Photo of Treylor Park in Savannah, GA, US
Photo of Treylor Park in Savannah, GA, US
Photo of Treylor Park in Savannah, GA, US
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Treylor Park

American Restaurant

nachos • sandwich • apple pie • chicken

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  • Photo of SavBob
    3 months ago
    This place has the best staff, food and atmosphere. A must see in Savannah. If you miss this place, you miss the essence of Savannah.
  • Photo of sandi928
    3 months ago
    Stopped here for lunch, be sure to look for it, small entrance with small sign on sidewalk. We had several appetizers, the waffle fry nachos were wonderful and could be shared easily. We also had fried avocado slices, they were also different and yummy. Try this place, it has several original choices.
  • Photo of Armando R
    3 months ago
    Never tried pot pie before and theirs was fantastic. Their fried chicken waffle fries nachos dish was out of this world. You will not be disappointed!!
  • Photo of Sikest
    3 months ago
    I had heard wonderful reviews about this place and was excited to eat here for our anniversary. It had a nice eat in/or outside atmosphere so we ate outside which strangling smelled like a dirty alley (maybe they were trying to mimic a trailer park). Anyway we ordered the nachos which was a nice portion and tasted great and we also ordered the PB&J wings which was about 5-6 wings, dried out, over cooked and no meat at all. Waste of money on the wings. Overall it was ok, but I guess it didn’t add up to all the fuss.
  • Photo of AyeJay K
    3 months ago
    I always love their food, no matter what I get!!! My favorite is the 77 Monte Carlo & the Bacon Brownie!!
  • Photo of windrider991
    3 months ago
    With a 1980's soundtrack playing, and 1980's films playing, the Treylor Park's Menu is the coolest thing in the place. Unusual menu items like an "Apple Pie Sandwich, which can have chicken added to it, or Bacon Brownies just to name a few. will entice you to try something new! We had a great time there. It is also reasonably priced too.
  • Photo of CaptainCalabash
    4 months ago
    This is a nice place to stop for drinks or to grab some food. It's low-key and casual with a good drink selection and a good menu with tasty, reasonably priced food.
  • Photo of NClouse
    4 months ago
    Read the reviews and knew I wanted to try it. Creative and in a very good way! The PB& J Wings were really really good. The Chicken Tacos are untraditional but they are delicious! This menu is for the adventurous! Gets noisy so be prepared to talk loud. Great customer service!
  • Photo of Jeffrey O
    4 months ago
    It was a fun adventure just reading the creative menu with things like Fried Banana Pepper Rings, Southern Ceviche, Fried Oyster Burrito's. Our favorites were the massive Charcuterie Board for $14 and the very popular PB&J Wings. Yup, PB&J; crispy fried wings tossed in a peanut/pecan butter sauce with peach jam dipping source, a real treat!
  • Photo of Linda B
    4 months ago
    We were expecting anything and came away totally impressed. The bartender was the best server/mixologist easy going guy. Overall I highly recommend you try. Also the outdoor setting was cozy and perfect for a evening drink
  • Photo of JWK7385
    4 months ago
    I gave this restaurant 5 stars on the strength of the food alone. I had a chicken pot pie rolled in a tortilla and then fried like a chimichanga. Pure delight! One of the best meals on our entire trip. I was not so enamored of the ambience. The furnishings were spartan, with lots of hard surfaces, resulting in an almost uncomfortably loud environment. If you are sensitive to noise, maybe think twice before dining here.
  • Photo of mokiemokiemokie
    4 months ago
    We arrived early in Savannah and our room wasn't ready. The hotel suggested this place for lunch. We arrived just after noon and got two seats at the outside bar. My husband ordered the "Recliner" for a cocktail and loved it. We shared the pb&j wings and loved them! The meat fell right off the bone. We both agreed that the shrimp and grits tacos were fantastic too. We already plan on coming back at least once more! On our way out there was a line out the door and someone jokingly asked us as we exited, "Is it worth the wait?" Our answer, without hesitation, was "YES!"
  • Photo of hawk17602017
    4 months ago
    We were staying at the Holiday Inn Express next door and stumble on to this place. We thought it was going to be some little hole in the wall bar w/average drinks and food. It is a hole in the wall but the food was delicious and different. We tried the crab cake sliders, the shrimp and grits taco and the pot pie. The pot pie was like a deep fried burrito with pot pie on the inside. It was served with pico on the top and a side of collards. So different and yummy. Shrimp and grits taco had shrimp and small bites of fried grits inside. Lots of crab in the sliders. Overheard someone saying the PB&J chicken wings are very good but we had already ordered. (peanut/pecan butter with peach jelly) Very good atmosphere and service. We will go back!
  • Photo of 615aim
    4 months ago
    My daughter and her friends highly recommended this place. The food was great. I loved that it was a different menu then most bar restaurants. Everything was very fresh and the waitress we had was lovely. Prices are good as well.
  • Photo of jlkbarnhart
    4 months ago
    My husband actually found this place and we loved it! Our food was so good. I highly recommend the nachos (which aren't even nachos at all but are one of the most delicious appetizers I have ever had). I would also recommend the '77 Monte Carlo or the chicken and pancake tacos. We loved the food and atmosphere and we actually had really great service.
  • Photo of Darcy D
    4 months ago
    On a whim we tried this place while visiting on business and while I was a little skeptical of some of the combinations on the menu I must say the food was delicious!! Would definitely recommend!!
  • Photo of Rebecca M
    4 months ago
    New and fun entree items - all delicious. Young crowd but plenty of room for those of us over 40....
  • Photo of James O
    4 months ago
    Overall it was good, I had the Chupacabra which is a chalupa with eggs sausage peppers onions and cheese. They used Italian sausage, I think Chorizo would have been better. Also, you could taste the oil on the fried shell, but it wasn't overwhelming. My wife had the sheared Tuna flatbread which she really liked.
  • Photo of LeahjW
    4 months ago
    Come for the food not the service is all I can say. If I was the owner I would want to know what was going on with the service. To begin with the hostess was rude. She is the first face you see when you walk in to a business, you want it to be a warm welcoming face and let's just say Simone does not embody that. When we were sat we did just that, sat for 10 minutes before Janea our server came to our table to get our drink order. Throughout our dining service she didn't come back to check on drinks. When we were finished with our meal she brought a pretty green bottle of water for the table but it was pointless at the end of the meal. The only friendly employee was one of the bar tenders and maybe that was because he was drinking a beer? Lol. The poor service cost them a star. Moving on the the food.... It was slap yo momma good! Seriously, I had the Grilled Apple Pie Sandwich (and I did not add the chicken) and it was the best grilled cheese sandwiche I have ever had. The sweet candied sliced apples with the salty bacon was like a party in my mouth! Everyone in the group loved their food. So my advice to you is if you're in it for the food RUN there... If the poor service is gonna annoy you, you might want to skip it because it's pretty bad.
  • Photo of Twila S
    4 months ago
    My group ate here after arriving at our hotel around 8 or 9 o'clock at night. We just decided to walk from our hotel and find a close place to grab food and a drink. The place is fun and the waiter was very nice. I ordered a chicken biscuit that had a sausage gravy and it came with fried collards. Both were very good! I ordered a White Russian, but the drink was really strong for me so I ordered a soft drink. The waiter was nice enough to try to take the drink back and off my bill, but I told him to leave it because one of my friends would drink it. Two of the women with me ordered a grilled cheese with heirloom tomatoes. They also had a Bloody Mary and it was very spicy apparently. It was a fun place to go eat. Very chic and trendy.

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