Photo of Perfect Cup Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
Photo of Perfect Cup Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
Photo of Perfect Cup Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
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Perfect Cup Cafe

American Restaurant

sandwiches • fresh ingredients

7460 Lancaster Pike
Hockessin, DE 19707, US
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  • Photo of Hockessin_Consumer
    3 months ago
    If you have a problem with hair in your food coupled with a nasty owner, then this is a place to be avoided. We had two sandwiches with 6 hairs. Before the current owner, this was a nice place to have breakfast, but the quality and sanitation has gone rock bottom and this place should get a closer look from the DHSS Department of Public Health Food Establishment inspectors. The owner was very sarcastic in response to our complaint and passed it off as our problem. She already had a reputation in the community for being a very nasty person, but now I have seen it for myself. The attitude of the owner coupled with her appalling treatment to her young staff should not be supported by the Hockessin community. For those looking for breakfast options in Hockessin with great food and great service, I would recommend either Quinn's or Drip Cafe.
  • Photo of tealuv
    3 months ago
    This is a place I used to visit often. The food was good, and service was too. Things have changed. The line was to the door, the guy at the register was pleasant but not efficient. I placed my order for two short stacks of pancakes, one with blueberries and one stack was sweet potato with walnuts and one side of bacon. The drink order was coffee and a smoothie, The confusion begins when they give you a number you hope to find a place to sit and they will bring your food to you. We received someone else's drinks, and the server just walked away. The counter help figured out the problem and corrected it after I approached them. Well, here is the real issue, the food was awful, it was very expensive @ $29.00, We should have eaten at a high end restaurant for much less. The pancakes were dry, very dry, there was no flavor of sweet potato, in fact, it looked as though the chef just spiced up the batter. It was served with plain, totally flavorless maple syrup, the kind you buy in big containers because it is just brown sugary syrup. But oh my---they gave us no less than 20 little individual foil butter cups! Don't know about you, but I do not like having butter cups placed on the plate and under my food. It seems a bit unsanitary to me. For the sky high price of $29.00 (no tax or tip included) I was not pleased at all. It is doubtful I will ever return.
  • Photo of Beth_McD05
    4 months ago
    After taking a nice long walk in Auburn Heights, we decided to grab a bite to eat at The Perfect Cup Café. We had been here for coffee and breakfast, but never lunch. We both had salads and everything was fresh and delicious. I had the Cranberry Turkey salad but traded the raspberry vinaigrette for the balsamic vinaigrette. YUM! My friend had a Greek Garden Salad with olives and said it was perfect. This is a great little place to enjoy good food and conversation. The staff is polite and helpful and they keep everything very clean! Highly recommend!!
  • Photo of sashabeau
    7 months ago
    Consistently good sandwiches, salads and baked goods keeps me coming back. Fresh ingredients and smiling faces make it a pleasure.
  • Photo of 119wyethway
    a year ago
    Spectacular food. Fresh ingredients and impeccable dedication to detail.A gem of a cafe in the heart of Hockessin Delaware.
  • Photo of Mark W
    a year ago
    A non-chain Starbucks. What Starbucks aspires to be - a neighborhood meeting place with good coffee and snacks. This is the precious real thing.
  • Photo of Consiglia
    a year ago
    Food used to be really good here but this year it has taken a down turn. Place is filled with smoke from the burners so that our eyes burn if we go there to sit and have a cup of coffee. Used to be able to sit for an hour and eat and chat but no more. There is no buffer between the cooking and grill area, and the seating. The room is pleasant and nicely appointed but the overall odors tend to drive you out.
  • Photo of MWazie
    a year ago
    I wanted to get a pound or so of some different coffee beans to try, and remembered that this place sold whole coffee beans. In previous visits, I always felt welcomed, not this time. I bought a pound of beans and after I paid the very friendly and polite cashier I asked him IF they were hiring and what was the minimum age. My 15 yr grandson unexpectedly is staying the summer and is looking for a job. At that time, no one else was behind me. As the cashier stepped away from the register, to ask someone about the hiring, I noticed a customer had stepped in line behind me. The cashier was immediately chastised, out loud, by another women behind the counter, yelling ' I told you to take care of the customers first'. I was a customer, but will not be any more. If she had an issue with the cashier, she should have dealt with it outside the presence of customers. I now no longer feel welcomed or comfortable frequenting this place.
  • Photo of Pamela M
    2 years ago
    My brother and friend who frequent the cafe told me I should try it. Well, I did and must say I was left feeling disappointed. I ordered the curtis sandwich(turkey, swiss, cran mayo). The turkey was in chunks and the sandwich was very messy which left my hands sticky. I split the chocolate muffin with some friends and it was dry. Although I must say that I did not try the "perfect cup" but instead had water. Atmosphere was laid back and quaint. That's about all I can say.
