Photo of Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club in Chicago, IL, US
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Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club

American Restaurant

brunch • french toast • breakfast burrito • chilaquiles

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  • Photo of tennispls
    5 months ago
    An eclectic menu with a tropical twist. Fresh ingredients, large portions & exceptional flavors. All coming together for a breakfast that will bright your entire day. In a rustic uncommitted setting, where the coffee is good and you find breakfast staples such as pancakes, French toast, egg benefits, skillets... Each dish has a flare of their own, that will make your head spin every time a table is being served; trying to see the other meals. Ex: Lennon crab cakes Benedict,  Caribbean omelette,  and mango raspberry French toast. They serve lunch as well, and using brunch is a guideline, I expect it to be great; but I want to finish the breakfast menu first.
  • Photo of cbavon2015
    5 months ago
    We arrived around 9:15. We got the last table available. Be prepared to wait if you don't go early. The line was down the sidewalk when we left. They won't seat incomplete parties I noticed also. It's small and air conditioner was not working well but the food more than made up for it. I had the raspberry rhubarb pancakes. Outstanding. Others had omelettes and breakfast burritos. Coffee is excellent also. Kids pancakes unique choices and they loved them.
  • Photo of Rian B
    5 months ago
    Had a group of 5 with us. They got us in so quick. The food was amazing. The table went silent when the food arrived. We could not have found a better spot to have a late lunch. BYOB is a must. They even put the champagne on ice for us.
  • Photo of twoteachersSt.Louis
    Bryn Mawr Club offers a wide variety of breakfast and general lunch items. All is prepared well and served without delay. Of particular note is the coffee, which is a cut about regular diner fare. Recommended for both quality of food and value.
  • Photo of LCWass0224
    6 months ago
    Love this breakfast spot located in Albany Park/North Park. The place is very packed between 10:00 - 11:00 in the morning but the wait is so worth it. The food is very good and it is a BYOB. Have visited almost everyday since being introduced to this place by a neighbor in the area. Love the fact that it is small but very welcoming.
  • Photo of Peter T
    7 months ago
    Breakfast here is wonderful. A diverse and changing menu will keep you coming back. Service is prompt and friendly, they need to be cause the venue is pretty cramped and it's super busy, especially on weekends. Make sure you give yourself enough time the portions are great and price competitive at least. They could charge more for the quality of their food. I'll be going back.
  • Photo of Kathy R
    8 months ago
    Always looking for good breakfast-brunch places and found Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club. Great food, but be prepared to wait as it is a small establishment. Get the waffles with fruit. They are amazing. Wish it had more room but understand the beauty of small. Go either early or off weekends if you want to get a seat quickly. A few tables for large groups.
  • Photo of Ionutzini
    8 months ago
    Good food, decent service and usually not a long wait(15 minutes or less). The only thing I don't like about it is the open kitchen which makes you smell like the food you just ate, as you are coming out
  • Photo of Kendra L
    10 months ago
    Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club is a cute little corner restaurant that serves breakfast with a Mexican twist. I had Sourdough Stuffed French Toast, a french toast sandwich with Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, arugula, and asiago cheese with a side of roasted potatoes. This was a sweet and savory treat. Such a large portion that I could only eat half. My mom had the Bread Pudding French Toast which was just awesome. I didn't get the Bread Pudding French Toast because I believed the orange coulis wouldn't be to my liking. I was wrong. I sampled some of my mom's and I will get that for myself next time. We visited on a Wednesday morning, around 11 a.m., so there was no wait, no issue with street parking. Service was excellent and we'll be going back.
  • Photo of Taylor B
    10 months ago
    I don't know what an eclectic brunch menu is all about. But after eating breakfast at Many Mejia's Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club, I'm convinced the Mexican immigrant who came to Chicago when he was 15 to launch a new life for himself really knows what he is doing. Located at 3401 West Bryn Mawr Avenue at North Kimball, Mejia's charming rustic diner offers a menu that comes at you from several different directions. You won't find such traditional American dishes as corned beef hash or Eggs Benedict but you'll get creative cuisine with Greek, Mexican, Korean and Mediterranean inspirations. That's right, Korea. The Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club has attracted a loyal following in the Lincoln Square, Albany Park, Irving Park and North Park neighborhoods. My wife and I were reluctant to try something new so we chose Sourdough Stuffed French Toast with Canadian bacon, scrambled eggs, arugula and asiago cheese with roasted potatoes and pork sausage gravy biscuits, which consists of two biscuits, pork sausage gravy, two eggs, two sausages and roasted potato hash. They aren't traditional or conventional but they are tasty and satisfying. Maybe you'd prefer pa jun scallion pancake with crispy pork belly, brussel sprouts, eggs and potato, a Korean pancake with rice flour, oil, eggs and vegetables. My wife loves French toast and she simply went bonkers for Mejia's apple cranberry French toast and summer peach French toast and bread pudding French toast and blackberry and kiwi French toast. Another of Mejia's unique creations that made me a believer was the salmon plate club, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, capers and a toasted bagel with potatoes. At Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club, the chef puts a lot of tasty ingredients together and always comes up with delicious results.
