Photo of Candlelight Lounge in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Candlelight Lounge in New Orleans, LA, US
Photo of Candlelight Lounge in New Orleans, LA, US
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Candlelight Lounge

Jazz Club

Candlelight Lounge14
brass band • cover charge • audience • jazz

925 N Robertson St
New Orleans, LA 70116, US
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  • Photo of Hotel Indigo
    2 years ago
    Renovating the divey Candlelight Lounge seems sacrilegious, but after a month of sprucing the iconic Treme restaurant on Robertson reopened early in 2016. Good thing, because this institution is home to the Treme Brass band every Wednesday night. As it's been going on for more than seven years, the group performs from 9 p.m.(ish) to midnight and red beans and rice is free.
  • Photo of baltojo
    9 months ago
    Forget Bourbon Street. If you want a true taste of New Orleans music in an authentic setting, get a taxi and head to the Candle Light in the historic Treme neighborhood. You can see world-class music and enjoy the friendly company of locals in an informal atmosphere, and you'll most likely be friends with most of the bar by the end of the evening. On Monday nights, it's Jazz Night with Corey Henry and Friends. Corey, recently voted best trombonist in the Offbeat Music Awards, is a veteran of Rebirth Brass Band and Lil Rascals and currently plays with Galactic and his band Corey Henry and the Treme Funktet. He is a versatile musician who goes from gentle jazz to Mardi Gras tunes that have the audience dancing and second lining through the bar by the end of the night. His band usually consists of musicians who perform with Kermit Ruffins, but other musicians usually show up to sit in, including Delfeayo Marsalis, Kirk Joseph of Dirty Dozen and musicians from around the world. On Wednesdays, the Andrews Family, one of the premier musical families of New Orleans takes the stage. Note that many reviews cover Treme Brass Band's weekly show here, but they have moved to another bar on Wednesdays.
  • Photo of Anniekaylen
    10 months ago
    This place doesn't even have a phone number, but it sure has a ton of soul. On Wednesday nights, starting somewhere between 8:30-9 and for about 2 hours the amazing Andrews Brass Band plays, gathering up some of the most colorful and friendly locals from this historic African American neighborhood (Treme). Cover is $5. Bar only accepts cash.The music is definitely some of the best that I've heard around the city, and they deserve much more than a $5 cover charge so tip them well. Expect to see some eccentric, unique, extraverted, very friendly locals, most of them regulars, dancing and singing along with the band. For now, there aren't too many tourists, which helps to keep this place as a unique time capsule in a way. Take an uber there, since there isn't much going on in the neighborhood and some say its a little sketchy at night, though I haven't had any problems (ubering). Overall, I highly recommend this place.
  • Photo of dharmamaster61
    a year ago
    Great place and great show. Very authentic. Good level musicians: the Tremé brass band is really something! Bartender Gladys is simply super: she really makes the people feel at home and won't let you go until you get into the dance floor. Worth the trip. Only consider the show scheduled for 9pm will hardly start before 10:00 or even later.
  • Photo of Haven T
    2 years ago
    It is off the beaten track and what I would call a real 'local joint'. The band, Treme Brass was great! It was interesting in that the singers had no microphones and the singers would walk around the dance floor to sing their songs. It was absolutely classic New Orleans jazz. It was great seeing people watching from every walk in life were in the audience. I had incredible time! Don't forget to pay the cover charge when you walk in. $10 per person. Worth every penny!
  • Photo of Key G
    2 years ago
    The Candlelight Lounge has re-opened in full effect and has live music on Sunday's also. The Key Sound (a mixture of Jazz, R&B, and Blues), is there from 2-6 P.M. and there's a band following that. Come through!
  • Photo of bwm82
    2 years ago
    Went their on a wednesday night in full expectation due to all good reviews but it was Closed. There building was wrapped with tape sort of like at CSI!
  • Photo of Doug B
    2 years ago
    Went on Wednesday night as suggested and it was closed down. There was yellow tape surrounding the building. Not sure what is going. Call before going.
  • Photo of Leavita
    3 years ago
    I read about the Treme Brass Band online and noticed that the Candlelight Lounge was near where I was staying. Well, it was terrific! It is off the beaten track and what I would call a real "local joint." It reminded me of a neighborhood social club. It is a very basic place with very nice bar service, both barmaids were friendly, and the most fantastic entertainment. Listening to this band was one of the top highlights of our trip. They play there every Wednesday night.
  • Photo of girlycheckin
    3 years ago
    Luckily, we arrived in New Orleans on a Wednesday, which meant that the Tremé Brass Band was playing at the Candlelight Lounge. I was in town with my 18yo son, who's been playing jazz since middle school, so I could think of no better welcome for our first visit to the city. It turned out Shamarr Allen was sitting in with them, charming the hell out of everyone with his pocket trumpet. The whole band was on fire. Words don't do this place justice. An unassuming building in the middle of an unassuming residential neighborhood. You walk in and are greeted by Leona just inside the door. Sweet as can be. There's a jukebox, a TV playing over the stage, a long bar. A short while later, in walks Gladys and a couple other people with big pots of red beans and rice, which they set up toward the back. My dad used to work in these old school bars in Miami back in the 60s and 70s and that's the kind of vibe I got here. The tables and chairs scattered about, and just the whole ambience, feels like it's from another time. Now, I don't doubt that there are probably more tourists here than locals on many Wednesday nights but, to their credit, it doesn't feel that way. It still feels like that place where everybody knows your name. A couple numbers into the set, Gladys came around and started pulling people up onto the floor in front of the band. Just like that, everyone's dancing. Some really good swing dancers and then just others moving to the beat. I looked around and thought, THIS is what jazz is supposed to be. Not a bunch of people sitting and watching a performance, but actually dancing and moving and becoming part of it. Incredible music. Incredible chemistry. It was like we had stumbled into this secret place that time forgot, in a really wonderful way. Love that it's all ages (or at least they let my son in, unlike so many other places in town). Don't forget to pay the cover charge to Leona when you walk in. $10 per person. Worth every penny.
  • Photo of rockydogz1
    3 years ago
    This was an absolute delight and we arrived early and got a great table to watch the band. It was interesting in that the singers had no microphones and the singers would walk around the dance floor and sing their songs. It was absolutely classic New Orleans Jazz and an incredible time. It was also great people watching as people from every walk in life were in the audience.
  • Photo of Eddie H
    4 years ago
    The Candlelight Lounge is not one of those places you will necessarily find on reviews for online but ask any local, and you will be sure to hear amazing tihngs about this place. I asked about a half dozen locals what to do, see, experience in New Orleans and the common answer among all was to check out the Candlelight Lounge on a Wednesday night. Wednesdays belong to the Treme Brass Band (as seen on the HBO show Treme). It is not a glamorous establishment nor is it located in the touristy zones of Bourbon Street but rather several blocks on in Treme. The cover here is $10 and that includes a free beans and rice bowl (try it, it is good - just be sure to add hot sauce). The drinks are cheap and well if you tip Gladys the server she will give you a surprise. This is not one of those places where you can expect to sit all night long. Gladys will hunt you down and grab you and everyone at your table to get up and dance in front of the band all night long. The vibe and the energy is contagious. You will dance all night long, meet plenty of people from the tables next to you and have a memorable night in New Orleans. This is the local hidden gem of New Orleans, don't ruin it. FYI, Treme Bass Band plays at midnight at DBA on Tuesdays in case you cannot make it here on Wednesdays.

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