Photo of Drip Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
Photo of Drip Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
Photo of Drip Cafe in Hockessin, DE, US
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Drip Cafe

American Restaurant

brunch • hash • caramel apple • potatoes

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  • Photo of The_Twit
    4 months ago
    I've mainly gotten breakfast food during my various visits over the years. Their breakfast burrito is really flavorful, especially when turkey sausage is added. I love their potato medley, too. The savory morning bun is good, too, but then again, I'm a sucker for anything with a fried egg on top. The one thing they can improve is their tea service. When I order tea, I expect to be offered honey vs. sugar AND milk/cream, and I also expect a saucer for the discarded tea bag, and a spoon to stir the tea with. I'd say I've had all of these things offered/delivered maybe only 4 times out of 20. Today I was given tea, a mug, and the teapot of water - no spoon, no offer of milk/cream, and no saucer to rest the spoon on or hold my tea trash. Please try to get better at this, as I just want to enjoy a hot cup of tea and not have to wait for the various accompaniments!
  • Photo of Eric B
    4 months ago
    Great menu items for brunch or lunch. Try the Apple pancakes or French toast for a breakfast treat. They also have some great sandwiches. They have expanded into the space next to them for more table space. The expansion was well thought out and the café is a relaxing spot. They also have great coffer including pour overs and French Press. Great place for a nice breakfast and then you can pop into the Acme for your grocery shopping. We have also gone for Father's Day brunch or other special occasions to save driving time.
  • Photo of Kim L
    5 months ago
    Gotta get the Espresso Bomton! The rim with Sugar in the Raw with rich espresso, sweetened condensed milk, and orange zest makes for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. Skip the pear sandwich-absolutely NO flavor in the pears and the cranberry fig jam was missing; instead go for the crab dip with pretzel sticks which have been perfectly flavored with old bay and season salt.
  • Photo of travelerjp98
    5 months ago
    This is a great place to take your time and enjoy a brunch on a weekend, or weekday if you have time. The quality was fantastic. ypi
  • Photo of delawaretraveler0914
    Had lunch with a friend recently and the grilled cheese with pear was delish! Service was prompt and courteous.
  • Photo of Kim L
    10 months ago
    Get the espresso Bomton! A shot glass rimmed with Sugar in the Raw, rich espresso, sweetened condensed Milk and orange zest round out a wonderful explosion of flavor. Skip the pear sandwich-pears had NO flavor and there was NO cranberry fig jam which might have added some flavor to this bland concoction. Instead get the crab dip with pretzel sticks which have been perfectly seasoned with old bay and seasoned salt. Service was slow and my water glass had lipstick on the rim and the server was supposed to bring me a new one but it never materialized.
  • Photo of jakoczak
    10 months ago
    Got a special spam sandwich (Croque Madam they call it?). Yummy and rich. (Took home 1/2.) Wanted to try something new. Also got a different coffee/latte beverage. One bummer was they were so busy, they'd temporarily run out of ceramic mugs/cups, and brought me my drink in a paper cup -- rimmed w/sugar. Hmm... that wasn't wonderful. Wish they'd asked me if I could wait a few minutes for a mug.
  • Photo of BryanSil
    10 months ago
    Drip Cafe's recent space expansion makes a visit even more appealing as the wait is shorter and the space less crowded. Their menu choices really do offer the chance to experiment beyond the typical suburban café offerings. Inventive items in both the savory and sweet categories make for a large choice of breakfast meals to try. Wide range of coffees also add to the mix. Service is consistently friendly. The sometimes-long wait time for food to arrive suggests the kitchen is stretched by the larger space.
  • Photo of Charlie R
    a year ago
    Honestly, been here 3 times now. Food is great every time but the service is horrible. Not friendly, not timely, not caring. Food is amazing though!
  • Photo of beachboundeddie
    a year ago
    Had the breakfast burrito. It was egg, potato and cheese with pico de gallo. Was very tasty. Good coffee and friendly staff. Will be back!
  • Photo of Saundra E
    a year ago
    Ordered coffee and hot chocolate. Received water. Ordered soup. Received soup. Ordered brunch. Received hot chocolate. Ordered tomato juice. Received juice. Finally received coffee. How does that happen at a coffee joint? Meanwhile the completed soup bowl remained at the table each time the waitress came back and forth. Food came. Had ordered toast instead of potatoes received both. Food is quite frankly out of this world but the wait staff needs loads of training. Eclectic atmosphere and fun place to eat but we do think twice about coming in because of the service. We don't sit at the counter because if one particular waitress and now at the tables we've experienced the same level of inexperience. Drip is worth the visit but be prepared.
  • Photo of pr a
    a year ago
    I have been to this restaurant many times and have recommended it to others. I would normally have given it a 5-star but on my latest trip on 11/16/2016, my anniversary, I was not pleased! First, I wanted to order a cup of one of the specialty coffees of the day. The server couldn't tell me anything about the coffees. Neither could the barista. When you promote a specialty item, and upcharge for it, someone should be able to expound upon it [Ok, I worked in the coffee industry for many years but my question was simple for someone working as a barista.] Anyway, I took his suggestion for the coffee but when a 3rd server brought the coffee to me it was luke warm!?! I had a hot cup of the coffee brought to me and yes, it was excellent. I ordered the Johnnie cakes with pork belly. The meal was great as well as my wife's burrito. However, 5 minutes after leaving the restaurant I had to pull off the road...I got sick. What a waste of money. However, I will try again as I do love their coffees.
  • Photo of linda923
    a year ago
    I know many people love this place. I was not impressed. They have fancy breakfasts what i feel is sort of snobby fixings... I have been there several times and not one meal has fully felt something special. And for a place called drip cafe the coffee wasn't that strong... I am a coffee snob I need coffee to taste like coffe not brown colored water .... Again people like this place ... I didn't so. Ugh
  • Photo of Lew W
    a year ago
    Love going to Drip Cafe for Breakfast. The menu is always changing and is incredibly creative. Great service and a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Photo of Sharon G
    a year ago
    Great menu, great location, friendly service. Food is very good, and the place is popular among locals - so much so that it is expanding later this fall. Wonderful place to meet for breakfast or lunch.
  • Photo of Chris L
    a year ago
    My second time there this month, and each time our servers were efficient without being intrusive, they knew the menus well and the available pastries. We took our time for lunch and never felt hurried. Food is really good!
  • Photo of RHW
    a year ago
    Enjoy breakfast at this cafe. The menu offers a variety of items..something for everyone's appetite! The service is efficient & friendly.
  • Photo of Jason K
    2 years ago
    Went for a late breakfast (served all day) and the food was delicious. Decent number of options without being overwhelming. Nice ambiance as well- don't let the strip mall fool you. Service was friendly but not attentive. It took a while to get a menu after being seated and I waited 10 minutes (with servers/staff passing several times) to pay my bill and finally was told that you pay at the counter. Overall, I would recommend.
  • Photo of Dee_in_DE
    2 years ago
    I went to the Drip Cafe for lunch. Quiche was overbaked and not very appetizing. Prices were high. However, service was good. That is, if you like paying high prices for flavorless food with good service. :)
  • Photo of Kevin D
    2 years ago
    We just had brunch there and the food is different or you can have your normal staple of breakfast foods. The meals are very reasonably priced, fast service, plenty of refills on my coffee. I had the potatoe pancakes, with smoked salmon mmmm A must and worth the wait

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