Photo of Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta, GA, US
Photo of Antico Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta, GA, US
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Antico Pizza Napoletana

Italian Restaurant

Antico Pizza Napoletana44.5
pizza • pie • cannoli • san gennaro

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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    Eater Atlanta editor Sonia Chopra reports that Antico "is by far the most talked about pizza place in Atlanta." Giovanni Di Palma makes a true Neapolitan pie — San Marzano tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil — in his ovens imported straight from Naples. And it's not just the pizza that keeps people coming back to Antico. Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza tours says, "This place has such a fun vibe and makes a solid pie that blends the Neapolitan approach with American sensibilities in an effortless way." The owners also recently opened a new gelateria and lunch spot. [Photo]
  • Photo of Rhett Shull
    3 years ago
    Best pizza I've ever had.
  • Photo of Michelle Ryan
    4 years ago
    Amazing pizza which draws celebrities in like flies.
  • Photo of Citymaps
    4 years ago
    It's an authentic Italian joint serving the best pizza in Atlanta. And it's BYOB.
  • Photo of Alisson B
    2 months ago
    Good quality pizza for very overpriced. $40 for 1 pizza and 2 glasses of vino. That's a little much.
  • Photo of Sean R
    2 months ago
    Fantastic pizza, but be ready to pay for it. $35 for a pizza with pepperoni and 3 sprites. The drinks are 8.5 oz cans (~2.75/ea!!) Probably not ideal for a solo trip due to cost. I don’t believe they sell individual slices
  • Photo of MountainMan30523
    2 months ago
    Like MEH above we were wondering why all the fanfare? The pies are expensive and $2.99 for a 6 ounce diet coke? With $2.99 refills??? No bueno!!! Spartan environ with primitive everything and only a wash sink option for tap water with no ice? The only positive was the speed. Our 2 pies were slapped together with zero concern for cheese and topping coverage and promptly overcooked and rushed to the table. No mas Antico!!!
  • Photo of JOSEFINA G
    2 months ago
    My family is originally from Napoli Italy. For us to find a real Napolitan Pizza is difficult, I didn't think I could find a so original place in the middle of Atlanta. The style simple and real italian with not special decorations nor fashion furniture. All Italian the ingredients, the water, the people. Really good!!!! Really recommend!!!
  • Photo of Christin C
    2 months ago
    We live in Peachtree City, GA and there is a total lack of good pizza. We were excited to find Antico in ATL. Finally, a decent pizza. We will be back, and would take family and friends. Be aware there is only one size of pizza for sale, and they have limited topping options.
  • Photo of Małgorzata C
    2 months ago
    Amazing pizza on good thin pie! Taste not like fast food! Stuff is friendly and fast. Good experience in Atlanta! Recommend
  • Photo of YoungOpa
    2 months ago
    Not up to its reputation. Crust was good and service was fast, but toppings were sparse. Cheese was uneven, some pieces has some, others nearly none. They might take a few more seconds preparing and a few more handfuls of toppings to make this worth the price. We had a capricciosa and there was literally ONE slice of a mushroom on it. All in all, not worth it.
  • Photo of Ioannis D
    2 months ago
    Frankly speaking, this pizzeria is not up to its fame in the social media. The pizzas are pretty standard - they are not bad, but they are certainly not the heavenly delicious pizzas praised I was expecting to find after having read the reviews.
  • Photo of Mmphoneman
    2 months ago
    We didn't realize this was fast food, but the service and wood fired pizza were great. Beer and wine are served. Wish they had this in Cincinnati.
  • Photo of Will0ldham
    3 months ago
    Love this place! No thrills pizza! Incredibly similar to pizza in Italy. The ingredients were fresh and incredibly tasty. Price is quite high for what it is but the fact you can BYOB makes up for this.
  • Photo of Jig1600
    3 months ago
    So good! Fresh Italian ingredients and a fun atmosphere. Using authentic ingredients is probably the only way that you'd agree to pay $20+ for something that comes out of the over in just over 60-seconds, but it's good and worth it. Come with friends, share, get multiple pies and have a good time. Best of luck finding seating at busy times.
