Photo of So Kong Dong in Doraville, GA, US
Photo of So Kong Dong in Doraville, GA, US
Photo of So Kong Dong in Doraville, GA, US
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So Kong Dong

Asian Restaurant

So Kong Dong14
soups • tofu soup • ribs • bibimbap

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  • Photo of Teresa Greenlees
    2 years ago
    Get the bimbimbap stone bowl and short rib combo.
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  • Photo of RGRhodes
    5 months ago
    A great variety of Korean dishes. I usual get the BQ Beef and tofu mushrooms tofu. Comes with a variety of several small plates of vegetables.
  • Photo of Marcus M
    6 months ago
    Because there are mixed reviews about this restaurant and with many choices in the Atlanta area, therefore, we have forgo this restaurant. As we were driving around for shaved ice, and we turned into this unassuming strip mall and there it is, So Kong Dong. It was fate that we found ourselves having an early dinner instead. As expected, their tofu was excellent but surprisingly, their short rib was very tasty. Service was good and the place was beginning to fill up as we were leaving on a Sunday evening. Contrary to other comments, I have found this restaurant not expensive at all, we have spent more for dim sum lunch.
  • Photo of Jeff P
    6 months ago
    I lived in Korea for six years and have been coming here a couple of times a year when visiting Atlanta. It has steadily declined. The dol sot bi bim bap (stone bowl mixed rice) is bland. Worse, very few pancheon (side dishes) are served. On the positive side the kimchi is delicious, as is the bulgogi. But I will be trying other places from now on.
  • Photo of JimmyLee44
    7 months ago
    One of my favorite Korean Tofu restaurants, and I've tried a few... My favorite is the tofu soup, specifically the pork, but all the soups are good. The broth is lovely, they all have soft tofu and a little bit of what ever meat you choose. It comes boiling in a hot clay bowl, and served with a raw egg. Crack the egg in the soup, swish it around, it's fabulous, all for around $10. I've had a couple of summertime cold noodle dishes--I'm not too keen on, but others seem to enjoy BiBimBap and bulgogi are, both, very good, and not much more expensive. Of course, all dishes served with banchan. Usually 5-6 dishes including a small fried fish, kimchi, some noodles... There are many other restaurants that serve tofu soup close by, this one is the best.
  • Photo of Yali W
    10 months ago
    My wife and I were treated terribly here by two of their employees Josh and Daniel. And Josh claimed to be the manager. My wife went in first while I was parking my car. They refused to seat my wife saying you have to have the "full party" to be seated. My wife told them we only had 2 and her husband was just parking the car and still got a no. Because the parking lot is tiny it took me 5 minutes or so to get a spot. When I came in and questioned them what happened, they changed their explanation and said my wife came in after other customers and had to wait. But apparently they had seated at least two groups that arrived after my wife. And their facial expressions made us feel we were begging them for food. We left right away.
  • Photo of Debi S
    a year ago
    Enjoyed the meal. Soup was great. Many sides. We had the Korean spare ribs. They were very good, but next time I would just order the soup.
  • Photo of newyorkdoll4
    a year ago
    Went to lunch with my husband and son. The vegetable pancake was very greasy. The seafood soup was quite nice. Pleasant staff. Health rating is currently 83.......not great.
  • Photo of DawnousAtl
    a year ago
    Good in the way of Buford Hwy restaurants. Serving up decent food - in this case Korean - at decent prices. Nothing fancy here or special, but a good meal. Some combo plates are available at lunch. Their soups are what's most popular and what they're best known for and what most folk are ordering. And its good! I had the kimchi soup. Fiery and tasty. My husband had the hot stone bimimbop, which may have been the best thing we ordered. The barbecue beef is pretty standard. The 'sides' also are pretty standard - cabbage kimchi, mung bean kimchi, potato salad, and a glass noodle. No refills were offered.
  • Photo of MRoseNguyen
    a year ago
    I always want Korean food when I visit Atlanta. My friend didnt want to drive to Duluth this time so we googled and found SoKongDong. She was a little skeptical but we went after me pushing to try a new place. Needless to say, I'm glad I wasn't wrong. Never a bad sign when the restaurant was full. The food was great. We had the spicy pork bulgogi and short rib combo. We didnt touch the whole fried fish but looking at the other tables, no one else cared for it either. Only disappointment was there is no grill at the tables. Next time we want to try the soup which seemed to be the popular dish. Oh, parking sucks but worth the fight for the food.
