Photo of Dat Dog in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Dat Dog in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Dat Dog in New Orleans, LA, US
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Dat Dog

American Restaurant

Dat Dog74.5
late night • crawfish • duck • fries

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  • Photo of J Talbott
    5 months ago
    Awesome hot dogs. Good bloody mary's and beer selection.
  • Photo of Le Meridien New Orleans
    Even if you’re not a hot dog person, you can certainly be a Dat Dog person. At this gourmet hot dog shop, the usually rubbery and mystery dog is replaced by a gourmet sausage, with options ranging from Italian, to kielbasa, to German, and so much more. Can’t decide what toppings you want? Opt for the Chef’s Special, which changes daily and never disappoints.
  • Photo of Isaac Woo
    2 years ago
    The famous Dat Dog! They have a large amount of assorted sausages that come with any topping you can think of. Even crawfish etouffee! Their buns are the best in the city. Pictured is the Duck Special - blackberry sauce, bacon, mustard + jalapenos and their Cheddar Bacon Ranch Fries
  • Photo of Richard Perkal
    3 years ago
    awesome guiness dog with andouille sauce and cheese and fries with bacon, cheese and ranch dressing.
  • Photo of Jen Dhir
    4 years ago
    The bread makes their dogs! Alligator and sea dogs are my faves. Share their white trash fries with a friend.
  • Photo of Ben Tinklenberg
    4 years ago
    Bring cash
  • Photo of Eater
    4 years ago
    All the hot dogs your heart (and stomach) could desire. Also sausages and other sorts of deliciousness.
  • Photo of Randy W
    5 months ago
    Just go! Do it! Great balcony! Great dogs! I had the duck dog. I will hac=ve it again as soon as possible!
  • Photo of wmld3
    5 months ago
    Oh my... That was good! This is not a typical small hot dog people! It's a large duck sausage in a fresh bun, covered in what appears to be blackberry/bbq type sauce and mustard. Not sure what else. I had to eat it in the car, with a white shirt on the way to the airport. Nope... I did not allow a drop of that goodness to go to waste! I wish I had more time there, would have had another! Got to have that special! I'll be back!
  • Photo of genegrandisle
    5 months ago
    We came to NOLA to escape hurricane Irma. Great little place with undoubtedly the worlds best brats and hotdogs. Love this place.
  • Photo of rowan816
    5 months ago
    Dat Dog is a fun restaurant. They serve a lot of different hot dogs. The hot dogs are a bit high priced considering one does not really fill me up. They also have trivia nights on Tuesday. There is a large outdoor seating area and service has been quite slow the several times I have been there.
  • Photo of J J
    6 months ago
    We went to Dat Dog knowing the dogs were pricey. The one we liked the best was the sea dog which was beer battered cod with tomato, onion, mustard, and tartar sauce. We also had the son of a saint, the bacon werewolf, the buffalo chicken, and the guinness special. We also had an order of chilli cheese fries and regular fries. Good food but expensive.
  • Photo of mandie704
    6 months ago
    Can't seem to get service no matter that I've been sitting here for a hot minute. There was no line, then a line, now no line. There is two white girls that look don't know what is going on. There is a black girl who obviously works here sitting at the bar on her phone. Can I get service??? Wtf. It can't be that hard, it's Dat Dog. Went up to the register and ordered two beers because these kids can't figure out what it means to see someone sitting at a bar. I also ordered fries. I wonder if they will arrive. Not impressed at all. This place dirty as well. Fruit flies everywhere and generally kind of dirty. The location on Magazine is much better.
  • Photo of Kelly Z
    6 months ago
    Really good, inexpensive and open late. That kind of sums it up. It's excellent for the late night munchies after a night of drinking. Probably best for young people as the staff was extremely alternative, tattoos, piercings, etc, but professional.
  • Photo of mcmannann
    6 months ago
    This was exactly what we needed for a late night dinner! Great dogs and sausages and a full bar with great beer! Wish we could go again and again!
  • Photo of Mike Y
    7 months ago
