Photo of Haleo Luau in Kailua Kona, HI, US
Photo of Haleo Luau in Kailua Kona, HI, US
Photo of Haleo Luau in Kailua Kona, HI, US
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Haleo Luau

Hawaiian Restaurant

pork • open bar • story telling • hula dancing

78-128 Ehukai St
Kailua Kona, HI 96740, US
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  • Photo of Erik T
    4 months ago
    There was some good and some bad with this lu’au. It is rated as the best lu’au on the Big Island, but the lu’au in Maui was better. I will provide some references comparing the two la’uas because those are the two I am familiar with. The good: Food here is very good and was better than the show in Maui. They provide a buffet style, rather than family style, so you have to go and get your food. The food is extremely tasty and they provide whatever you might think of at a lu’au, and more! No, there is no whole roasting pig, but their pulled pork makes up for that. Also, drinks are very good and made to taste. Again, it is a bar, so you must go get your own drinks, rather than having a server bring them to you. The bar is an open cash bar, that is included in the price of the lu’au. I tipped the bartender quite a bit in the beginning and she made my drinks very boozy the entire rest of the night. The bad: The entertainment was just okay. Auntie Tutu makes this show. She does a great job of keeping everyone entertained and keeping active. They do a few games and activities to keep people entertained in the beginning of the show. It kind of feels like an old person activities board, rather than a lu’au. With that being said, Auntie Tutu is super charming and keeps the show going. The biggest problem with the show is after the food. The fire knife dancer (not plural, there is only one) was good. He dropped early on in the show, but did a good job recovering. However, it seemed like most of the entertainment was before food, and once the food happened, it was fire knife dancer and done. Still a good show, just not up to par with the lu’au in Maui.
  • Photo of DaveHom1796
    4 months ago
    We have attended many luaus. The food here is excellent and there is a large selection of dishes. However, the entertainment, leadership, and ambience is one of the worst. We were slightly disappointed with Haleo Luau. Also there is a lot of just waiting around.
  • Photo of terri h
    4 months ago
    This was an amazing show. The mc aunty Tutu was funny, sweet and very engaging. The music was great and the dancing and talent was amazing. The food was buffet style and the host were accommodating with our dietary needs. We even got to go on stage and dance for our anniversary. Highly recommend!
  • Photo of srj67
    4 months ago
    This luau is held outside on the grounds of the Sheraton. It was nice to be outdoors enjoying the evening's festivities. The food was excellent and represented many traditional Hawaiian dishes to try. There were activities going on throughout dinner from photos to learning how to hula. There were also some interesting vendor tables set up, we purchased a couple of things as we were impressed with the products available. Once the show started the MC, Auntie Tutu, was funny and informative about the history of the area. The "how to open a coconut" session was hilarious, the dancers were great, and the fire dance was spectacular. All in all a great time!
  • Photo of Sitie
    4 months ago
    Attended Kona's amazing Haleo Luau held at the Sheraton --- available on Viator for non-guests, while hotel guests save $10 off per head --- with an all-you-can-eat Hawaiian buffet as well as a fun and engaging cultural performance. The food was excellent, the people very warm and friendly, and the best part of the night was Auntie Tutu's hosting, storytelling, even singing (beautiful live voice!) as she takes you on an enriching journey to learn about her wonderful Polynesian heritage and history. A must see for anyone visiting Kona on Big Island.
  • Photo of lilglofrog
    5 months ago
    My husband, daughter and I decided to go to this luau since we were staying next door. I'm very glad we chose this one. The story telling was great without being too long winded for children. They made sure to let you know to get as much food and drink as you want. The food was good but not too fancy that my picky daughter wouldn't have anything to eat. The activities before dinner were very fun and we all had a blast. My daughter still talks about the hula girls and got to take a picture with two of them after the show. I would recommend this to couples and families of all ages.
  • Photo of Corinne L
    5 months ago
    Nice welcomed at the Sheraton that included free valet parking. We were inordinately welcomed and "Auntie" started the evening right away. After a nice warm up of Hawaiian activities the show started while the dinner buffet opened. The food was good with a variety of Hawaiian dishes. The dancing was excellent and we all enjoyed the way Hawaiian history was worked into the show. While some of the numbers tried to get the audience to applaud more, it was all in fun. Would recommend.
  • Photo of chloeway
    5 months ago
    The show was great, food was delicious and there was no lines really for the bar or food. It was a relatively small group for a luau. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 was because I was disappointed that there was no pig in the ground or any of the traditional luau pre-show items to look at.
  • Photo of dmlin
    6 months ago
