Photo of Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans, LA, US
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Chickie Wah Wah


Chickie Wah Wah14.5
brussel sprouts • pulled pork • brisket tacos • blue oak bbq

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  • Photo of Vincent M
    a year ago
    Nearest music club to the house, within walking distance.
  • Photo of James M
    7 months ago
    We left disappointed. There's a window to order food, we found the server unhelpful and disinterested. When the food came, the portions were small and the quality average. They had live music later in the night with a $10 cover charge.
  • Photo of ebecknola
    8 months ago
    I was staying just a few blocks down the street at the India house when I walked past, heard the music and went in for a drink. Wonderful atmosphere and amazing musicians. I went back three nights out of 5 in town.
  • Photo of 42492Escamillo
    9 months ago
    I visited Chickie recently during a business trip and really enjoyed the music (Tom McDermott is am amazing pianist!!) The night I was there, the place was not crowded and I didn't try the food. But when I asked the bartender for drink suggestions, he acted liked I was bothering him and was very dismissive (I just ordered a rum and coke and nothing else). You can't expect people to return when you have service like that, no matter how good the music is.
  • Photo of NYscholar2
    10 months ago
    went to hear Jon Cleary for the second time in NOLA--the first being years ago. My NOLA friends follow him. What a treat! what a place to hear good music. The food--BBQ & such--is passable. Go early, at least 30 minutes before the announced start time of a set, to get a table, preferably one away from the bar, where people tend to sit & talk during the performance. We arrived 45 mins early and got a great spot near the piano. Cover charge of $10 but minimal for such a show.
  • Photo of washington1967
    10 months ago
    We also visited the other night to hear Jon Cleary and have a bite to eat. Took the streetcar up Canal from our place on Chartres. Arrived a half hour or so before Cleary's performance at 8. Like many places in NO, Chickie Wah Wah is pretty small - there aren't a lot of tables. When we arrived, all of the small tables along the wall and most of the seats at the bar (there are more of these than at tables) were taken. Fortunately, there were 3 tables on the floor available, and we grabbed one. Caught the tail-end of the girl performing before Cleary. Sadly, I cannot remember her name, but she was quite good. Worth noting: performers at Chickie Wah Wah are paid solely by the tips you leave or the cover set by the performer. This first performer had no cover, so we left a tip. Cleary had a small $10 cover. I observed quite a few people also leaving him tips. Back to the review: Mixed audience tonight-from young hipsters to geriatrics on canes and one in a scooter. I'd like to say we were closer to the former group but sadly we definitely fall closer to the latter. :) Knowing that the bar would get busy tonight, we went ahead and ordered some food. The poor girl working the Cochon King pop-up was all by herself and her oven wouldn't stay lit!! She was very apologetic and warned us that it might be awhile before she got the food to us, but we didn't mind. I felt so sorry for her! (Fortunately, she had some help later in the evening.) As the time for Cleary's performance neared, the bar really filled-up. More chairs were pulled out to try to accommodate everyone. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Cleary's performance was excellent, of course. He is a must-see, if you have the opportunity. The age of the crowd truly was revealed by the number of people who left after the first set. Wow! The place went from overflowing to 1/2-full by the time Cleary finished playing...and this was no indication of a poor performance. As previously stated, Cleary's show was great and extremely well-received by the audience. Now onto the food. Cochon King has a small pop-up kitchen right inside the door. There's also an outside window and tables out front. We had the mac-n-cheese and cochon delait. Both were excellent! The mac was thick and gooey and the sandwich had just the right bite to it to offset the smoked pork. Yum!!
  • Photo of SC5100
    10 months ago
    New Orleans musical landmark on upper Canal Street. Heard John Clarey perform. The music is the thing. The cover for superior talent is expected and gladly handed over. Great New Orleans experience for two first time visitors
  • Photo of Tracy R
    a year ago
    Susan Cowsill, Alex McMurray, John Cleary, need I say more!!!! Fabulous mid city pub!!!! We had a blast in this hidden gem!!!
  • Photo of ShellRalph
    a year ago