  • Photo of phyrn
    2 years ago
    Lunched here with two business associates. We all raved about our sandwiches. I had the gardenburger with a side of broccoli salad and a hazelnut latte, all of which were excellent. The prices are a bit on the high side, but it's worth it for the quality of ingredients used in the food. There really aren't waiters, although your food is brought to your table. Don't ask those guys for something because it won't happen - just go back up front and put in your order/request. I will definitely make a point to come back next time I'm in the area.
  • Photo of Saurabh S
    2 years ago
    Loved it ! Two trips, Chicken Pesto salad the first time, Reuben sandwich the second, both excellent. Fresh ingredients, friendly service, casual atmosphere, I'm going back every chance I get.
  • Photo of Dee_in_DE
    2 years ago
    Great place to have lunch and a cup of tea with friends. Menu has a nice variety and staff are very courteous and personable.
  • Photo of Dracunculus
    2 years ago
    I've been coming here off and on for the past 15 (?) years. I grew up in Hockessin until 1976 and only come back for intermittent family events. If I lived here still I would eat at the perfect cup regularly. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Clean. Food and coffee is very good and reasonable. Staff is always polite.
  • Photo of EllenWilmington_DE
    This is the perfect place to stop for a coffee and treat on a rainy afternoon, however, the manager was yelling and berating the employees and a woman that seemed to be her mother in a very loud and ugly voice for much of the time I was there. I felt so bad for the people working there as well as the elderly person. Whether the employees and other patrons minded or not, I thought it was very unpleasant and I left as soon as I could. In addition, the cooking odors are a bit overwhelming and burned-smelling. I have noticed this on previous visits as well. There are several other similar coffee places nearby. You can avoid this one.
  • Photo of WolfWings
    2 years ago
    Friendly staff, but service is a little slow... ONLY Because there are always folks waiting to order.
  • Photo of i_live_4_vakation
    Always a good breakfast or lunch. MANY sandwich options, fresh juices and plenty of baked goods as well. Always crowded and in warm weather, hot and stuffy inside, but always worth it.
  • Photo of Cmsonch
    3 years ago
    The food here is very good if not a bit pricey. Honestly I tolerated the prices but can no longer take the management yelling at the employees in front of customers. It appears to be very abusive. The employees I have interacted with are very nice and do not at all deserve this treatment. I used to go here and meet friends for breakfast and lunch a few times a week, but I won't go back and support abusive management. Too bad- I will miss some of my favorite menu items like the pesto chicken salad and the California Reuben.
  • Photo of Anthony R
    3 years ago
    The first time I stopped at Perfect Cup, I ordered take-out food and coffee. The sandwiches were excellent, and the coffee of high quality. The menu looked interesting, so I was excited to return. A few weeks later, I brought several family members to dine in for a Saturday lunch. Once again, the food and beverages were very nicely done, but the time it took between ordering (at the counter) and receiving the meal was bafflingly slow. It's a tiny place, I counted at least 7 employees, each of whom seemed to have a very specific job, but not a lot of teamwork or efficiency. The food was good enough that I'd like to give them another chance. Hopefully management can work out a better system (they should visit any BrewHaHa to see it run like clockwork) for customer service.
  • Photo of gretchenzp
    3 years ago
    great local spot for gathering with friends or a quick home-made meal. Almost everything is made to order. A particular favorite is chicken salad made with warm chicken breast. I've never been diappointed with a snack or a meal from the Perfect Cup. They provide local publications for catching up with the local news & have a bulletin board right @ the front door for persoanl postings (tutoring available, lost pets, local events, etc). It's like eating in a friend's kitchen!
  • Photo of martini-mimi
    3 years ago
    This cafe is only about 4 minutes from where we live and lately we have had to eat out for breakfast and lunch a good bit. The prices are moderate rather than bargain basement (like some nearby chains)...but the food is consistently good and made fresh. (made on site.) Able to select things that are not over processed which is important for me. Chalk board and paper/ takeout menu are the same. The kitchen can handle Gluten Free and makes every effort to ensure food is prepared accordingly. Substitutions of GF bread or baked sliced tomato has been a nice touch. Salads are yummy...the dried cranberry & turkey salad over mixed greens is a real winner! Also the omlettes. They are HUGE! This is a great gathering place for family and friends to meet over a good meal, not really a special occasion place. The hub-bub and clatter is typical of a local hangout that is popular with regulars. You can't go wrong here for day to day meals, or just a coffee stop. We're glad it's such a convenient place for us!

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