Photo of Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans, LA, US
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Maple Leaf Bar


Maple Leaf Bar24.5
rebirth brass band • tuesday night • dive bar • crawfish boil

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  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Live bands play genres like Zydeco, rock, blues and funk showcasing the city's best talent. Unannounced sit-ins are not uncommon; Bruce Springsteen once dropped in to jam with The Iguanas and Jon Cleary's band was once joined by his frequent employer, Bonnie Raitt. Because the club is close to both Loyola and Tulane Universities, the Maple Leaf attracts a diverse crowd that includes college students, professors, tourists and hard-core music aficionados.
  • Photo of Ben Tinklenberg
    4 years ago
    Great music
  • Photo of Sktpat
    5 months ago
    Yep, everyone's telling you to go see the Rebirth Brass Band there on Tuesday nights. And imagine - a world-renowned band in a small joint off the beaten path! Well, be prepared for small. And probably not being able to see the band because you're so far back and jammed in with so many people. I really wanted to like this more. But I couldn't move to the music because it was elbow to elbow. Bummed
  • Photo of DocBillGalveston
    5 months ago
    Could not find any real jazz on Frenchman St on a Saturday night so we asked a street car driver where to go on Sunday night and he said I will take you to the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street. You have to wait till 10 but you will be richly rewarded. For a $10 cover we were treated to a shrimp boil and the best jazz music I have ever heard. Just after 10, several laundry baskets of the biggest boiled shrimp I have ever seen were spread out over about 30 feet of tables and the feeding frenzy began. When the tables were cleared and removed the musicians took the stage. A jazz legend, Walter "Wolfman" Washington was on guitar accompanied by Kenny Wayne Shepard's on keyboards backed by excellent jazz musicians. The generous dance floor allowed for dancing or just swaying to the music in front of the stage. If you ever find yourself in NOLA on a Sunday night this is a must stop.
  • Photo of Tiffany A
    6 months ago
    The venue is pretty whatever but you aren't coming for that. I was looking through the free music magazine I found at the grocery store and this was popping on Tuesday night. When I was at acme having Oysters one of the guys opening the oysters recommended this place on a Tuesday. He said the "rebirth brass band" is amazing and it's a must see on Tuesday. This is where I ended up after dinner but I wish I knew you had to pay a $20 cover That's absolutely ridiculous, what are we in Hollywood? I was by myself and literally had $12. One of the guys by the door was like "ya that's too bad, go to the ATM" I was like bro are you kidding me, it's only me, I took a $13 dollar uber just to get here and I just wanna check it out. -I asked someone else and the guy taking the money was nice enough to say ya no problem. Andrew zimmernen was there filming that night and I got to meet him which was cool. The brass band is totally worth watching but for a $20 cover I'd. Pass and go to a closer bar in the French quarter. It's super packed and crowded on tuesdays
  • Photo of Nels F
    7 months ago
    We took a chance, walking into a less traveled location and pulling open a beaten door to experience NOLA the way it was meant to experience the Big Easy. The bar keep was top notch and on top of his game. The other clients were friendly and told flavorful jokes, recommended a local restaurant. We are only sorry that we did not return for the night life. This place was easy access via street car and is a classic throw back nieghborhood speak easy. YOU GOTTA GO!
  • Photo of Sarah P
    10 months ago
    Went to my first ever crawfish boil at Maple Leaf last week. Had so much fun. Joe Krown Trio played, they were great.
  • Photo of IrishIs69
    10 months ago
    We went by taxi very late on a Tuesday during our recent trip to NOLA. We were fortunate that we arrived just as Rebirth was taking a break between sets and got places right in front of the stage. Otherwise, I definitely recommend getting there early. The place gets PACKED! And HOT! I don't have any idea how one would even get to the bathroom and the only reason we were able to get beers is that my husband is 6'8" so was able to reach over patrons to reach the bar for beers! I don't know why, but I was surprised to see how young the crowd was. But everyone was having a great time! Rebirth was totally worth it and I can check seeing them off my bucket list. Their energy and talent are simply amazing. I would say it's something you have to experience at least once. Very easy to get cabs after the show, if, like us, finding the streetcar stop is just too much work!
  • Photo of Americana29
    a year ago
    People came early, most got asked to leave and re-enter to pay the cover. We were next door checking out the works of Frenchy on display. So much of his work is musical that is just seemed like a good opener. $20 a head is the going rate for a late Tuesday Night experience that has become legendary. That's the official gig of the Rebirth Brass band and they pull an elbow to elbow crowd, a very eclectic tightly woven act of turning strangers into an ensembled audience. That groove thing is real. The front bar gets slammed quick, there's a second one in the back of the room beside the door to the outdoor patio aka smoking section. At intermission side doors open to release the heat of the crowd. Limited beer selection but fair prices.