  • Photo of shanipie3
    a year ago
    We were going to go to another tofu house but decided to go to this one instead since it seemed more popular. The food was not bad but it wasn't spectacular or anything. We had the tofu soup with seafood and beef and dolsot bibimbap. The staff was friendly and helpful and the food came out pretty fast. They had a list of rules at the table where it listed how if you order purple rice it's extra and if you ask for refills on the side dishes excessively then you'll be charged. I think next time I'll try the food at Cho Dang to compare :)
  • Photo of Claudia B
    a year ago
    The food is good, but they overcharge here. Also, there is a sign that says the sides, like rice and kimchi, are extra charge. Every other Korean BBQ I have been to offers those refills, along with sprouts or something like that, for free. God knows, with 17.99 for a takeout meal just for myself, I feel like I should be able to go back and get a free order of kimchi and rice because, while the food was tasty, I paid way more than I ever have for such a meal at any other Korean BBQ. Feel free to try it, but not on a week when you are budgeting for groceries lol.
  • Photo of travellover3868
    2 years ago
    Went to this Korean restaurant with a friend for lunch yesterday. He had been there before, I had not. He suggested we start with a kimchi pancake. Oh my gosh! I am not a huge kimchi fan, but this was divine! It was my very favorite part of the meal and I will definitely order this again and also try some of the other pancakes. Once I got there (parking is a bit tight, so be patient, it's worth the wait) the waitress immediately came to the table. My friend had already ordered the hot tea, since it was a chilly day. We ordered the pancake for an appetizer. When it came out, there was so much other food delivered with it - small fried fish (yummy, but since it's a whole fish, there are bones), a dish of kimchi, a dish of what I think was a spiced seaweed (again, yummy), a dish of mixed veggies (very good), a dish of the glass noodles (wonderful!) and something else that I think was a bean curd dish (yummy, but it was a cold dish). Plus a dish of rice for each of us and a spiced soy sauce to dip the kimchi pancake into. We had both order soups - I got the mushroom and my friend got the vegetable dumpling soup. You can order it as bland or as spicy and you can tolerate. Being my first time, I ordered the one chili pepper level, but next time I might try the level two. The soup was delicious! Mixed mushrooms with tofu - the mushrooms tasted like butter. We had so much food we had to have most of the soup and rice packed in to-go boxes, which the waitress gladly did for us. I definitely want to return and try some of the other dishes!
  • Photo of EBIATDA
    2 years ago
    Used to go here for many years despite the ever growing crowds but it was always worth it...until now. The bottomline is that they are clearly skimping on all the soup entrees, the side dishes, the rice, and the appetizers while also having increased the prices – and these negatives were nowhere nearly compensated for by a few bright spots (there were two.) FOOD: The food used to be so good, that it made you ignore the negligent, surly service. Now it is not only not great, it is outright poor. - The Seafood Pancake appetizer had only a few tentacles of squid...and that was all! No other seafood whatsoever! Though it was fried to a perfect crispy delight, it is outright deception to call it seafood and to charge as if it were. - The rice USED to come out in a traditional hot stone bowl that you later make into a type of gruel soup; however, the waitress said they stopped doing that, as she set down the plain small bowl of rice. - My wife ordered the “hot stone bowl bibimbap”, which USED to come out in a traditional hot stone bowl with the rice crackling, but the stone bowl was luke warm to the touch! The toppings were good though (see picture), but this was a regular bibimbap, not the hot stone bowl one which should make it about two dollars LESS not MORE. - My tripe tofu contained only 6 slivers (not normal chunks) of tripe and tofu and NO other veggies of any sort. Awful. (See picture.) Also, it did NOT come out bubbling like it’s supposed to. - My daughter’s beef tofu soup had only a few grains of ground beef that could just as well have been the grizzle scraped off a McDonald’s griddle. - My son’s seafood tofu soup was the only “good” dish. It came out bubbling (like it’s supposed to) and contained two clams in the shell, two shrimps, a few tentacles of squid and a variety of veggies. - The small side dishes were extremely sparse – in individual quantity, quality, and variety. They at least still give each entree order a fried fish. One hilarious thing I noticed is that they charge you for replenishing the cheap side dishes that they do give you. This is sacrilege in a regular true Korean restaurant, where the cultural norm is to offer free replenishment of the side dishes. Management clearly feels they can get away with charging for refills as evidenced by the hilarious sign posted at each table (see picture.) SERVICE: Not necessarily poor per se, because it’s non-existent. They did not come back to our table even once for water refills or even extra orders of anything...just to bring the check. We did not have to wait extra long for our food to come at least. (Is doing something that should be the norm now be a positive attribute?) SETTING/PLACE: At least the place is clean, reasonably spacious, and decorated nicely. Parking was a pain since the tiny shopping center parking isn’t adequate, so we just parked in the shopping center next door. PRICE/VALUE: The absolute cost of the meal was reasonable but for what you get the place is over-priced by about two dollars per dish compared to other Korean tofu houses. Overall, this place reminded me of the kind of food you’d get at the Korean H-Mart food court...but with restaurant prices. Not going back despite the fact that my family and I used to love this place.