  • Photo of Brian K
    a year ago
    Went here in a Sunday at about 10, had about a 5 minute wait. Got the Mayan Benedict, and let me say it was amazing what they did with all those ingredients, to mate them so well, it was one of the best breakfast tastes I have ever had. From the bottom, up the dish had black bean cake, avocado, chorizo, poached egg, mango salsa and sour cream. Sooooo good. Only reason I give it 4/5 is that the waitstaff could have been more attentive, friendly and willing to split a check, everyone knows when you split you get better tips, just do it.
  • Photo of Daovien M
    a year ago
    Arrived around 10am, found parking right in front. The line was fairly short(5-7 people), a 25 min wait. Upon being seated there was water waiting for us at the table. I ordered the chilaquiles(over easy eggs), it was very tasty, balanced and good. The rest of my party also enjoyed their breakfast. Service was unfriendly but efficient. He was almost on point, like bringing condiments and extra napkins without having to ask but failed to offer me a refill on coffee, It's ok cause I didn't want any more. he also put my 5 year old daughters apple juice in regular glassware as oppose to something spill proof with a lid and straw until I requested for him to do so. I would definitely come back and try other dishes on the menu as I would recommend it to others.
  • Photo of oesrn
    a year ago
    Great staff, super service and really really good food made this a perfect breakfast experience for our group of 4 kids and 4 adults. The vegan in our group had veggie sausage and. plain bagel. The brioche French toast was delicious, as was the breakfast burrito and the Mayan specialty dish. Kids loved pancakes, eggs and bacon. Loved this place!
  • Photo of Mari M
    a year ago
    Super duper little breakfast restaurant on the corner of Bryn Mawr and Kimball. The presentation and quality of the food is always top notch. Love the decor, and the service is great, maybe a tad too efficient at time as they're quick to turn tables because of the line going out of the door. They'll back off if you say something though. I keep trying to work my way through the menu but the Breakfast Burrito is so good I haven't gotten very far. I'll keep trying. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Debbie F
    a year ago
    Went with friends and had to wait outside for approx 20 was cold outside but this was worth the wait! We shared the cinnamon pancakes that were delicious. We had scrambled eggs and ham, root veggie crepe and polenta, and pulled pork skillet. All of these were outstanding!! Definitely recommend for brunch despite the small size and location.
  • Photo of AdmiralGanteaume
    This is a beautifully conceived and executed breakfast, brunch and lunch venue right down the street from State U and just up the street from a local private university. Menu selections are sophisticated, and a delightful array of specials changes frequently enough that I've always been able to try something new. It's wonderful to see a rival to Tre Kroner (a long block south, on Foster), and one can only hope that this generates more high end, middle cost options as the neighborhood rebuilds from 08. Go early to the Breakfast fills up fast, every day.
  • Photo of PeglegEd
    a year ago
    Great breakfast place. There's usually a wait, at least on the weekends, but it's worth it. The chorizo skillet had plenty of lean chorizo and the chilaquiles were a treat (especially for a gluten-free guest in our group). The favorite, though, was the bread pudding French toast. Two slices of bread pudding had creme fraiche between them, some fresh berries on top, and a flavorful orange coulis drizzled over and around them. Decadent, but ideal for sharing.
  • Photo of zullsandraf
    a year ago
    Saw this reviewed on a Friday Public Television show and was there for brunch the next morning! I was predisposed to loving this place and it was just a bonus to have truly loved it. I taught in the Mexicantown area of Detroit and felt so at home here. My sweet tooth was dragging me to the red velvet waffle but really, this is a Mexican place! So, I went with my waiter's suggestion-chelaquilles, beans and rice, fried plantain, two eggs over easy. I was instantly a very a happy woman. It's a big city but you are headed up that way for anything do check it out!
  • Photo of Rex M
    a year ago
    Well my expectations were not met after reading all the high reviews. Yes the menu has an interesting flair but my meal was just average to boring as a chain restaurant. The ingredients were generic and the flavors were not there. The service was fast and friendly, seating area limited and cramped. Mostly locals eating here. Parking is street only. Not sure I would go back?
  • Photo of smdds
    a year ago
    Brought my son for his first taste of this place...he ordered the chilaquiles (tortilla chips with eggs, rice and beans, plantain, green salsa), which didn't seem like much to me, but after tasting it I could see why people liked this simple dish - something limey made it very tasty! I got the Caribbean Omelette, which had spicy shrimp and avocado with a mango salad on top - delicious. Coffee is good, service is very efficient.

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