Photo of Masa 14 in Washington, DC, US
Photo of Masa 14 in Washington, DC, US
Photo of Masa 14 in Washington, DC, US
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Masa 14

Sushi Restaurant

Masa 1424
brunch • tapas • flatbread • sushi rolls

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  • Photo of Arielle Harleman
    3 years ago
    thrillistdc Cheers to any joint that has happy hour seven days a week, especially when $4 margaritas are involved.
  • Photo of Thrillist DC
    4 years ago
    Cheers to any joint that has happy hour seven days a week, especially when $4 margaritas are involved.
  • Photo of DoctorGCP
    5 months ago
    We were able to get a table Saturday night with no issues. It was a beautiful night and were pleasantly surprised when we were seated on a rooftop deck. The waitress came over pretty quick to explain the menu. It's an Asian fusion tapas menu. We ordered drinks and a few plates. The food came out very quick. The sushi rolls are full sized rolls which is a great portion. The shrimp ceviche was drowning in coconut milk. Not sure why it was served that way, didn't really add to the flavor. The pork buns had a great flavor but not filled very full. The fried tofu was okay and the orange glaze made it edible. We also tried the salty edamame which seemed char grilled giving it a good but still. It good smokey flavor. I couldn't decide if I like them. The beef and pork meatballs had a good flavor and came out hot. We had already finished 2 food dishes by the time our drinks came out. The waitress was pleasant and talking to all her tables except she had like 7 tables and it stretched her too thin. People were left going to the bar for drink or waiting trying to flag her down. She needed more help. She did bring us a round of drinks on the house which was super nice as she was recognizing how long it took to get the first round. So she was aware but annoyed that no one ran her drinks for her. They have unlimited food plates for $45 and unlimited food and drinks for $60. Could be a good deal if you're hungry. I though the portions were a decent size.
  • Photo of truongkv
    5 months ago
    With no reservation, we arrived at Masa 14 around 6:00PM on Saturday and was able to get a good table on the roof top. It's a very nice space! The drinks were reasonably priced and the food was good. We had prosciutto flat bread, stir-fried calamari, and Thai shrimp ceviche, and Ancho Rubbed Beef Brisket. Everything was well-presented and taste decent. Something different from other restaurants.
  • Photo of stuartmn
    5 months ago
    Partner and I went to Masa 14 tonight. Had always avoided it because 1: it is a tapas bar, which we assumed meant very small portions, and 2: to tell the truth, it looked a bit like a "poser" hangout... very sleek interior full of well dressed, nice looking young people. (Yes, very judgmental!) HOWEVER... Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by London, who also waited on us. We ordered four plates: Brussels sprouts, shrimp in a sauce thing, Korean steak, and calamari. We loved it! Each plate was interestingly spiced and wonderful. Amazingly, each portion was large for tapas, and we were fully sated by the end of the meal. We are picky diners, we have lived in many parts of the world, and we have enjoyed many cuisines. We are always looking for "value for money." We will definitely be back to Masa 14, and we will bring our friends. A special hats off to London, who really impressed us! The only downside: the bathrooms could be cleaner. Fairly or unfairly, I think the cleanliness of the bathroom in a restaurant says something about the cleanliness of the kitchen.
  • Photo of Terri S
    5 months ago
    I don't usually go to Tapas restaurants because I'm afraid of paying a lot and leaving hungry, but this place filled the bill for delicious and healthy helpings. It is unlimited Tapas, and we got a groupon. The shrimp cerviche was worth seconds. Not too spicy and a sweet edge to it. Not a lot of shrimp, but they were cooked well and the mangos and cucumbers were so refreshing. The thai wings were great. Again, they were sweet but not to sweet, and tender. Skip the porkbelly. My friends recommend the fried shrimp. It looks beige, but they ordered seconds.
  • Photo of Chris C
    6 months ago
    I wish that I could give this restaurant a 5 star; however, the service was very underwhelming. Our waitress was unfriendly with an unacceptable attitude. She did not smile, offer suggestions and like us asking questions. Frankly, she acted as if she didn't want to be working that evening. The food quality was exceptional and top-notch. It was very fresh and full of savory spices. This is a great place for a casual get together or intimate date night. The restaurant is located in the fun and lively Logan / U Street corridor. On weekend nights the area is filled with great nightlife!
