Photo of Crepes A La Cart in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Crepes A La Cart in New Orleans, LA, US
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Crepes A La Cart

French Restaurant

savory crepe • food truck • jackson square • dessert

1039 Broadway St
New Orleans, LA 70118, US
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  • Photo of rosy l
    5 months ago
    Crepes a La Cart are so delicious that to our surprise we saw someone eat a savory crepe and eat a dessert crepe afterwards. I wanted to share with my hubby, but he wasn't open to the idea. After I ate my apple strudel crepe, I completely understood. If you are in Breckenridge it's a must.
  • Photo of Thetaz12
    9 months ago
    When I ordered a S'more crepe. I ate it all and I loved it so much. I'm a Nutella lover. A S'more crepe is faultless and delicious! I would to go to there at time when I want to go and I will take my friends to there, too. 😁👍🏽 I highly recommend y'all to go to Crepes A La Cart!!!
  • Photo of Jay G
    a year ago
    This is a neat little place that you wouldn't normally think of. I had the lent special which is a smoked salmon crepe with Swiss cheese including fresh baby spinach and Dill and chive sauce. It was really good. If you're ever in New Orleans you need to check out Crepes a la cart.
  • Photo of Robyn K
    a year ago
    Everything is so good. I genuinely have a hard time deciding what to order because I want everything. From the lunch to desert you cant go wrong. I love this place. I habe never had anything that I disliked from here
  • Photo of Brett A
    a year ago
    They had the best crepes in town! They huge and full of flavor. They had some great vegan and vegetarian options which was perfect for us. And they have some amazing savory ones as well. Ask for some kind of sauce if you get the bacon spinach and tomato makes a world of difference!
  • Photo of gkmcfe
    a year ago
    We went for lunch and each ordered one sweet, one savory crepe. A crepe batter with herbs is used for the savory crepes which makes sense given the fillings. The batter used for sweet crepes is a plain batter. The absolute best thing we ordered was a blueberry crepe with vanilla ice cream. The berries were fresh, the crepe was hot and there was just the right amount of sweetness. If I had to offer a criticism, it is that there was some confusion in how we wanted the crepes so some of us got our sweet crepes before we had our "entree". Nothing to write off the restaurant for, though.
  • Photo of harmsenom
    2 years ago
    The veggie crepe was good food for Satchmo Summerfest at Jackson Square. A little tricky to eat, but worth it.
  • Photo of Orlandaytripper
    2 years ago
    Enjoyed taking in the views surrounding this lovely little gem. Stepped into the modest order area and chose the savory greek crepe. My breakfast mates chose a variety of other flavs. Seated at the patio, we shared bites of each and all were equally delicious. Before we had finished our selections an ever increasing line of patrons were accumulating. Our visit was satisfying and superbly timed.
  • Photo of travelveggimama
    2 years ago
    We had a late lunch here. The crepes are a bit pricey---they charge for even suggested add-ons---but they are delicious. The best part is the packaging, I've never seen anything like it. Cardboard envelopes for the corner of the crepe that is grease-proof. We walked and ate easily.
  • Photo of Rampart1
    2 years ago
    Not bad. We saw this place with a booth at the Freret Street Festival the day before but we were already past full. I grabbed a flyer and we decided to eat there the next morning. I don't think Sunday morning is their wheelhouse. Located next to The Boot - a highschool-college bar that probably closed a very few hours earlier, there was plenty of outside seating in the bright, warm sun, but that's not really what I wanted to do while I read the Sunday paper. The beverages are limited - primarily to versions of coffee. The owner of the building has a convenience store on the other side of the bar & won't let the crepe place sell any duplicate items. So, for a soda - or water - you have to go down there to buy it. Mind you, this is not a huge ordeal. Once you place your order at the counter, you really have to step outside to wait (it is TEENY). But I just wasn't in the mood. I usually go with the flow but just wasn't feeling it. Got a soda from the car. The grill guy was new - and my order wasn't exactly right (there are lots of 'options' with several items). And it was NOT bad. In fact, I didn't even realize it at first. I was scarfing it down. I thought about pointing it out - not griping, just informing but since I wasn't in a great mood, I felt it might come off wrong. That said, we both ate every bit of our breakfast crepes and hopped in the car. FIlling, satisfying and - just wish I'd had one of their many decadent dessert crepes. Oh well - live and learn. Not bad - would definitely recommend. Was pretty quick even though 1 new guy was cooking about 4 orders right in of ours. Technically inside, it's virtually a counter on the street. I expect when the bar is open, they have to work fast - and do a booming business. Would definitely go back in the mood for dessert!
