Photo of Lee's Bakery in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Lee's Bakery in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Lee's Bakery in Atlanta, GA, US
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Lee's Bakery

Asian Restaurant

Lee's Bakery14.5
pho • sandwiches • bread • pork

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  • Photo of Teresa Greenlees
    2 years ago
    Bahn Mi
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  • Photo of frances k
    3 years ago
    Best banh mi anywhere. The pho/banh mi special is a great option.
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  • Photo of catherine30033
    5 months ago
    This place serves up very inexpensive Vietnamese fare such as Banh Mi sandwiches, egg rolls, spring rolls, pho, etc.
  • Photo of JeffBreedlove
    6 months ago
    Lee's is the real deal - it is an Atlanta institution which combines great food, great service, and an authentic great vibe. First, the food it is all fresh made and out of this world. I had the grilled pork and rice plate. It is very excellent - the awesome bonus is the `sauce on the veggies - it is so good I wish they would sell bottles of it. I also had a mango smoothie - it is so fresh - made at order - it was like we were at the mango farm. My wife had a Banh Mi - chicken - she loved it - as did, it appear, everyone else in the restaurant who ordered one including our two lunch guests. She also had the spring roll with shrimp and a egg roll - as did our guest - they all loved them. The food is served in generous portions at a fair price and it as good as you will get in Atlanta. Second, the Vibe: You are likely to sit next to a hipster twenty millennial as you are a corporate executive or a construction worker - the diversity of the fan base is impressive. The staff are very kind and professional. Plenty of free parking. Go enjoy - it is really awesome
  • Photo of chevy1500ls
    7 months ago
    I have been on a Banh Mi mission lately. Lee's bakery is one of the best I've had in the ATL. Making banh mi is an exercise in simplistic complexity! There's not a lot of ingredients, but a truly superior sandwich has many layers of flavor tucked inside the perfect French baguette. Lee's Bakery has this all figured out. I say this as I brush the crumbs from my shirt, while driving on I-285. You see, I was planning on waiting to get to work to enjoy my 'Special' banh mi, but temptation got the best of me.....and now I have to vacuum my car! Seriously good eats here. Coming back tomorrow for a bowl of pho, after watching a young lady smile after each spoonful, while I waited no more than 5 minutes for my order!!!
  • Photo of Vtm  R
    7 months ago
    Great fresh sandwiches....french style with Vietnamese influence. Most of them are just $ we all ordered2 because we didn't though for that price its going to be a big sandwich. But actually one would be enough. The only con: For my taste the bread was a little "airy".
  • Photo of anatraveller
    8 months ago
    Tasty egg rolls, I didn't like their BBQ pork with ordered two plates with BBQ pork and some spring rolls and egg rolls Vietnamese. Is not bad but food can be better , they have good price and owner is very kind .
  • Photo of Anne B
    8 months ago
    Came to get myself a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) before head it out to the airport, at first the lady charged me a sandwich and a smoothie for $12+ after I confirmed it was a wrong order so there were only $7 and change. The mango smoothie is fresh (some places they had artificial powder) with .50 more I get some boba (black tapioca pearl). The sandwich hit the right spot... I might try the coffee the next time I'm in town
  • Photo of Dennis R
    8 months ago
    The lunch special here is incredible. A ton of food for cheap, and it's absolutely delicious! The seafood pho was great, and the banh mi rivals anything I've ever had before. I'll definitely be going back next time I'm in the area.
  • Photo of Pamela R
    9 months ago
    Quick seating and service. Always love the fresh flavors of the food. Had the combo with tofu...Yum! Wonderful experience.
  • Photo of Havasupai123
    10 months ago
    I just had dinner at Lee's Bakery and agree with the consensus that it is the best Vietnamese restaurant in Atlanta. In order to try a few different things, I got an order of Cha Gio as well as a small soup/half Banh Mi (pork). Each of the three dishes I had were the best of their kind in Atlanta. My daughter had a beef dish with rice and she loved it. I also like the fact that the prices are all very reasonable and Comcast customers can access XFINITY wifi there. Service was very quick and informal. Lee's Bakery earned another loyal and regular customer.