  • Photo of doug001
    a year ago
    One of the more popular ways to spend a Tuesday night in New Orleans is to visit the Maple Leaf when the Rebirth Brass Band is playing. And they do- every Tuesday night. The energy was so fun. The drinks were not too expensive. The crowd was having alot of fun. Everyone was so friendly, too. Outside there was a grill filled with sausages, so if you needed a bite to eat- it was convenient and tasty. Rebirth BB was great, of course. Love this place!
  • Photo of Ashley W
    a year ago
    Out of the way but easy to get to on the St Charles street car. Beautiful ride past grand homes. Maple leaf is a grass roots local bar and venue. It hosts some pretty amazing music from funk to traditional and acid jazz. If you are lucky the delightful SHEILA will be out front offering up home cooked local dishes. over a few night I tried them all and would have been happy to marry her and bring her back to Australia. If you seek a real experience. here it is warts and all. Nothing fancy but everything is good.
  • Photo of edwardpK563US
    a year ago
    Went on a Sunday night to see the Joe Krown Trio and both the bar and band were phenomenal. If you are looking for a true, local music experience away from the hustle and bustle this is the place!
  • Photo of A1313Y R
    a year ago
    Want more to experience more of NOLA? Real NOLA? Get out of Bourbon street take a cab over to P-Town and go straight to the Maple Leaf! Won't look like much from the outside but you fall in love with its gritty yet chill atmosphere. Tuesdays. Big Brass. Rebirth. Say no more. Just GO!
  • Photo of mrstickles
    a year ago
    Rebirth brass band was great! We got an Uber out of the city to this place after we heard how much fun it would be and boy were we gkad we did. It was the musinc we came to New Orleans to see and we had a great night with a lot of other people!
  • Photo of randy7496
    a year ago
    we had hears so much about the rebirth brass band but to me it was just very loud and the place was so crowded it was impossible to move after hearing other live music around NOLA these guys to me were not nearly as good, i prefer the older classier jazz music i guess, maybe if i did not fell like a sardine it might have been more enjoyable
  • Photo of honest11247
    a year ago
    Tuesday nights the Rebirth Brass Band plays here. You MUST get there early or expect to stand in a LONG line! This band is phenomenal and they have even played live for the Obama family and won a Grammy! A must see in my opinion if you visit NOLA! Check them out and you wont be disappointed!
  • Photo of xbbradley
    a year ago
    This place was great. The music area of the Bar is very small and can be cramped. I went to see George Porter, Jr. on a Monday night. This was some of the best music I've ever heard. Music is kinda loud...if you are sensitive to loud music you may want to bring some ear plugs. But overall the place is great, music is awesome, beer is cold and the atmosphere is great.
  • Photo of CWSMuse
    a year ago
    An incredibly popular band, Rebirth Brass has played at the Maple Leaf Bar every Tuesday since 1990. If you hate full body contact with strangers, wait until after the first set (around 12:15am) to attend. Regulars love to dance and drink and will move in a way that will clear enough dance floor for their special moves. Rebirth is a street band with a trombone, saxophone, two trumpets, sousaphone, snare drummer and bass drummer. They could easily play without amplification, but, alas, they are amplified. It is LOUD. If you are sensitive to very loud music, bring earplugs. The drinks served are mediocre at best. Regulars seemed to be ordering beer and shots. Good choice. Maple Leaf provided plenty of cold water for patrons and for that we are very appreciative.
  • Photo of sprflycat
    a year ago
    Visited this venue on a Tuesday evening to watch Rebirth and was completely satisfied. The picture in my head of a NOLA venue before I came was perfectly fulfilled. It was hot, humid, and muggy inside. The drinks were stiff. It was packed. The music was impossibly funky. It was a community affair. It was exactly what I hoped it would be and then some. Can't wait to go back.
  • Photo of Brad B
    2 years ago
    Went for lunch. Restaurant has a German influence and serves some food in this style. Food and service were good. Price is fair - $18 per person (including tax AND gratuity). Would go back again for sure.
  • Photo of collettetempleton
    Maple Leaf is well known to have great local musicians in a small setting. You could almost reach out and touch them you can get so close. The bar is nothing fancy to be sure. It's a place to get a standard cocktail or beer and listen to some great music. And very inexpensive. Much better experience than Tipatina's because of the intimate space.
  • Photo of Stephanie M
    2 years ago
    My friend and I were in NOLA for my birthday and wanted to go somewhere "local" and this place definitely fit the bill. It is a bit of a hike from the French Quarter, but totally worth it. We went on a Sunday night when they were having a crawfish boil - $10 for all you could eat, there was a lot of food, and it was *delicious*. The band playing that night was great and drinks were standard but good. This was a GREAT place to experience local New Orleans!

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