  • Photo of Mark N
    6 months ago
    My wife and I joined another couple for brunch recently. Two things stand out, if one person has the prix fixe, all persons must have the prix fixe. Kind of makes sense, but at $40 per person with the given menu, I'll pass next time. Service was ok, food quality average, and the music way too loud. And the waitress mixed up our checks (you don't have to pay for alcohol). Maybe you'll have a better experience...apparently the roof deck is much nicer.
  • Photo of Auroras_Musings
    6 months ago
    I'm very torn about Masa 14. The food was so delectable. I personally had the yummiest Pork Buns ever(and some other small plates). It had a crunch and a tang, with a kick. My family member ordered two plates and one never came out so it was taken off the bill. Now the service was bad. The waiter had this odd "I don't care" type of attitude. The worst part was he would disappear for twenty minutes at a time. Bad service can ruin a good meal... in this case I think it did. The environment was so cool but a little dark for my liking. This place has good food just it will take a long time to get out of there because of the service.
  • Photo of Donaldo H
    6 months ago
    After some 5 dinners over two years, we really enjoy the diversity and hipness of Masa 14. But the reason for writing this review immediately is the attentiveness and helpfulness of the hostess, Milenia, in resolving some confusion over our bill. It was a simple issue of the wrong bill, but she treated it as a major flaw, made everything right, gave unasked-for credit against our bill, and made us want to return very soon. BTW, we absolutely love the grilled brussell sprouts and caulliflour as well as the great caipirinhas. Enjoy Masa 14 any night of the week.
  • Photo of thedarchman
    7 months ago
    Chose this venue to celebrate daughters 18th. Glad we booked and had a table away from the bar area which would have been too noisy . Great selection of tapas inspired dishes kept flowing and we gobbled them up . We had chosen the all you can eat option , two of us with the drinks included , two food only as too young to drink . Rightly the unlimited drinks are restricted to certain house wines and beers etc but you couldnt have a soft drink in that option ... most strange. They also need some non alcoholic cocktails . Anyway great service and great food
  • Photo of TheAdventuresofET
    7 months ago
    The food has an interesting concept... Asian, American and S American fusion. If you are used to going to dumpling restaurants, it is kinda awkward that Masa 14 calls their dumplings (and everything in the menu) as tapas. Service: Great service. The only downside is that they have limited servers on a Saturday night dinner rush hour. Took awhile to have the order taken and took awhile to get the check. However, once the order is placed, food came out back to back within 10 mins in between. It's a great wait time if you're busy talking with friends. I'll say the servers (the one that take your orders and gives your check) are not attentive. Food: the food is great. Recommend the satay and the pork adobo. The only downside of the pork adobo is that they only give you 5 small pieces of the meat then the rest is just peppers. A little bit disappointing. The sushi were in the okay range... nothing special about them other than the fusion combinations. Ambiance: This spot is a great place to hang out with friends and it can get loud during rush hour dinner. Other reviews mentioned about rooftop. It was not open when I visited on Saturday night around 7pm. Reservations: They pretend that they take reservations but they never honor them once you arrive. You are still expected to wait for 10-15 mins for a table (about the same waiting time as the walk-ins).
  • Photo of Henchmon
    7 months ago
    Got here around 2:30 on a Saturday for late lunch with party of 4. We were seated on the rooftop, per our request. Well, things did not start out well. Took awhile to get drinks and then for our order as they were just finishing up brunch. Despite this VERY slow start, which almost caused us to leave, they picked up the pace and served us reasonably well thereafter. We were pleased with this place. The food was phenomenal and the atmosphere was cool - music and ambience very hip. Drinks were good too -- We had moscow mules and mojitos, both very good. This place serves tapas. We had about 6 or 7 tapas. The edamame was great, asian buns fantastic as well as the salmon and beef. Really, all of the tapas were very good. We would go back.
