Photo of Park Tavern in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Park Tavern in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Park Tavern in Atlanta, GA, US
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Park Tavern

American Restaurant

Park Tavern23.5
sushi • wings • grilled cheese sandwich • truffles

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  • Photo of Atlanta Net
    3 years ago
    Park Tavern is a lovely venue, which overlooks beautiful Piedmont Park. The expansive patio is a terrific choice for large groups. Take advantage of the many free concerts on Sundays. Extras: When it rains Park Tavern pours $1 beers.
  • Photo of Michelle Ryan
    4 years ago
    Huge open space outdoors where everyone can kick it and drink up! Dollar drafts if its raining.
  • Photo of BuffaloShoeGirl
    3 months ago
    If you can get a seat, it's a great place to relax and have a beer or cocktail while you enjoy the park. The parking is terrible but aside from that it's a lovely venue.
  • Photo of johnnyruner
    3 months ago
    Stopped by after a hot bike ride and the first thing offered was an ice cold bottle of water! We were waiting for friends so had some beer on tap (craft) and it was cold and refreshing. We decided to have a quick meal we could all share and had the Shrimp tempura. Wow, I wish I hadn't had to share as it was excellent. Service was great and it is incredibly dog friendly, Definitely a place I will return to for beer and the burgers that looked great!
  • Photo of Jig1600
    3 months ago
    Park Tavern may have as many dogs as people on the outdoor patio at any given time. And thus if you don't like dogs or your dog doesn't like other dogs, maybe this isn't the place for you. But otherwise the drinks are served in a reasonable amount of time for a fair price and you get a free bottle of water on a hot day with your order (though I really wonder with being in a public park why they give out bottles of water and not just pitchers to help out the environment).
  • Photo of marieU5459DZ
    5 months ago
    This restaurant was fantastic--great views on the downtown skyline and right on the edge of Piedmont Park. I brought my dog, and the outdoor seating was very comfortable and enclosed within screens to keep out the bugs. The ground had grass turf, so I didn't have to worry about it being too hot or anything. The service was fantastic and food was great and well-priced for its quality; there was lots of great variety and the portions were perfectly sized. The staff was extremely accommodating for dogs and had water and everything.
  • Photo of Paul D
    5 months ago
    We've actually been to Park Tavern several times throughout the years, whether for ice skating or for just hanging out after the Peachtree Road Race on the 4th of July. We don't really think of Park Tavern as a place to go get dinner though. However, thanks to a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupon, we decided to check it out one night. I was surprised to learn that they offer oysters and sushi, and after reading some reviews prior to dining there, the sushi is evidently pretty good. We decided to get some oysters, and they were served with house-made toasted pita chips, which I thought was a better alternative to the standard Saltine. I opted to get the Classic American steakburger (I'd had sushi recently) and my wife got the tempura shrimp basket. She loved her meal and I was just so-so about my steakburger. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I also got a Park Tavern Summer Wheat, which was actually pretty good. A cool promotion that I learned about while there is that if it rains (and they announce the promotion on Facebook and Twitter as "running" for that rainy day), you can get their house beers for $1 a pint. I'd certainly go back to Park Tavern, but it's not at the top of my list. The views are terrific, but that's obviously something that appeals more to out-of-towners, tourists, and suburbanites than it does to us.
  • Photo of Ichdien000
    6 months ago
    Very large and buzzy tavern on the end of the great Peachtree Park. Sat on their large outside terrace and enjoyed some great Chicken Teriyaki and Burrito bowls with good selection of beer. Was a real party and relaxed atmosphere - Can park nearby in the general park area for a few dollars- will return again
  • Photo of Maleficent380
    7 months ago
    Very nice buffet brunch with surprisingly good food. Service was very informal but the food was surprisingly good. Would definitely go back here to try the regular menu.
  • Photo of RevDrRobert
    7 months ago
    Attended a wedding and reception here. Basically a good venue but lack of consistent air conditioning throughout facility was quite noticeable. Not sure if this an ongoing issue but this place would get top marks with this one improvement. Temperature outside was mid 80's. Otherwise place, staff, service, and wedding were all great.
  • Photo of rasheedmack
    9 months ago
    Park Tavern is located right next to Piedmont Park which very convenient. They are open during and after all major events at the park. Very popular is their half price sushi daily starting at 10pm-midnight. The ambiance inside is incredible especially in the colder seasons as there are many fire places, dim lighting and candles. The menu offers a variety of items ranging from sushi to tacos to sandwiches. I ordered the Mahi Mahi sandwich which was pretty good!
  • Photo of sarah s
    10 months ago
    This place at some point must have been a really cool & a nice venue, but right now it is horrible. We went to skate and like many other people Leaving a review the skating ring was too wet to skate, too many people and they didn't even have our size of skates. The place seems so rundow which is sad because they have such a beautiful location and so much potential. Unfortunately the extremely poor management is going to bring it down, we had an issue and the manager was extremely rude the waiter had to apologize and ended un taking care of it he said the manager is always that way. My recommendation don't even bother until they get better management and start taking better care of the restaurant.
  • Photo of MiddleAgedFun
    10 months ago
    this is a great way to enjoy a sunny day in Piedmont Park. Get a pitcher of beer and some fries or a salad. The food is nothing special, but it is fun to watch folks playing Frisbee or walking their dogs and stay in the action while chilling w/ a drink. it is also a lot of fun at night when local bands play.
  • Photo of 518ATLCouple
    10 months ago
    Great pub on the edge of Piedmont Park. Dog Friendly too! Nice menu with a good selection of food. The six of us all had something different and enjoyed our meal. Try the tater tot app and the bean dip too!
  • Photo of Ride2fast4u
    a year ago
    Visited in January when in town for the NFC Championship game. Great atmosphere, and excellent food. Housed in an historic 1928 park building, its worth a visit!
  • Photo of Vagabond33
    a year ago
    The staff was very well prepared to host and execute a great GB Packer celebration last night. I was there with my wife and we partied in a spacious venue which offered great midtown skyline views at night. Thanks for enduring the undeserving negative publicity from the Atlanta community. Green Bay would have welcomed Falcon fans had the game taken place there.
  • Photo of Omaisa
    a year ago
    Thanks for giving us cheese heads a safe and fun place to celebrate Good drinks. Ok food. But fun fun was had all night long Go Pack Go
  • Photo of John M
    a year ago
    Fantastic party no waiting good food, for a couple of thousand family and friends! Thanks for the Love#
  • Photo of Charlie M
    a year ago
    So this palce has a great location, but serves subpar food. Too bad because this used to be a good place to eat and hang out. Warm beer and crappy food. Find someplace else to go.
  • Photo of John M
    a year ago
    This place is terrible. The food has never been good. This was always made up for by the park views and ok service. Now the service is absolutely terrible and the food is consistently terrible. Even the beer was hot last time we visited. I hope this place closes soon and we can get a quality venue in this location.
  • Photo of Tejus P
    a year ago
    The food is bad, the service is bad, and there is a constant stench of excrement in the air. Avoid the moldy cheese.
  • Photo of Loris H
    a year ago
    They think they can get away with sub par food and bad service because of their privileged location.

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