    Cool little corner shop right off Frenchman St. Shrimp etouffee on a hot dog - who would have thought? Wife and I loved it!
  • Photo of gatoreed
    7 months ago
    Here with family for dinner and the dogs were excellent. We ordered three different types of dogs, Cheddar-Bacon-Ranch-Fries, Cheese Fries, smoked Bratwurst and it was more than enough food for three
  • Photo of JMurray71
    8 months ago
    I had been several years ago and decided to go back with my 20 year old daughter. She is kind of a picky eater but decided to try the gator dog. I had the German dog and the duck dog all were excellent. Not having a clue what to top our dogs with, we left it up to the chef and was impressed with the favors. These are not your average hotdogs. They are about $8 a piece but well worth it.
  • Photo of Andrew B
    8 months ago
    Staff was incredible! They told us about Hotdog Happy Hour, which is a great deal. Plenty of choices and great gluten-free options.
  • Photo of Felecia C
    9 months ago
    This place was packed on a Friday night, stays open late so you can get your fancy dog after a night of drinking. A ton of options, we got the loaded fries and some hot dogs, delicious! Has a great second story porch overlooking Frenchman's street, perfect for people watching.
  • Photo of LarraConville
    9 months ago
    I could go wish a 4-star due to fact I'm not usually huge on paying $10+ for a hot dog, but as skeptical as I was, I had to admit this was a good and big meal for the price. I had the werewolf on my first visit and have stopped by every time Ive been in town since. Definitely worth a lumch time or late night visit for some good old grub. Amazing stuff, sauerkraut and all.
  • Photo of Michelle K
    9 months ago
    My daughter was craving a hot dog....we had no idea the adventure we were in for when someone we were in the elevator with suggested Dat Dog. We had a party of 11 and we're heading home from a weekend in NOLA....our last meal didn't disappoint. Must try the Haute Dogs....the crawfish etouffee dog was delicious, I liked the cheddar bacon ranch fries better than the crawfish etouffee fries (enough to share). Lots of topping options for your custom dog order. Full bar and vegan options available. I would go back! Guy taking our order was very helpful. Just need to fix the fans outside and the menus and tables felt sticky.
  • Photo of RCS362
    9 months ago
    Had a rally fun time picking out type of dog. Huge variety of offerings. Everything was great. Definitely will return. Eat inside or outside. Great place for a family or quick lunch/dinner. Loved it!
  • Photo of jchestler
    9 months ago
    We were in a rush and wanted to eat something quickly while on our way to Tulane for an event, and we stopped in for a bite to eat. Wonderful menu, very creative menu with a number of options. Everyone did their own thing, and based on what they said - the chili dog is great, the Chicago dog is authentic and wonderful, the sausage is amazing, the chicken strips got a big thumbs up from our picky 10 yo, and my vegetarian niece loved their vegan dog. Significant selection of beers on tap and in bottles. The fries were crisp and fresh. The place offers indoor and outdoor seating. I just wish the AC was stronger inside, but aside from that one tiny detail, the experience was great and would definitely go back for more.
  • Photo of Violet B
    9 months ago
    I ordered a GBLT and my husband ordered a sausage with bacon/cheese. We also got an order of WTF nachos. The buns they use are awesome. My chicken was very juicy but throughly cooked. Onions were mistakenly put on my dog. I'm not really sure why since they don't normally come on that dog and I definitely didn't order onions on it. The nachos were tasty, the chili was semi spicy. The patio seating was nice.
  • Photo of mariquiroga
    9 months ago
    Very informal place with lots of options of hot dogs - not just beef and pork but duck and gator too!
  • Photo of Gina E
    9 months ago
    Who knew how much you can do with a dog. The werewolf dog with bacon, tomato, sour kraut and creole mustard was fantastic. Be prepared to get messy. I think I used 10 napkins. My hubby had the chicago dog. The French fries were also nothing short of excellent. Would highly recommend the trip. Just on the other side of the French Market.

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