Photo of d.b.a. in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of d.b.a. in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of d.b.a. in New Orleans, LA, US
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treme brass band • cover charge • frenchman street • great music

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  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Action Bronson: "We saw Little Freddie King at d.b.a. in the Marigny, which is just down from the French Quarter. It was incredible. But they switch up on all these places. One guy will be there one night, and another guy will be there the next. You get hints from the locals, or you can just hang out on the street and hear music coming out of the clubs."
  • Photo of Lauren Ackerman
    3 years ago
    Fantastic music is always playing and the beer selection would make any beer enthusiast weak in the knees.
  • Photo of Jonathan Crowley
    3 years ago
    Why have I been hanging out on Bourbon St?! Frenchmen is 10x cooler. This place has a crazy long beer selection. Drink up.
  • Photo of Alex Rawitz
    3 years ago
    Great beer selection
  • Photo of Mimmom24
    5 months ago
    Many Frenchmen Street places don't charge a cover, true, but for artists like John Boutte, it's 100% worth it. It also means you don't have to pay a drink minimum if you don't feel like drinking. But plenty of reasonably priced options if you do! And the music is so fine! Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Fiestacon5
    5 months ago
    We happened upon Frenchmens St. and this place had live Blues!! Best jam I've ever heard!! Little Freddy King was belting out his soul!! Great drinks as well! No crap like you'd find on Bourbon St!!!!
  • Photo of Spritz1983
    7 months ago
    Pub style, with good beers on draft (not so easy to find in New Orleans), local as well, but rude staff. Cold atmosphere, maybe due also to the formal theatre like set for the live music.
  • Photo of Jose A
    7 months ago
    Nice place on Frenchmen street. Not so crowded. Watched the Stooges Music Group (brass band) performing. Really good live music. Need to pay a cover fee for the show. Nice bar with lots of different drinks. Worth it.
  • Photo of BryanP250
    8 months ago
    Basically get to Frenchmen Street and check it all out. This bar is right next to 30/90 Degrees. Both have outstanding bands playing there. You will forget Bourbon Street once you find Frenchmen Street.
  • Photo of Heather G
    8 months ago
    So fun. Great selection of local beer, friendly staff. The music is incredible. I had a blast watching Little Freddie King - it seemed like everyone else did too!! Can't wait to go back.
  • Photo of pconrad02
    8 months ago
    Try to visit every time I get to NOLA. Always good music, and a fun atmosphere! Highly recommended! One of our favorite New Orleans stops.
  • Photo of Jo L
    8 months ago
    At the Frenchmen Street, there is always something to see, somewhere to drink, and a great show to watch. This venue offers in a large spacious area the opportunity to enjoy the band that is playing, with enough space for dancing. The ambience it is relatively good for a night during the week; over the weekend the line was endless, the cover charge was outrageous, and the crowd was a little to young and rough for our taste. I had to admit that for our group of friends it was not a good experience every time we try to get a drink. We were mostly by the bar area; we open a tab and we were consuming high end liquors and lots of drinks. But that didn't matter . . . they had two male bartenders, one that ignored everyone and only served his friends, and the people that he liked. The other one was a long hair dude that had his hair so long that was a concern to all of us the hygiene of our cocktails as he was mixing them. And finally a female bartender that was rude, violent, and had no concept of working in a bar and making people happy. Three bartenders and NO service. A place with great entertainment, but that's it!
  • Photo of Seagull90
    9 months ago
    A real good night's entertainment. Excellent service. Good music. Dance floor filled. Drinks at reasonable prices.
  • Photo of Alexander G
    9 months ago
    DBA is a great venue with superb music utterly destroyed by the attitude and rudeness of the staff that work there. I've worked in bars for years, and never is it acceptable to behave the way these guys (woman, specifically, in this case) do. Seriously, if she worked in my bar she'd be out so fast her head would spin. Places like this make me disgusted in the mandatory tipping system, because it's snotty kids behind the bar and nothing more.
  • Photo of calmac259100
    9 months ago
    Watched the Treme Brass Band- amazing to watch talented musicians up close. Different bands and types of music every night, great place to go.
  • Photo of Jan R
    10 months ago
    Pretty much everything has been said about the bar and the location. And I don’t disagree. Visited the pub on a Thursday afternoon and it was almost empty. Decent selection of local brews on tap. I would visit again...
  • Photo of Larrydup
    10 months ago
    We went to DBA twice during our visit to N.O. Both times there were for live blues music. We saw Walter "Wolfman" Washington 1st time and Little Freddie King 2nd visit. Classic southern blues. This place is a Bar with a nice stage. Pretty much standing room. Drink prices weren't too bad. There was a $5 cover charge which is reasonable. Would definitely go back again on next visit to N.O.
  • Photo of Blake812
    a year ago
    We went into d.b.a. just to have a beer and they had an all female band and they were fantastic. The place became packed to standing room only, but the service was great.
  • Photo of bluesjlp
    a year ago
    The venue is nice even if the cover charge is expensive (15 box for The Soul Rebels) but the blond bartender at the bar close to the stage yells at me in front of all the audience because I took two pictures with the flash and I apologized explaining that anytime I was changing the setup, the camera was putting the flash back. Finally I decided to stop changing the setup and continue to take pictures without flash. I was close to the bar and the bartender came back and yell again to me about the two previous times with the flash.... Sorry but there is an other way to tell people they made something wrong perhaps more polite and nicely. I decided to leave without drinking and so without tipping.I am very disappointed by this place where I am used to go. I won't come back anymore, sorry.
  • Photo of julandste
    a year ago
    We were looking for an authentic musical experience in New Orleans. After popping into a few bars, we were disappointed that the bands were mainly doing covers of pop music rather than anything unique. We were relieved to find d.b.a., where we found great, original performances that were well worth the $5 cover fee.
  • Photo of mrh16
    a year ago
    Five dollars to get in for excellent jazz- the Treme Brass Band. We stood for both sets we liked it so much.
  • Photo of Meritage101
    a year ago
    Great spot for live music. There are two different sides so if nothing is going on on one side, try the other. We caught a great little blues band. Not a lot of seats but plenty of standing room. People were even dancing up front by the band. There is an extensive drink list on the chalk boards above the bar.
  • Photo of Rance C
    a year ago
    I visit Nola every year, and this club has never failed. Listened to Bon Bon Vivant this time around, and absolutely loved it. The crowd is mixed and very friendly. It's a great club to kind of 'come and go' while walking down Frenchman. Very close to Snug Harbor and Spotted Cat. The bartenders are very quick to fill drink orders. The bar has a listening area, and a socializing area which makes for a nice division depending on what the group wants to do.
  • Photo of marykahlo
    a year ago
    Stopped by here and am so glad we did! The music was great. People were dancing and the musicians were a lot of fun. Great drinks, great music, great experience. Would definitely come again.

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