Photo of Batter & Berries in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Batter & Berries in Chicago, IL, US
Photo of Batter & Berries in Chicago, IL, US
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Batter & Berries

American Restaurant

brunch • french toast • chicken • hash browns

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  • Photo of Katie937
    3 months ago
    This place has amazing French Toast and flavors of the month. During my visit, it was double stuffed oreo, which was just as amazing as it sounds. They have french toast flights, that include lemon, blueberry, strawberry, and caramel french toast. You can also get a super flight which included their rotating flavor. They also have a ton of other great food in addition to their french toast. It is a pretty busy place though, even during the week.
  • Photo of Tamieca M
    3 months ago
    The food was absolutely amazing. This is my fourth time visiting the restaurant. Every time I visit it's something different. This time I tasted the pancakes for the first time and they were absolutely amazing. I also had the crab omelet with spinach which was very good and tasty. I had milk, honey with ginger tea which was amazing. Service was great!!!
  • Photo of Ms_Jess80
    3 months ago
    Words can’t express how good this food was. I had mapped out restaurants prior to my trip and this one received overwhelming recommendations. I went on a Saturday morning as soon as I landed. I was a party of one so I was hoping I would have some luck. The hostess told me about 25 - 30 minutes but was seated in 10 minutes and 10 minutes later I was eating. The food came fast and the quality was great. I ordered the strawberry french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese and tomato and a side of bacon. DELICIOUS! It did feel a little weird being seated a the head of a long table with random people in the center of the room. Imagine being at a dinner party facing people at a table and you don’t know any of them. However, in a unique way it worked. As a solo traveler I tend to make friends with just about anyone anywhere, and here I did. I met a local and connected to keep in touch. Cool place to be!
  • Photo of Ashleigh B
    3 months ago
    We decided to take an Uber to this spot as it came up with high reviews. The host greeted us and advised there was a 2 hr wait but that it was well worth it. She was awesome. So we took off om foot thru the Lake view neighborhood while we waited. The food was super syrup was served with the sweet potato waffle and fried chicken, bc they pair the flavors so syrup is needed. I didn't believe the waitress, so I ordered some anyways...but never used it, or needed it. J had smoked salmon egg Benedict's...was delightful...we shared homemade side of chicken sausage...recommend for sure. So it seems that most people share the French toast sampler...we didn't, but our eyes saw that almost everyone else did. The place is small, and loud but super worth it if in the mode for some homemade tasting breakfast..
  • Photo of Malstyles
    3 months ago
    Look 1st rule. Go early 7:30-9 ish AM. If you show up anytime after 9:30 on the weekend you will be waiting about 30-50 minutes. If you do find yourself trapped in the long wait just wait lol, I feel it is worth the experience. 2nd rule. It would s BYOB so bring a bottle or two or three? Champagne preferably "mimosas or a Bellini" they supply you with all of the fixings but do charge a corking fee and whatever for the juices and fruit. 3rd rule. Ask about the specials, they always have some creative twists on your everyday fair breakfast and lunch. Some people look at the name and say "I don't like batters" but it is much more than batters "things dipped in flavored batters example French toast." I don't want to get into details but just try this place and enjoy. Your looking at about 10-20$ per person and yes it is a kid friendly place with a cool staff.
  • Photo of Shanna B
    3 months ago
    Soooo...where do I start??? The Cajun Salmon Benedict was DIVINE!!! The Cluck & Gauffe was SUPERB and didn't need any maple syrup!!! The service was at lightening speed and the food didn't take long to come out after ordering. The service was amazing! The food was DELICIOUS!!! We can't wait to return to Chicago just to visit again!!! A highlight of my visit FOR SURE!!!
  • Photo of Nikow69
    3 months ago
    After list my coworkers advice I went here and I wasn't disappointed at all. Waiters and busters are very nice. Food is so good. Big love for steak omelet and French toast with the whole selection. It's my favorite brunch place
  • Photo of Joshua K
    3 months ago
    We stopped here for breakfast with a friend and we were overall pretty happy with the experience! The wait was about 45 min. because it's a relatively small spot, but once we got in, we ordered and received our food within 15 minutes. The staff also constantly came around asking if we wanted more coffee or water which was awesome. The food was well put together, they offered a ton of variety and we were stuffed! As for negatives, it's pretty loud inside because of the size in conjunction with the amount of people they can fit in there. It felt like we were yelling at times in order to hear one another. We also sat by the front door, and the outside door into the place is fairly loose and slams shut every time sometime comes and goes. It would rattle our table and sometimes catch us off guard. So, other than a few ambience issues, we were satisfied customers!