    We've been to quite a few luaus on the various islands and we found the food to be better at this luau than most. There is no imu ceremony if you are looking for that, but they keep you occupied while you are there. The voucher said that check in starts at 5:30 pm and right at 5:30 they start seating you and Auntie Tutu goes to work. The luau moves along quite well - some luaus get quite drawn out on the history - not this one, short and sweet.
  • Photo of mornliz
    6 months ago
    We have been to several luaus and this was absolutely the best. The food was good and the show was very entertaining. "Auntie" MC was very funny and informative. We had an amazing time.
  • Photo of Donald L
    6 months ago
    This was our first luau. We were celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii. The MC (who looks likes Moana's Grandmother) is constantly on the move, talking with people,and finding out what people are celebrating. The food was excellent! A true taste of local fare. They are helpful with allergies if you ask the banquet staff. The show was fun. I cant describe in detail what made it great, or excellent, but at the end of the night, I was full, had my share of adult drinks, and didn't regret spending money on a fun evening. If I was back in town, I would try to hit up a different luau just for a different experience, but this one was worth the time and money if the schedule and location work for you!
  • Photo of Maria M
    6 months ago
    This is my second luau experience. It rained, so the event was moved inside. That is always a little disappointing, but we did have AC. I found the staff was genuinely very pleasant. I produce dance productions myself, so I feel that I can say this was a good show. I particularly appreciated the variety in the moods and tasteful costuming. The meal was well prepared and the explanations of poi and coconuts was both humorous and informative.
  • Photo of Kilikini
    6 months ago
    We had the best time ever. The food was ono and the dancers were so beautiful. We will definitely go again. I recommend this show for your family .
  • Photo of Daniel D
    6 months ago
    The show was entertaining (although indoors due to threat of rain), and food was good. It's pay parking, with an hour + line to get out of the parking lot after the show. Be prepared to wait and wait and wait in line of cars on your way home, just to get out of parking lot. Do not recommend.
  • Photo of Jennifer J
    6 months ago
    The food is good, and the entertainment is fun. It's held in a convention center under threat of rain, which removes a lot of charm. However, the exit from the parking lot after the show is atrocious. With the charge for tickets, charging for parking is silly in the first place; for a $5 parking ticket charge for each vehicle, they ruined our experience. Do not recommend. Roughly an hour to exit the parking lot. Just add a buck to each ticket and let us out!
  • Photo of Ham75
    7 months ago
    Such a warm and engaging Luau. Not mass produced, or impersonal. We would highly recommend this. Aunty Tutu makes the night, she jut gives you that warm Grandma feeling.
  • Photo of Romina A
    8 months ago
    We had never attended a luau but can't imagine it being any better than this! The food and drinks were delicious and the show was simply spectacular! Aunty Tutu, the MC (and what a great one!), actually officiated our wedding at the Sunset Cliffs in the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay earlier that day so the luau was actually our reception and it was so much fun! In our case, we eloped so it was just the two of us, but even if you have guests, definitely consider this option! You get food, drinks, entertainment and the whole Hawaiian experience for a great price! Thanks Aunty Tutu and the entire HaLeo Luau team for an unforgettable evening!!! Romina & Alejandro.
  • Photo of Genna F
    8 months ago
    We came with our family of 11 people, a group of all ages. The kids got to sit in the front so they could see the hula girls and fire dances. Aunty Tutu was our MC and she was my favorite. By far the best Luau I've ever been too! 5 stars! Even my father said this group would be good enough to perform for the president! 😊
  • Photo of MikeandJim
    9 months ago
    This was a terrific show at the Sheraton Kona Hotel. Auntie Tutu. What a terrific hostess for the show. Somewhat typical for a luau of this type but she was great. The other half was called up on stage to do a tasting of some of the food that she explaining to the crowd. This brings me to another positive. The food. Pretty danged good. We've been to a few other luaus on Maui. One a buffet style and the other table seating with a completely type of menu. The food here far surpassed the buffet style luau on Maui by far. The show itself was terrific and meant to satisfy a big crowd. You get the beloved fire dance and the rest of the story telling by amazing hula dancers that express to the audience the beauty of their craft. Hula is the most amazing expression of beauty.
  • Photo of MAChivers
    9 months ago
    We heard the experience is better at the Marriott - but we just couldn't make it work with our schedule. It is the same company at both Hotels, but the Sheraton is going through some approval process. I will have to say, not having been to the other - and only hearsay, this was still a great family outing and experience. The food and drinks are plentiful, although they do close the bar early. I would also say its a bit overpriced when it came to our two teenage girls (15 and 13) that were charged as adults - they don't eat much and don't drink - there should be an in-between charge between children and adult drinking age. Otherwise, this was a great experience and a fun way to learn about the Hawaiian people, their heritage and culture, and food.

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