Photo of Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL, US
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Chicago Cultural Center

Art Gallery

Chicago Cultural Center64.5
tiffany dome • beautiful building • art exhibits • public library

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  • Photo of Jennifer Watts
    a year ago
    Nicest public bathrooms in the city. Also art and stuff.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    It’s an amazing building, completely free, and always has really interesting art exhibits.
  • Photo of Meli Lee
    2 years ago
    beautiful building and really cool exhibits!
  • Photo of The New York Times
    For an overview of the city’s celebrated architecture during the winter, when the beloved architectural boat tours are on hiatus, visit the Landmark Chicago Gallery’s architectural photo series.
  • Photo of Olympia Arianna
    3 years ago
    Favorite place in this city.
  • Photo of Jo S
    3 years ago
    Donde vimos música clásica!
  • Photo of Alexandra S
    3 months ago
    Since an event rented out the center for their own art works to display, I was able to get a short tour from one of the volunteers that worked there. What seemed to amaze me more was the beauty of the building itself. The walls were well painted, the windows were large and beautiful for natural light. I also learned that the marble structure was not just for design, but it was also fire proof in case of another "Chicago Fire". To add on to the light, the stained glass window domes were utterly breathtaking. In my opinion, them seemed to be more beautiful than church stained glass windows.
  • Photo of Rumples
    3 months ago
    We visited this building as part of the Chicago Architecture Foundation's "Historic Treasures of Culture and Commerce" tour and were extremely impressed by what we saw of ts interior. Entering at the Washington Street entrance gave us an immediate view of the stunning 3-story vaulted white Carrara marble lobby with a grand staircase featuring mosaics of gilded leaf, precious stones and mother-of-pearl. We continued to the third floor and the Preston Bradley Hall, where what is billed as the world's largest stained-glass Tiffany dome brightens the ceiling. It has a diameter of 38 feet and about 30,000 pieces of glass. I found it amazing that such a luxurious building started in 1897 as Chicago's first central public library and a memorial to the Civil War Union Army veterans' organization. In 1991, the structure became the first free municipal cultural venue in the United States. Open daily, the center offers art exhibitions, musical concerts, theatre productions and dance performances. I picked up a schedule of the current programs from an information desk on the first floor and a sheet about the center with a map for those who want to explore solo. A free building tour is offered Wednesday through Saturday at 1:15 p.m. The massive building shows off a neoclassical architectural style and fills an entire block. One side faces Millennium Park, where there is plenty of underground paid parking.
  • Photo of 4states
    3 months ago
    Visited only to see the building itself, so not interested in the exhibits. The architecture is stunning at every turn, especially the Tiffany Dome. There was a volunteer at the front desk who was helpful, but the staff walking around the building seemed to be trying to avoid visitors and weren't offering help to people who looked a bit confused.
  • Photo of Ms_Jess80
    3 months ago
    AMAZING PLACE! This place was recommended to be but I didn’t think it would be that exciting so I didn’t plan to visit. I was WORNG! While walking down Michigan Avenue I decided to go ahead and stop in. Let me say that this place is gorgeous! The detailed mosaic motif that adorns the walls and the center dome is breathtaking! A must visit!
  • Photo of aschroeder0624
    3 months ago
    There wasn't a map or a tour guide and most of it was under construction. We walked around the building for awhile and left.
  • Photo of tripfoodie18
    3 months ago
    We were told about the 2 domes in this building and a bit of the history so crossed over from Millennium Park to visit. It is a great building and very interesting architecture. You should put 30 minutes aside to tour it.
  • Photo of AdrianaKmn
    3 months ago
    Years ago, I used to come to this building as it was a city library. Now, it has many interesting art exhibits on several floors, free concerts, souvenir shop. Take camera with you to share Tiffany's art at its best with your friends back home.
  • Photo of Deborah D
    3 months ago