  • Photo of kmsmolen
    10 months ago
    I give it a five for the food and the service. The actual building environment and atmosphere are not a five but it's definitely worth it to go for the food. The bánh mì sandwiches are excellent; the rolls are always fresh and crisp. I love getting a combination -- half a sandwich and a bowl of pho. My husband loves the vermicelli bowl with pork and shrimp. The prices are very reasonable. You can buy day-old rolls to take home and make your own if you really want to!
  • Photo of willialc
    a year ago
    The pork bahn mi was incredible and so cheap. The wait was also quick but I got it to go. They also had one of the better taro drinks that I ever had. The only disappointing thing was that the bread was extremely stale, which is doubly annoying since they are a bakery.
  • Photo of John G
    a year ago
    Best Bahn Mi sandwich ever. The food is amazing and what great value! Very friendly atmosphere, good service, and the food, absolutely a must visit!!
  • Photo of Punyapriya P
    a year ago
    This place has good food and has been consistent for years. The only negative is the lunch crowd. So, if you plan it right you can get good food at a great price.
  • Photo of KingHuskey
    a year ago
    Based on the reviews I wanted to check this place out. The parking is decent but can be pretty tight. Inside there were a couple of lines: dine in and to go. The dine in line stayed pretty busy during our entire visit. The wait wasn't too bad. The service by an older gentleman that seated us was great, he was fun and entertaining. The rest of the staff focused on their role: take order, deliver order. They were pleasant and efficient. I had the half sandwich and soup: pork sandwich and vegan soup. Both were awesome and I enjoyed all of it. I never had pho before and this was a great first experience.
  • Photo of Erin C
    a year ago
    I was starting to think to myself that I don't give anyone a bad review, but then I realized, if your restaurant is mediocre it's just not worth my time to review. That being said, this place is so good. Super simple and delicious sandwich at an obscenely affordable price, how can I resist. I will travel across town in Atlanta traffic at the mere suggestion of getting Lee's.
  • Photo of Latitudes1311810
    Fresh meats and the breads are cooked daily. I grew up in Atlanta, and will say that this is as good as it gets: best Vietnamese in metro Atlanta, food that native Atlantans will rate as a 10 right along with Vietnamese customers. Even my 10 year old daughter likes it and asks to go back.
  • Photo of Barry B
    a year ago
    OK, I really did not understand the big attraction about Bahn Mi, but I do now. I had the tofu bahn mi and my partner had the pork one. Both were very good. The bread was nothing special but the combination of condiments and fixings make this one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.
  • Photo of woodframes
    a year ago
    I brought a friend here who kept telling me how much she enjoys pho, she really enjoyed herself here! We both had the half sandwich and bowl of pho and really enjoyed both. It is really hard not to leave here with an arm load of fresh bread, it is soooooooo good!!!
  • Photo of Tom B
    a year ago
    Great lunch spot (maybe dinner to, but only been there at lunch). They have lunch combos for under $8 of a pho and half a bahn mi that are excellent and a great value. Also have fresh baked bread and desserts that are really good. The place is very basic, in a little strip mall next to a gas station on Buford Highway, but if your interest is good food, who cares? Only knock in my visits there is that in the summer it can be quite hot in there. Still worth going.
  • Photo of Jason B
    a year ago
    Mr. Lee (who is still there everyday waiting tables and greeting his guests) is AMAZING as is his EPIC Bahn Mi! Thank goodness this place is so close because Pho and Bahn Mi make the world go round! Lee's bakery is a not-so-hidden gem on the Bu-Hi (Bufor Highway) corridor where almost every taste bud can be satiated and this is no exception. The New York Times thought so highly of the establishment that they were rated as having the best bahn mi in the US once or twice. If you have even a small inclination to expand your horizons this is a great place to start and if you already love Pho and Bahn Mi then you need to come taste the gold standard of those delicious dishes. Yes I know my function, capitalization, spelling and sentence structure is terrible... I am after all writing reviews on a travel website and most certianly not an english teacher :-P

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