Photo of Gio's Chicken Amalfitano in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Gio's Chicken Amalfitano in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Gio's Chicken Amalfitano in Atlanta, GA, US
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Gio's Chicken Amalfitano

Italian Restaurant

Gio's Chicken Amalfitano14.5
chicken • pizza • bread • gelato

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  • Photo of Tolis Zakas
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Michelle Ryan
    3 years ago
    One of the top hang out spots for celebs in the area.
  • Photo of sputnic e
    6 months ago
    This place has good food, great atmosphere with an industrial look. My meal (the lemon chicken)came with half chicken. Lots of parking and good customer service. FYI, it's a little pricey but if leave in this neighborhood, you are good lol. It's my weekly joint!
  • Photo of dotters
    6 months ago
    The chicken is very good - you get a half and it's plenty. But... so much garlic! I reeked for 2 days! The orange is quite tasty otherwise. Panini was heavy on the bread - although the meatballs were also quite good. It isn't inexpensive - but you get a lot to eat. Now, they give you silverware and a cloth napkin - much nicer than before.
  • Photo of BFLyman
    7 months ago
    This place is so consistently terrific. Been here 25+ times since they opened... And now living in B'HAM for last few years, I hit Gios almost every time in town. DiaVola & the Lemon Sorrento are easily our favorites; as is the Pollo Margherita . So very good, so very consistent!
  • Photo of travel_god193
    7 months ago
    The menu is a little hard to understand but just read it ahead of time also the wait staff is very helpful with questions. Food is absolutely fantastic reminds me of quality of food I get in New York or Europe. Fast friendly service. I got a dish that said half a chicken it really had half a chicken on my plate portions are great... down the next block is the dessert stop great way to end your evening in blissful state as you sip an expresso and enjoy some of their many flavored cannolis or try the tiramisu. If you like Italian food your going to love this place!!! 😏
  • Photo of spaintravelerAtlanta
    Went here on a Saturday night with 6 people. Parking available on the street and a small lot across from restaurant. You walk in and stand in a short line to order your food. The choices are 3 or 4 different flavors of chicken which comes with a salad and bread. They also have a pasta dish. You find a table (sometimes you have to share a table with other people) and wait for the server to bring your food. You can bring your own bottle of wine/beer/spirits at no additional cost. My husband and I shared 2 of the chicken was lemon flavored(which they are famous for) and the other was orange flavored. To be honest I couldn't tell the difference between the 2. They were both delicious as was the salad. One of the people in our party ordered the pasta which was good. The chicken dish is large which can really feed 2 people so I would suggest ordering one chicken and one pasta. And...the price is great...$12ish per person. Fun place..
  • Photo of TimBeaver99
    8 months ago
    This is a fairly spartan establishment where you order at a counter and seat yourself. The food we had was pretty good Italian, but the prices are high enough that you'd expect either extra special food or a more refined service and dining experience. Pasta and sauce were fine but not extra-specially notable. Chicken was pretty good but not appreciably better than what you can get elsewhere for less with more service. It's hard to justify the price when the food itself must only cost so much and the staffing and facilities cost must be so low. If the experience was better or the price lower, this would make 4 out of 5 for me.
  • Photo of GPBurdell67
    8 months ago
    Gio's is part of a cluster of restaurants on Hemphill Avenue that act like a little Italian village. It's all Neapolitan themed because the owner is from Naples. Our party of six went early on a Saturday night to make sure we could be seated and we barely made it. You order at a counter and then the food comes out relatively quickly. First the side salads, which are large and accompany the entrees. Then the entrees, mostly chicken dishes but also a decent selection of pasta too. The quality is good, the flavors are very good and the portions are ample. Prices are relatively high but it's a good value. Parking is available if you circle around the area.
  • Photo of Haverfordgranny
    9 months ago
    My husband and I split the lemon chicken with extra salad and garlic bread. Dipped chicken and bread in sauce. DELISH. We then went across the street for gelato and cafe americano. Everything was so good, we wanted more but were too full. We'll go back.
  • Photo of Stacey M
    9 months ago
    If you haven't been to Gio's Chicken Amalfitano, you are missing out. The chicken is excellent. My husband get's a spicy chicken dish, that I can't find on the web site menu currently, that is out of this world good! It's like diablo chicken or something like that. The salad is simple and delicious. I haven't had a single bad thing here. It's a rustic restaurant - you order at the counter and then find your own seat at family style tables. It is fun though. The order takers could be a little more helpful - but don't let that keep you from going because it is really great food.
  • Photo of Richard4188