    This is amust see. This was a library. It has Beautiful marble work, also it has largest stained glass rotunda in Chicago. People rent this for wedding and special event and when you see it you will see why. It's free to tour.
  • Photo of TupeloHoneyB
    3 months ago
    Go here just to see the mosaics and 2 stain glass domes. It was originally the public library and home of the GAR so it has 2 wings. Great place for free cultural events such as concerts, theater and art exhibits.
  • Photo of Lawonridge
    3 months ago
    This is the former public library of Chicago, and has many beautiful architectural features including a Tiffany glass dome and gold mosaics. It is used as a multi use building including the meeting point for the Chicago greeters (see my review on them - a must do for new visitors to Chicago, and its free). The features of this building are easier to appreciate if you have a guide to point them out and give you the history.
  • Photo of BML111
    3 months ago
    The museum is free and we went in just to see the dome and the mosaics. This was the old Chicago Public library. The inside is decorated almost entirely in mosaics. They shimmer when you look at them because the tiles of stained glass, mother of pearl and semi-precious stones are each positioned at a slight angle to the one next to it thus creating the shimmer when you look at them. They are absolutely breathtaking and worth the visit. Go up the stairs to also see the fabulous Tiffany stained glass dome-beautiful.
  • Photo of Carol R
    3 months ago
    A great place to look around. Much information available for tours. It as a library 20 years ago. A must see
  • Photo of Karen E
    3 months ago
    The last stop of the South Shore is downtown Chicago. You are connected via indoor tunnel to the Chicago Cultural Center, a downtown It has the world's largest Tiffany stained glass dome, 38 feet in diameter. This architecture wonder is just across the street from the Bean at Millenium Park. See it to believe it!
  • Photo of maryjeanne1942
    3 months ago
    This room is the most beautiful in the city. My daughter married here and it was breathtaking The room boasts the largest Tiffany dome skylight and makes the ceremony spectacular. The room easily holds several hundred, with a large stage for an Orchestra and enough room so the dancefloor is not crowded. The acoustics are good so that you can have a nice conversation at the table. The only drawback are the restrooms, I feel they are a longish walk and a bit small for a large gathering.
  • Photo of Helen D
    3 months ago
    I went with my husband and friend (a Chicago native) to see this beautiful building. I can't believe they actually considered tearing the building down once! The tile work is exquisite. It's worth going in and viewing. You will be amazed, I promise you!
  • Photo of Feenixwest
    3 months ago
    The South half of this building was the first public library shared with a veterans group. One would expect the main door to be on Michigan Avenue but it's on the South end due to the shared accommodations. The lobby is quite beautiful with intrigue mosaic tile and the stairs quite elegant. But, go up to the third floor where one will be rewarded with the Tiffany domed main reception and check-out area, now used for recitals and receptions. It's just jaw-dropping beautiful.
  • Photo of Pam G
    3 months ago
    This is an amazing building with a Tiffany dome and amazing mosaics. It is the old public library- built in 1895. The library was in one half and the other half was for a different organization and is really different. It also has a dome, but designed by people from Chicago. It is free. The day we were there there were musicians playing under the Tiffany dome. Magical.
  • Photo of Rock218
    3 months ago
    See a very intricate tiling including Carreras marble imported from a Italy. See the Tiffany style cupola and the intricate inlays of marble. Well worth a brief visit.
  • Photo of lynne p
    3 months ago
    This is a gorgeous old building worth visiting if you are into architecture. The mosaics are simply lovely, and the grand room upstairs w/dome is something to see. They do have events in here. Otherwise you are free to walk as you please. Have bathrooms. Used to house travel center but no longer.
  • Photo of Carey C
    3 months ago
    This was the last stop on an Architectural walking tour Hubs and I took. I LOVE Tiffany lamps and mosaics so I was in my element here. Really wish I had had more time to spend here, but we had to catch a train. Even if you only have 20 minutes or so, run in here and check out the Gorgeous dome inside this building. The opulence and beauty in this place is stunning

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