  • Photo of Cvstaples
    3 months ago
    This was one of the best, if not the best calzone I've ever had. The crust was crunchy & chewy, with the melty deliciousness of the cheese garlic, and ricotta. My mouth is watering reflecting on the experience! Absolutely delicious, marinara, bomb, just yum!! Don't forget the "toppings" like fresh garlic, parmigiana, some hot pepper deliciousness, peppers, pepper flakes or olive oil.
  • Photo of lkelly9988
    3 months ago
    I really like Antico Pizza, but just a few warnings if this is your first visit. (1) You can order pizza or pizza. No salads or side available. (2) You will probably have to sit at a table with people you don't know. Its find a seat wherever (3) You probably will not be able to hear the people you are with. (4) Your pizza will be delivered to you on a very large metal tray. Save a bunch of room at your table for the trays. One thing I did notice this time after dinner. We went over to get some Gelato across the street and there were people being served pizza over there. I don't know if you order over there at that restaurant or not. It would be a better place to eat if you want to sit outside and hear your friends.
    3 months ago
    Got a pizza with sausage and cheese. 1 bottle water and a small Coke $30.. Wanted a few slices for me and my guy but they don't do slices! It was delicious but too much for 2 people to consume in a short time!
  • Photo of 499theresas
    3 months ago
    Old building, limited parking, HOT due to the wood fire pizzas, large amount of seating but because of it's popularity it will fill up quickly.... You may only order whole pizzas, no slices. You may bring in your own beverages, many bring in bottles of wine. There is a walk up counter to order, no reservations needed. I suggest having one person stand in line to order pizza, and drinks if needed, while another person secures seating for your group. Great for friends, couples, families. We always see families, but because of the limited menu, many young kids will not appreciate it. Lots of garlic and flavor. The pizza was wonderful!!!!! After finishing your pizza, I highly suggest walking next door to the gelato & bakery.
  • Photo of Kyle M
    3 months ago
    I have been wanting to go here for a long time and was sadly disappointed. The pizza was mediocre at best.
  • Photo of suzanne v
    3 months ago
    A really fun filled atmosphere for a simple dinner. Pizza was delicious and service polite and pleasant. Noisy but expected and numerous pizza selections available. Right up there with NY and Chicago pizza. a super find in Atlanta.
  • Photo of melisahubbs
    3 months ago
    Ok, I ordered a calzone, ONE calzone $19.00 plus tax of was supposed to have spicy meats, and peppers. Never saw peppers, and the meats were really scarce. It did taste pretty good because it had a good bit of cheese, it was half the size of a pizza, but very thin. Too much for one person, but not enough for 2! I had the calzone and one tiny can of coke zero, my bill was $23.75. Ridiculous! Over priced! There are no server's, you drink water, you go get it! Over-rated! Will not go back!
  • Photo of Gabriela M
    3 months ago
    Best pizza I've ever had. Been around the world, across Italy, from Rome to Naples, Amalfi, Capri San Marino, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Verona, Milan, Venice and more; and never and NOWHERE have we had pizza as good as Antico's. The quality of the ingredients, the dough, the toppings, the ambiance. I don't even really like pizza and I can't get enough of Antico. Free parking if you can find a spot. The line may be long, but it moves quickly. Service is fast. They have beer and wine. Eat your pizza anywhere-- inside, outside by Amalfi bar and gelato place across the street, on a stoop or in your car. --- you're welcome!
  • Photo of Adeline B
    3 months ago
    Friends have sworn by this pizza, but while the pizzas themselves were mostly enjoyable, I found that the lack of variety and the constant crowds hurt the experience. As a first time customer and non-Italian speaker, trying to decipher the menu was more frustrating than necessary. Even more so after waiting in the long line only to be told to step out of line by an employee who could not explain the ingredients to me. Will not be returning to or recommending Antico's.

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