    9 months ago
    This Italian restaurant is all about chicken and chicken dominates the menu. I had the Diavola chicken, which is a little spicy. Comes with a simple but good salad, baked chicken in a spicy broth and garlic bread. The chicken was very tender, moist and tasty. Coca-Cola is served in the aluminum bottle. The restaurant is not fancy, but the food is good.
  • Photo of Firejdb
    10 months ago
    I visited Gio's on a busy Saturday night. This is definitely canteen style dining. One queues to order from a limited chicken dominated menu (what else!). It's also byo although wine can be bought on site. It's good, wholesome Italian food. No pizzas ( they are available for the sister restaurant next door). Enjoy the hubbub and simplicity of Gio's.
  • Photo of sabes0322
    a year ago
    I would highly recommend this restaurant. The servings are huge and not so expensive. I love everything they have but most especially the amalfi chicken. Parking is quite challenging but just be patient because it is so worth it.
  • Photo of toyman111
    a year ago
    Gio's has some of the best pasta and chicken in Atlanta. I had the spaghetti and meatballs and my wife had the Greek chicken. Both come with a small salad and garlic bread, Both portions are very large. If you eat half you have more than enough for the next day. There must have been a pound of spaghetti and two large meat balls. My wife's chicken dish must have been a whole chicken. Quick service and great food.
  • Photo of MeLi_MeL007
    a year ago
    Authentic Italian! Delicious food. Food quantity is a lot and worth the price. Definitely must check it out. Casual dining.
  • Photo of KimsHusband
    a year ago
    A friend had recommended Gio's so we gave it a try while down at Georgia Tech this week. The menu isn't real clear - so we went for something easy and all ordered panini's. We were very surprised when the came out because #1 they were huge and #2 they come with a nice side salad. The parmigiana was very good - lots of chicken and great flavor. The bread was good and not dominant so you could really taste the chicken and the sauce. We will be back!
  • Photo of MaxGA
    a year ago
    I'm a fan of Antico Pizza but had never tried Gio's until now. I don't think I'll be returning. It's got the extremely casual atmosphere of Antico but without all the energy that makes Antico more charming than annoying. Like Antico, you order at the counter. Like Antico, the folks that work there are a bit surly. (Not really the true Italian experience they seem to pride themselves on.) We had two different chicken dishes. The prices were very high for lunch. Given the portions, maybe the price wasn't outrageous because the portions were so enormous. Now I love to eat, but the size of the dishes was actually a little ridiculous. I will be eating on the Sorrento Lemon Chicken for days (although I was already bored by it by the time I finished one of the five large pieces of chicken). The entrees come with a salad (little too much vinegar) and a piece of bread (mine was a kinda stale piece of garlic bread). The meal did remind me of food I ate in Italy when I lived there but I wouldn't have gone back to that place either. And what is up serving the tiny Cokes and Diet Cokes? Just charge me more for a real size. Those tiny ones are just ridiculous.
  • Photo of Carl M
    a year ago
    Half of chicken in a big bowl with roasted potatoes, broth, and bread for sopping up the juices, yum! We paired our meal with a pasta and a salad was included. This is a simple place with a cool little atmosphere and affordable, delicious food. Worth a visit or a meal to-go. Wine is available to purchase, plenty of parking, and not far from the freeway.
  • Photo of MacAtlantaGa_
    a year ago
    We had dinner at Gio's, after a friend had recommended it. I had the Lemmon Chicken which was excellent. My wife had the steak entree, which was average. The cut of meat was not worth $20. I was surprised to pay $8 for wine served in plastic cups. Gio's has a fun vibe and they take their food very seriously. I will go back for lunch.
  • Photo of BhayB
    a year ago
    The food here is delish! The service was fine. The workers do need to be a little better trained to answer questions. There was conflicting information online about what time they opened for lunch, so I called and was told they open at 11:30, which is true. What they didn't tell me is that the full menu is not available until noon (including their signature lemon chicken dish). From 11:30- Noon only Paninis and salads are available. I ordered the chicken salad which was OK, but certainly lackluster compared to their regular menu items. On the plus side, arriving early does guarantee plenty of parking, which can be a challenge as the day goes on or in the evening. There is parking in the front and back of the building and also there is a side street nearby. Arriving on the early side also increases one's chances of getting a more comfortable seat with a bit of a cushion and a back. The wooden stools around the tables up front are very uncomfortable. All in all a great restaurant. The regular menu is wonderful!
  • Photo of Jxnray7
    a year ago
    The food was great, and the service was prompt and attentive. The picnic tables and wooden folding chairs weren't particularly comfortable for dining though. Each of the four of us really enjoyed our meals and the authentic Italian spices and taste.

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