  • Photo of Gerald P
    7 months ago
    I was there this past weekend with a Groupon but probably would have paid full price. As of now they have two options parring ordering ala carte of the menu. $45 unlimited tapas and $60 unlimited tapas and drinks. Great happy hour it looks like and great staff and service as well. If you are looking just to have that one big meal while traveling this is the place to go. I will be back.
  • Photo of paxa
    7 months ago
    Was here for brunch a while ago so this time went for dinner. Opted to sit on the second floor rooftop patio which was not big and didn't look out on much - the most interesting view being a new apartment building across the street - but a really nice space, all natural colored wooden high tables along the sides with good spacing, small colorful sail shaped awnings overhead - although not very practical for sun or rain. It was just after 6 pm so happy hour was still on with the $5 mojito which was a good deal, so were the crunchy shrimp and meatballs for $7 each. Also tried the vulcano and spicy tuna tamakis, both nicely rolled and quite tasty but pricey at $7 a piece. The beef brisket and crispy brussel sprouts were also very tasty - the sprouts especially so, deeply scorched and browned and indeed crispy and flavorful. Somewhat laid back but friendly service, and orders came promptly. A good place to go for happy hour or dinner especially when made more budget friendly with a current Groupon deal. Note that if you want draft beer you can't get it on the rooftop, not sure why they have this divide since all the food seems to be brought up from downstairs anyway.
  • Photo of ValleycoastOneTravel
    My brother found this hidden gem in D.C. for a celebration Brunch for my nephew's high school graduation. We loved the rooftop for our Saturday brunch! Decent price for the fabulous food! My favorites, Black-bean, tofu, citrus salad, breakfast egg tacos, and bacon quiche! Seems like the portions are small, but don't be deceived because we were stuffed by the end of this meal! Nice wait staff! Check it out!
  • Photo of blossom573
    9 months ago
    My sis and I started our day with catching a show at the Lincoln theatre from there we walked less than 8 minutes to Masa 14. We sat upstairs because it was such a beautiful day. Omg our server Ricky was amazing, attentive , and funny. He suggested great bites and an amazing drink. He was on point from start to finish. He even sung me the best birthday melody I've ever received. The services was excellent the atmosphere was spectacular. Next was storm the bartender OMG what a voice... he kept the place jumping with his beautiful multi range . Storm and Ricky are two reasons I would come back. The food small plate menu was yummy. Definitely a great spot to dine and enjoy family time.
  • Photo of Ross7573
    9 months ago
    We had a great time, dining on the rooftop. The tables are well spaced, although the only options are high-tops. The tapas style dishes meant we could order a lot of different things. The crispy shrimp was so good ,we ordered a second! And the yucca fries were unexpected, especially with the green chili sauce. And the prosciutto flatbread was outrageously good. 2 of us shared five dishes, and were very satisfied.
  • Photo of Keith K
    9 months ago
    I went with a friend for an 11:30am reservation. The place was already full. We had a short wait for our table. A good seat near the window. Our waiter was super nice and helpful. The drinks came reasonably fast however, the food was slow in getting out from the kitchen. The dishes are Tapas style . We each ordered two choices for a combination of 4 plates. One came nearly an hour after the order and in between we ordered other dishes. Some of the dishes were cold, not even warm but cold, l.e.breakfast taco eggs. The food was average, nothing spectacular to rave about. The BLT only had bacon on one of the sandwiches. One of the dishes came so late that we had already ordered our desert, eaten it and were waiting for our check. The ambiance was nice, our waiter did what he could to assist and the manager came and asked about our experience. We shared with him some of the challenges to that point; however, the experience for the price was underwhelming. I would not recommend this restaurant.
  • Photo of ohmiflail88
    9 months ago
    The food just wasn't anything special. The waitress was good. Ambience was ok. Seems to be a popular spot for young professionals.
  • Photo of thegangof4inNJ
    10 months ago
    We had a great time here and sampled the happy hour menu. Everything was very tasty and it was $5 Mojito Mondays! Though service could have been faster and more attentive.
  • Photo of TravelingGuy4400
    Food was good quality, but I wouldn't suggest getting the "Unlimited" tapas menu; the portions are decent sized and reasonably priced. You would need to order a lot of food to get your money out of the unlimited. Service was slow on a Friday night, so by the time we could get more tapas, people were generally full.

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