    Outstanding music venue on Canal right off the trolley line. We saw 3 performances one evening and they were all great. The club attracts best local musicians and well knowns drop in from time to time. Get off the beaten path a little for best live music venue we have found in New Orleans. A must stop for us now every trip to the Crescent City.
  • Photo of 215Sandy49
    a year ago
    Was able to see Marcia Ball last minute deal, food was awesome, venue perfect for concert. Got there a little early & we're totally accommodated.
  • Photo of Timothy B
    a year ago
    Be adventurous and take the Canal Street car down to this little gem of a music club. Hear top-notch local musicians in an intimate club setting, away from the craziness of the French Quarter or Frenchmen Street. Many nights there are two or three acts per night -- most of them worthwhile. But be forewarned -- While this place used to serve great barbecue dinners (and last I looked their website says they do) it does not at present serve any food. So if you're planning on eating out, call ahead . Or head down the street to Mandinas and fill up and then come back for a great show.
  • Photo of Jeff95747
    a year ago
    We were tipped off about this place by our B &B host, located 5 blocks away on Canal St. We just had snacks, which were cheap and good, but the highlight was the music and the vibe. A full jazz orchestra crammed onto the stage played soem of the best we heard in NOLA, accompanied by a couple great vocalists. Performers rotate in and out, but the general sentiment is that this is a 'out of the Quarter' hot spot. Cover charge of $10, but it was well worth it for the quality of performers.
  • Photo of lilbanjo
    a year ago
    I love this place! Intimate, friendly, really reasonable cover charge and drink prices. They get great acts in a small and familiar surrounding. Acoustics and sound system terrific. Dont miss it
  • Photo of NOLABiker
    a year ago
    pretty neat decorations, plenty of live music, a little pricey, but put it on you list of places to visit while in NOLA.....
  • Photo of DamainAnastasio
    2 years ago
    I found this place on a google search while planning my 5 days in New Orleans and what a great find it was. I wanted to catch some live music in the afternoon before we took a break before dinner and Chickie Wah Wah did not disappoint. The performer that day was't really my style but extremely talented none the less. I had a gin martini and the bartend made it perfect. The drinks are cheap and the BBQ was hearty (I had to try some, even though I was headed to dinner in a bit). Our group really enjoyed this place, some of us smoked on the patio with their drinks while the live music was on speaker out there. Some of us sat at the bar and some of us sat at the stage and watch the live music. Stop in here if you are in the area!
  • Photo of ChrisGray73
    2 years ago
    Go get some delicious food, then stick around for the party. Friendly folks that'll make you feel at home and show you a good time. Right next door to Eaglerider Motorcycle Rentals.
  • Photo of Americana29
    2 years ago
    We were in the neighbor so why not... The early act was just arriving, the place looked barely open. But the bartender was super nice. I have a fondness for a copper top bar. Beer selection is solid (there is a full bar). Guitarist started playing for the few of us there at 6pm, it was more than entertaining and no cover. Restrooms are super clean!
  • Photo of docoffee
    2 years ago
    Well worth getting out of the French Quarter or Frenchman to hear music! The bands change but the ambiance stays the same: a must do for anyone who loves superb music
  • Photo of Mark K
    2 years ago
    We saw Meschya Lake and the Little Bighorns (qurter actually), but we really liked this bar/live music venue on Canal St. If they've got a band you're interested in, get out of tourist territory and join the locals for some true New Orleans performances.
  • Photo of Tiare72
    2 years ago
    This is one of the best places in Nola for music! they got good local food too.It`s easy to get to with the Canal streetcar.
  • Photo of AHIDAD
    2 years ago
    This is a nice little bar with a live music stage. The barbecue food smelled great, but we were there for the music. We had found a music video by a singing duo called "Alexis and the Samurai" and tracked them down to Chickie Wah Wah on Monday night. The girl has a fabulous voice and her partner is a really good musician, especially when he was playing the electric violin/fiddle. The venue was really nice and intimate and the bartender was friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this place, especially if Alexis and the Samurai happen to be performing.

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