  • Photo of Trieffort
    2 years ago
    We went there for lunch. Service was great, very efficient. I found that the flavors though were mispronounced in the dishes we ordered. Our bulgogi were good but with some pieces tough and some being tender. Must say that I have had much better ones before. The tofu hot stone bibimbap rice was overcooked and again, flavors were missing. The best part was the bunchan, little side dishes I could have made a meal of. Fried sardine, kimchi, cold noodle salad.. all were delicious. We will be back to try some other items on their menu: the ribs and fish.
  • Photo of Julie A
    2 years ago
    I loved this authentic Korean restaurant. The food was excellent. I enjoyed all the little sides that came with the meal. I would recommend ordering a pancake to share with the table. The soups and bbq were awesome! The parking lot fills up fast, so you may need to park across the street and walk there. Don't park in the parking lot next door, the restaurant owner of the Guatemalan place will threaten to tow your car.
  • Photo of jlantern3
    2 years ago
    Good tasting Korean food can be had here=the traditional soups were excellent. Family enjoyed the BBQ. Overall, a quality meal and good time
  • Photo of ahmonroe5
    2 years ago
    My mom and I tried So Kong Dong because it is on the "Eater Atlanta - 25 Iconic Atlanta Dishes" list. When we entered at 1ish on Saturday we were seated immediately. We ordered the Bulgogi (the dish we were supposed to try) along with a tofu soup (seafood) and rib combo. Overall we really enjoyed the experience, our service was good, not great, and the Bulgogi and Short Ribs were excellent along with the rice and sides. I would not order the tofu soup again; it was bland to me (probably due to my inexperience with Korean food). But I would definitely stop here again for the short ribs or Bulgogi.
  • Photo of Panda C
    3 years ago
    We tried their seafood variety toufu hot pot and it was very good,it comes with white rice with no choice for bean rice as this is what we really like (and many similar place offer them,it comes in a stoneware to keep it hot) but this place comes in a stainless steel bowl. The delicacy they brought with the meal was very good and tasty but they have no re-fill. Their shortcoming - the tea was not hot only warm,especially during the cold weather this is not what customer are expecting and the number of delicacy they bring over to go with the meal are the same no matter whether you go with a single person or in a group.this is very,very bad as even a fool would know;not enough to go around.
  • Photo of MDmindset
    3 years ago
    Very traditional soups and BBQ, good size portions, good service, prices reasonable but going up as of March1
  • Photo of Belinda M
    3 years ago
    First time at this place and there were a couple of things that didn't make my visit as pleasant as I would have wanted it to be. It looked a little busy when we walked in so we waited a few minutes to be seated. Menu was easy to look through and to choose from. Most of my friends and I ordered from the combo specials. I ordered my go to combo items - beef sundubu (tofu soup) and the small galbi (Korean BBQ ribs). Our meal came out fairly quickly along with the banchan - small dishes of food served with our meal. Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed with the sundubu. I was excited to get it because it looked bigger than most places I've gotten it at. However, most of it was liquid - really watered down - and not enough tofu and beef. I felt like I was just drinking diluted sundubu soup... Not good :/ The galbi, however, was delicious! They also cut it up enough along the bones to make it easier to eat, which I appreciate sooo much. I usually find galbi kind of hard to eat and I know it's probably really unflattering for me to try to get the meat off the bone, yanking it with my teeth... So thank you so much for making that simpler for me :) Service was ok. They weren't really on point and kind of slow to get our tea and refills on some of the side dishes we requested. We also felt rushed to finish our food. They were extremely sweet and friendly though so it was hard to be upset at any of them. Overall, the galbi was good enough for me to give this place another try. It was unfortunate the sundubu wasn't prepared well when I went. Consistency is key but I know some restaurants will have those off nights. Maybe this was one of them. Until next time SKD~

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