Photo of International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, US
Photo of International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, US
Photo of International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, US
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International Spy Museum

Tourist Attraction

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  • Photo of Nick M
    5 months ago
    wife and I did the tour of the Spy museum also did the Operation Spy. The museum is great very informative. The operation Spy in the museum is very chaotic and a bit rushed. would be better if it was done like an Escape room scenario. The audio screens were hard to understand
  • Photo of Angelique4
    5 months ago
    Overpriced and boring. Save your money and don't go!! We took our two teenage sons. We were told at the cashier that they were the perfect age for it. I don't think anyone is the perfect age for it!!!
  • Photo of Coleman21
    5 months ago
    Certainly worth a visit, especially if you lived through the Cold War and intrigued by the ways that the super powers keeper tabs on what the other was up to. Loved the James Bond section, if fantasy is your thing
  • Photo of darlynec2017
    5 months ago
    One of my families favorites when in DC Kids of all ages will love this especially adults .. great facts about spies and if you can fit in one of the interactive games especially operation spy .. super fun especially for young teens and tweens
  • Photo of Oceanblue16
    5 months ago
    Great interactive museum. My daughter is ten and she had a blast here. If you are looking for something to do with your kids, I would recommend it. It will take up a few hours. You do have to pay to get into this museum.
  • Photo of CottonDad
    5 months ago
    The spy museum does an excellent job of providing an interactive environment for kids and adults. We traveled with our 12 and 14 year old sons and they both got into the family missions. They enjoyed finding and deciphering the clues. The James Bond exhibit was so much fun and the history of spying was fascinating. My personal favorite of the tour was seeing a genuine enigma machine. The technology that went into and goes into spying is mind boggling. I think there was enough to see that I could go again and still enjoy the tour. Great museum experience. It was worth the cost of admission.
  • Photo of George M
    5 months ago
    We were already in our hotel room in DC when I accessed their website. Trying to buy tickets online, I found they need to be printed. So, I tried calling to see if we could get in at one of their set times (per the web). Referred to voicemail promising to return my call within 24 hours, I abandoned attempts to contact them. We just taxied over there and found only a very small line, got tickets immediately, and were shown in right away, no worries about a fixed schedule. Having entered, we were asked to choose an identity (to play a spy) and remember the details. We did that, but it never came up again. Must have been some disconnect. Nevertheless, we self-guided ourselves through many, many display areas and audio/video displays. There was much information and spy implements from WWI, WWII, the cold war, and even modern devices for comparison. The displays included ideas for deception and spying from ancient cultures up to today. Just when we thought it was over, we entered a huge display based on the famous James Bond of British fiction. It included his famous car, videos, life-sized images from the films, and more. The gift shop at the exit even featured a lot of James Bond themed merchandise as well as clothing and toys in the spy theme. They said that soon they will be moving to even larger space to expand the museum. If you're in D.C., this is a museum not to miss. It's terrific.
  • Photo of Marina K
    5 months ago
    We had some spare time and stopped by this Museum as it was very close to where we stayed. Wouldn't take time to visit otherwise, unless traveling with a 10 y.o. interested in spies. Museum itself had some amusing things on display, along with some interesting stories and it was fine. Besides museum visit our tickets included a spy experience which we didn't like at all. Directions wasn't very clear and the whole "mission" got pretty chaotic. We shared this experience with a bunch of strangers with young kids who was very excited but a bit confused. I would say it could've be better if we would go on the "mission" with friends just to have fun, but it felt like the waste of time instead...
  • Photo of Kim R
    5 months ago
    The Spy Museum is by far the best museum in D.C. The tour guides make the experience so much fun. There are exhibits that show cases of espionage involving celebrities and the actual James Bond car is at the museum.
  • Photo of degd127
    5 months ago
    Always cool. It's become a little more sensationalist than historical recently (think more "James Bond" and less "Spies in WW2" type thing), but well presented. History, war, intelligence and cool-gadget enthusiasts will like it especially, and they have something for everyone.
  • Photo of scottee
    5 months ago
    Spend nearly 2 hrs in here and didn't read everything. So informative about spy's from all over the world dating back centuries. Well set out and good value. If you are a James Bond fan you'll really love it.
  • Photo of Becky P
    5 months ago
    We arrived to late to go to the museum itself but the store is super cool with lots of gadgets, books, and cool souvenirs.
  • Photo of Shirley C
    5 months ago
    A must see. We spent hours here great fun. Informative and interactive. We left after 4 hours as we had somewhere else to be. No rush and all staff were great.
  • Photo of Melissa H
    5 months ago
    The Spy museum was fun and interesting. There are a lot of interactive activities that are fun for all ages. One could easily spend hours there and not get bored. They also allow you to come back as many times as you want on the same day. We also opted to do one of the Spy experiences. It wasn't quite what I expected. It was more of a show that you were a part of, but everything is set up to turn out a specific way. I've done a few escape rooms before and so I was a little disappointed in this activity and wish we hadn't spent the money on it. Having said that, I do feel like it would be a fun experience for maybe 14 years and younger.
  • Photo of Samantha J
    5 months ago
    Part of dc explorer pass selection. Great deal and really good layout. Could easily spend three hours there. Lots of exhibits and interesting items and interactive things. Would definitely return.
  • Photo of Cheryl878
    5 months ago
    Some interesting things to see and experience. I moved through the first part rather quickly to be sure I saw it all only to find that way too much time is spent on the James Bind films. That being said, if you are a Bond fan. It is a must see. Also given all the Smithsonian are free it is hard to pay over $20 for admission.
  • Photo of Lamont J
    5 months ago
    I love my time their. Not that many people their. You have to go early as soon as the doors open up. The employees their were helpful. Your first mission was to pick a cover then see if you could remember everything about your cover. Love the James Bond artifacts. Love the celebrity spy section.
  • Photo of 5265wanda
    5 months ago
    Our visit to the International Spy Museum was a eye opening experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the Museum. The Museum charges a fee per person and you can purchase discount tickets occasionally on Groupon. On Saturdays they have a line waiting to enter the Museum. The technology and design behind the spy equipment is inconceivable. You could see the bright eyes and hear the excitement of the children as they looked at the exhibits. The gift shop sells the wildest and most unique gifts that I have ever seen. If you have to purchase a gift for a child, young person, or an adult be sure to check out the gift shop. The Spy Museum is about two short blocks from The Quarter. The street that is lined with great restaurants . Another Smithsonian Museum is right across the street. A beautiful high end hotel is less then two short blocks away. A great visit for everyone from seniors to small children. ( not as interesting for toddlers) My tip is to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Photo of Jayson266
    5 months ago
    the setup is great for this museum dedicated to international spies. You find a fake name and profile from one of dozens in the opening room...them you go to the briefing room and see a short film about the theme of the museum...once inside your on a mission using your fake name, going to numerous stations and trying your skill at code breaking and other things. There are looped film playing throughout showing real life spies and how they helped the USA or got caught doing the downstairs exhibit, there is a display for 50 years of James Bond with tons of real cool stuff, along with facts and info about 007.
  • Photo of caretaker21
    5 months ago
    You need to allow 3 + hours to get the best out of this venue. It is of interest to kids and adults. Get your Maxwell Smart on and go for a visit.

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