Photo of Golden Corral in Savannah, GA, US
Photo of Golden Corral in Savannah, GA, US
Photo of Golden Corral in Savannah, GA, US
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Golden Corral


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  • Photo of Isis G
    5 months ago
    This restaurant is a staple for myself and family. Very clean and very good food with a perfect variety of all sorts of food. I went on a meat day where I didn't eat meat for 90 days and I was a bit skeptic about going to Golden Coal but I surprisingly was still able to enjoy a variety of nonmeat items, fruits, veggies, and etc. Friendly staff and I highly recommend.
  • Photo of Dalton L
    6 months ago
    We came to Golden Corral with a large group of people and needed somewhere inexpensive to eat. When we arrived immediately our shoes stuck to the flour and the restaurant smelled of spoiled food. When we got our table it had been "cleaned" but under it lie dirty forks and pieces of food. As you went to the buffet to get our food behind the counter where the employees work there was old food and pieces of raw meat. Much of the food at the buffet was cold and covered in grease. It was one of the worst restaurants I have every been into and it's cleanliness could be compared to that of a gas station bathroom. If you are looking to get a cheap meal this is the place but you may get sick doing so.
  • Photo of Anna G
    6 months ago
    Not too friendly staff. There was litter on the floor. The table where we sat was not wiped clean. The food was not tasty. I got fried okra and it was soft and stale. The fried chicken was not salted. The eggs was blah. One of the workers was on the mobile and then he went to touch food. It was our first time there and I know we'll not return. A $25 lesson learned.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Stopped in for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Food was as expected, based on regular experiences at our local location (Newnan Georgia) The MAJOR difference between the two is the cleanliness of the restroom! What deplorable condition does a restroom have to be in to constitute a major cleaning?! There must have been months of urine and dirt on the bottom of the bowl, fescies on the seat, used toilet paper on the rim of the seat... Disgusting!! In addition to the cleanliness, the condition of every fixture was severely subpar to what I would expect! Broken and dilapidated facility is the only way I can describe it..... I hope corporate office read these ratings and becomes more proactive in their attempts to rectify this issue! #lost_a_customer
  • Photo of LPritch
    7 months ago
    The food they advertised they didn't have! I wanted lemon and never got it. Was told it was on the bar and it wasn't. The food quality was just not up to their standard and the staff had to many jobs to do! I felt so bad for the staff they were trying so hard!
  • Photo of Eva T
    7 months ago
    My husband and I stopped coming to this Golden Corral several years ago because of the conditions inside. We thought it was time to try it again, since we do go to other Golden Corral restaurants sometimes, and have had good experiences at almost all of them. We arrived just before 5pm, hoping to avoid the crowd, which we did. The food was good; there was a good selection of meats, vegetables and salad items, and a fair selection of desserts. No one showed us to a table, which was fine; I get self service. But although there was a server in and out of our area collecting plates several times, no one spoke to us or showed up at our table AT ALL until we were getting ready to leave, and that was only to collect plates and as an afterthought ask if we wanted more drinks. Even the lack of service could have been overlooked, but what couldn't be was the condition of the place. Nothing had changed from our last impression. I had to step around food in two places around the food areas; a plastic glass and straw were lying on the floor against the wall nearby, and staff just ignored the mess and stepped around it, too. The first two pieces of silverware I picked out of the self-serve knife container were dirty; one with smears on it, and the second with a chunk of wet food clinging to it. But the worst evidence of just indifference was the women's restroom. When a bathroom is so dirty and beaten up that you feel washing your hands isn't enough, it's time for the management to spend some money and clean it up. Latches on stalls were broken, there was no place to hang a purse; the filth on the floor was not new and there was a lot of it. It all begs the question what does the kitchen look like if this is the level of attention to cleanliness in the public areas that your customers see. The food couldn't make up for the dingy, dirty facility. It felt cheap, unclean, and was not a pleasant experience. We will return to other Golden Corrals we've had good experiences with, but we won't be returning to this one.
  • Photo of rwasr1953
    7 months ago
    Used to be the cost was less, the choices of meats and vegetables included more choices, and everythingg was of a better quality... The last two times I was I here I left unhappy with both the bill and the food we are. I don't expect to be going back.