  • Photo of MatthewRosov
    2 years ago
    We ran across the food truck at a local festival and fell in love. Number 1 reason - they don't cook with soy/msg. The crepes can be filled with nutella, bananas, bacon, and whatever else they have in the truck that day. We had found some hot sauce at a neighboring food tent and had them put it in the bacon and cheese crepe which was perfect! We haven't been to their store yet - but the menu items there look like we need to go soon.
  • Photo of 1travlgirl
    2 years ago
    So this place is a little off the beaten path for most tourists, but worth looking into if you are in the area. They may also have a food truck. I love their smoked salmon crêpes (several to choose from). So yummy.
  • Photo of Cherie G
    3 years ago
    Fun place to grab a crepe - watching is great and the varieties are endless! We love an odd combo - bacon & chocolate chips, but try some of their specialties! They will also use any topping you want to bring... boiled crawfish, etc. They don't serve drinks so bring your own or stop at the little shop next door before ordering. This is a to go window shop (watch them make the crepes) with limited outdoor seating, but we like the outdoor tables.
  • Photo of Helene13s
    3 years ago
    Friendly staff Great variety and a nice stroll from dual campus locations if you are near Loyola or Tulane Universities!
  • Photo of Manuelk89
    3 years ago
    Messy hole in the wall with good taste. Pros: excellent crepes Big variety, I would say 50 or so Cons: Maybe not the cleanest place
  • Photo of Cretiaj
    3 years ago
    We were looking for something to munch on while we wandered around Jackson Square and the Market, and for the first time tried a savory crepe. The bacon, spinach, cheese and tomato hit the spot! Also was fun watching them prepare all the crepes, they have a smooth and efficient process that was quite impressive.
  • Photo of Far_north_trader
    3 years ago
    Had a quick lunch with a savory crepe and the Nutella and strawberries for dessert. Both were very good, dessert was fantastic. Would recommend to everyone.
  • Photo of Andrea W
    3 years ago
    Yesterday morning I rode the St. Charles Streetcar to the edge of the Tulane campus and ate at Crepes a la Carte. It was a quiet Sunday morning, with very few people wandering the neighborhoods of the Garden District. A far cry from the packed streets of the French Quarter the day before! A short walk (about 5 minutes) from the Broadway streetcar stop is Crepes a la Cart. With 20+ varieties of mouthwatering crepes, I had a hard choice but decided I felt like something sweet for breakfast- Nutella and Strawberries with a cup of fresh coffee. Sitting on the patio in the warm sun with a perfect crepe in my hand- this was one of the best things I did while I was in town!
  • Photo of nola1961
    3 years ago
    I read about the crepe cart on; they had a listing of all the food carts located on the uptown Mardi Gras parade route. I love crepes so I had to try one. I ordered the banana and nutella crepe. I like sweet more than savory. This was my after lunch dessert. It was a large crepe with plenty of banana and nutella. A large serving for one person. It was warm and the nutella was perfect. I would try again.
  • Photo of MilanoCookieMonster
    Hidden in plain sight on Broadway Street side of the Tulane University college bar, The Boot, and beneath the head shop disguised as a record store, The Mushroom is a true destination spot for a savory or sweet treat when only a crepe can hit the spot. I stopped in with a carload of people and we cut loose on their menu to sample a wildly creative and immensely satisfying breakfast. The biggest problem I had was that I can only eat so much and the abundance of their selections are a tuely wonderful problem to have. Reasonably priced, highly recommended, a must do...

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