  • Photo of Bertram C
    4 months ago
    I was here for my Birthday and the service was great and food was very good.The waitress was very good and explained the menu and food very good. There was a problem with my food and she changed it with no problem.forgot her name (her hair was streaked with purple)
  • Photo of Chiefie112
    4 months ago
    Great food small place. We had to wait to be seated about half hour. It was worth the wait!!!The french toast I had was so good. I had lemon, blue berry, strawberry and caramel combination. I also had the hash browns and sausage. The staff very friendly. The atmosphere was rather neighborly. I sat at counter and talked to others that were there. I am going back again before the end of August.
  • Photo of Brian F
    4 months ago
    This place is fantastic! Their deconstructed omelets are amazing as are their French toast options. Plus there's always something new to try and their staff has always been extremely friendly. Fair warning: there is often a wait and I'd avoid weekends if possible though it's not worth missing if that's your only option. On the up side the food comes out pretty fast so once you've sat and ordered, you'll be eating soon.
  • Photo of Callum B
    4 months ago
    I spend four days in Chicago and this brunch place was a five minute walk from my hotel. Incredible food and no matter what your ordered if was prompt and warm. Everything tasted delicious. Most days I had the french toast, but on the last day i went all out and ordered the lobster omelet - was not disappointed. Staff very friendly and always on call
  • Photo of KishiaJeff
    4 months ago
    My family and I visited this restaurant after many recommendations from some of our local friends. We were not disappointed! So much so that we went there 2 days in a row during our vacation to Chicago. Not only is the food tasty, the presentation with phenomenal. The service was spectacular and what more can you ask for than BYOB during brunch. They have something for everyone. Trust me, you will NOT regret visiting!
  • Photo of Janell K
    5 months ago
    My daughter and I were very excited to finally be able to visit Batter & Berries. Multiple friends said it was a "must do" while in Chicago and I would agree. I read some angry reviews online and did not agree with the descriptions of tiny, crowded space or long waits and slow service. I ordered the chicken and sweet potato waffles (it has a different menu name), my daughter had a seasonal dish- the Salmon Executive. (All pics are below). We did not have a wait; although I did send her in while I parked but the don't seat partial parties at all so don't think you can "hold" a table. The waitstaff greeted us immediately and she even showed us pics of menu items. Once we ordered the food came super quick and I even questioned how was it so quick. The chef said they prep and prepare. All food was hot and tasted delicious. My chicken was a little tough to cut/chew. The waitress suggested she bring another which she did. It was better. The atmosphere is bright and cheery, family friendly and well as couples and small groups.
  • Photo of TravelDivaNay
    5 months ago
    A group of us went here at the suggestion of my cousin. It was the best breakfast I ever had. I had the steak omelet. It was huge!! The steak was so tender and flavorful. The coffee was also wonderful. I will definitely be back.
  • Photo of 717laurynm
    5 months ago
    This place is great. The Flight French Toast is a must have. I also had the Cajun Salmon that was one of the specials when we went. It was served with this creamy Gouda sauce that was absolutely to die for. The only problem is that the place is small so the wait is RIDICULOUS but on the bright side when you get a table the food comes quick, it's great and the service is phenomenal. Definitely worth the wait !
  • Photo of Tracey E
    5 months ago
    Great local spot for a great breakfast. We waited about 30 minutes & quickly received service. Food was hot , tasty & fresh. Kudos to the staff for efforts.
  • Photo of Jackie R
    5 months ago
    Great food but the hostess staff sucks #realtalk Time quoted was 60 mins but turned into 90+ and then we had a stranger sat at our table because we were a party of 9 and the table seats 10. Who does that?! So I say try it but not when you're hungry.
  • Photo of Kara H
    5 months ago
    My visit was during the July 4th holiday. First time trying this place and I'm making plans to visit just for this place. We went during the week and the wait wasn't long compared to other reviews but either way the food is well worth the wait. The pictures do no justice on just how good the food really is!
  • Photo of crwzr3
    5 months ago
    Some of the best brunch I have ever had. There WILL be a wait because it's so good and everyone knows it. Louisiana inspired food - you will get large portions! The French Toast flight is worth a try. Don't skip out because of the line - I promise it will be worth it.

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