Photo of EXhale in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of EXhale in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of EXhale in Atlanta, GA, US
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1065 Peachtree St Ne
, Atlanta, GA 30309, US
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  • Photo of Rhonda B
    3 months ago
    When your in the need to unwind and just exhale I definitely recommend it. The convenience of scheduling an appointment online eases normal frustrations. I was able to make an appointment less than 24 hours. I was greeted by a very welcoming staff. I was shown a tour of the spa and all it's amenities. Once I was ready for my massage I waited in the nice Zen area sipping on my tea. Katie introduced herself and escorted me to my relaxation home for the next 90 minutes. Yes 90 minutes wasn't enough but its well worth my return within next 30 days. My only disappoint is that I didn't know this oasis existed right in my neck of the woods. So I will definitely be back and bringing a friend or two. So we can all Exhale together!!
  • Photo of Kim M
    a year ago
    Don't waste your time or your money. Very poor experience with manicure and pedicure. Appointment was scheduled for 1:30pm when I arrived I was told that the technician was running 15 minutes late because the previous client ended up having gel nail polish that needed to be taken off I replied with absolutley no problem. I was then told it would be another 15 minutes. Once it hit 2:00pm I was able to begin soaking my feet and told it wouldn't be much longer. I soaked for 15 more minutes and it was then 45 minutes later than my original appointment time and no one was in sight. This is extremely frustrating when you are paying for ($95) and expecting a high end service and time is very limited. After waiting for 45 minutes and still not starting the manicure or pedicure I knew that when my actual appointment started it would be rushed to try to "catch up" which at $95 that is unacceptable so cancelled my appointment and left.

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