  • Photo of David W
    9 months ago
    Once again we came to Savannah and enjoyed a wonderful meal at this Golden Corral.Breakfast this round. I've said it before,and I'll say it again,this should be the standard for Golden Corral. A wonderful,more than most selection of food,just the way I like it. The staff,the food,the atmosphere,the location,all great. It may seem I'm in a rutt when I come here,but if ain't broke,don't fix it.
  • Photo of Charlie03045
    9 months ago
    I wish these folks would set up a place in New Hampshire. We travel every winter between Florida and Sedona, AZ. By far, the best place to eat good food cheap is the Golden Corral. Always consistently good. The variety is great, and the food is fresh. All you can eat for one low price. Less than $8 per person(depending on day and age). I have paid more than twice as much, and not enjoyed the quality half as much. Unfortunately they have only come north as far as Springfield, Massachusetts. The service is also great. Of all the restaurants I have reviewed; this one is my personal favorite.
  • Photo of ianshamshey
    9 months ago
    My brother is an aficionado of the Golden Corral and no matter where we travel in the USA, there is usually a Golden Corral nearby. They have a great deal of variety in terms of what to eat as well as a large selection of salads, meats, seafood, desserts, fresh fruit, etc. It seems to be very popular with families. I like it but my brother loves it-this Golden Corral was clean, the staff helpful and the food was good.
  • Photo of Bryan L
    9 months ago
    Was a bit Leary after previous posts. I usually like Golden Corral, good variety. Stopped in today and was pleasantly surprised. Place looked good, food was very good and service was great (Lorinon)! Good food ata great price
  • Photo of John Yogi B
    a year ago
    this establishment has turned their kitchen around. Food was great...staff helpful. Facility needs upgrade. AC not working on 2 trips we made. High ratings for food and our server "Liz" please fix ac. we'll be back next air ... no business.
  • Photo of Deidre P
    a year ago
    Since aunt b chicken became golden corral, this place suck and so does aunt b chicken, too breaded and not seasoned. What type of steak or prime rib is this, it tastes like they took the oldest of cows beef they can find. Saw a roach by the dessert, I use to come here, I will never adventure here again.
  • Photo of sadsack2015
    a year ago
    No greeter to take us to our table and the staff looked overwhelmed and tired. We have frequented the Golden Corral in other areas and found everything went smoothly but today it seemed like chaos. Food plates were spilled on the floor and although it was cleaned up the floor was not washed and remained slippery. This happened by the entrance way to the bathrooms. People were cutting ahead of each other and the area around some of the food trays were a mess. We went here because it was next to the shopping center but would not go there again.
  • Photo of reremonkey28
    a year ago
    We go here often but the last few times it just seems to be going smells the cooks behing the meat cut station just stand around cussing. I talked to manager and he didnt seem lime it was a big deal... today i asked the desert starion for fresh strawberries and she said thats all they got and they were nasty. The ice cream station was down the managers there just dont care. Food on the fllor the salad bar was very messy..
  • Photo of 37sky
    2 years ago
    My wife and I went for dinner and we were very dissappointed with the quality of food and the service that was provided. The food was very limited and was mainly of the fast food type. We spoke to the server because we were so dissappointed with the restaurant and she said that they had recently changed management. We said we would never eat at this restaurant again.If you value your health and money than stay away from this restaurant.
  • Photo of william s
    2 years ago
    All you can eat and more than you should eat from salads to desserts and all in between for one price. Not at all fancy, but lots of good food and dozens of choices. There is always a crowd chowing down; I joined them for a late lunch and skipped dinner because I was still digesting. Less than $9 for lunch with drink + tip. I got that much value from just the salads and desserts.
  • Photo of mmanigo
    2 years ago
    Six of us went here for breakfast at 9:30 am on a weekday morning. The food was limited at best. It was not warm and looked dried out. The lone chicken drumstick was overcooked, dried and beginning to shrivel! Directed to an alternate serving station, that food was undercooked and tasteless. We will not go back to this Golden Corral again.
  • Photo of kristi m
    2 years ago
    Very discusting. Food all over floor in kitchen, food caked on utensils. Very dirty. I'd vomit my food up but the thought of it in my mouth twice ! Once was enough..yuck! Absolutely dont not go here!!
  • Photo of Krod1972
    2 years ago
    It's always good the waitress brought me 2 glasses of tea when I got a,bad one when we got there the food was fresh and the bar was clean the bathrooms was somewhat dirty but all and all it was good I would go back

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