, P.H offers no food or drink, just awesome New Orleans jazz. We opted for reserved seats and were glad we did because the hall is small and tightly packed. There are about 32 of these and they sell out fast. Lead performers change often, so watch the calendar for your favorites. If you love New Orleans jazz and blues, this place is your ticket to the best.
  • Photo of Angela M
    5 months ago
    The jazz music is very good but it is different atmosphere from a previous visit years ago. They were doing 3 shows night and the one we went to was 45mins.
  • Photo of Carly S
    5 months ago
    Here is the real deal if you are looking for some true New Orleans jazz . Go early to for a good spot , at least 30 - 40 min . You can bring a drink in as well . Be aware there is no restrooms or air conditioning. Shows are roughly 45 min . Such a highlight !
  • Photo of Bruce428
    5 months ago
    If you are in New Orleans, this is a must to see. So much Jazz History happened here. We enjoyed it and the music is great.
  • Photo of JamieJustine
    5 months ago
    With little knowledge of jazz music, my family and I enjoying the 6pm session. For the first come, first in arrangement, we arrived at 530 to queue in front of the hall and like most, had a few beers while waiting watching the NOLA street life. $15 per head cash at door for the 45min performance. Wow, they pack the people into the hall. We were directed to the front where the first few rows are pillows on the floor for seating which were very close together, which made it very uncomfortable. This was the only negative to the whole experience. You can bring drinks in from neighbouring bars. The hall itself holds less than 100 people, is dark with a few ceiling fans to circulate the air. This all adds to a great atmosphere inside and preserving the times gone by. The entertainment for our session was the Greg Stafford Band. Very enjoyable. Greg gave some commentary regards song writers and recording artists, and a few good one liners. The band with instruments in hand posed for photos with crowd members after the show.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    My wife and I pre-purchased tickets for the hour or-so performance at Preservation Hall so as not to miss out during our week long trip to NOLA - worth every extra penny rather than standing in line. The small hall is very atmospheric and the band incredible - they take requests and performed 'Wonderful World' for us, which is our song, so made it extra special for us. I cannot recommend this place highly enough!
  • Photo of Jairo L
    5 months ago
    A very very talented 6-piece band played some great jazz for us the night we went. We were mesmerized for about an hour before the show ended. Before the show, we waited outside and enjoyed drinks from the bar across the street, which we were allowed to bring inside. The room did not have many seats nor did it have air conditioning or a bathroom that we saw. However, it was well worth it and added to the overall ambience. I definitely recommend this place to any music enthusiast.

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