Photo of National World War II Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
Photo of National World War II Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
Photo of National World War II Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
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National World War II Memorial

Monument / Landmark

National World War II Memorial34.5
greatest generation • honor flight • men and women • beautiful tribute

1750 Independence Ave. Sw
Washington DC, DC 20024, US
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  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    2 years ago
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  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    2 years ago
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  • Photo of Paul Asel
    3 years ago
    Triumphal memorial to US role in WWII. Very different rendering than Vietnam and Korea War Memorials.
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  • Photo of Erm106
    3 months ago
    The last time we were in washington dc this memorial was not there so we decided to visit. Visit early morning or late afternoon as it can get very hot, not enough shaded area. No restrooms available.
  • Photo of disney23mickey
    3 months ago
    Definitely see at night and during the day. The waterfalls are beautiful. Great camera shots from waterfall to monument
  • Photo of surfercharlie
    3 months ago
    This Memorial was being constructed the last time I was in D.C., so it was really nice to be able to return and see it. It is awe inspiring. What a great way to memorialize those who served in World War II.
  • Photo of DRLaskeyTrips
    3 months ago
    Stopped at this memorial on our walk through the national mall and it was a site to see.There are two side a Atlantic and Pacific side with pillars for each state that has states name on it with a big fountain in the middle. Offers great views of surroundings memorials too.
  • Photo of 35jaberj
    3 months ago
    Sad memories of all fallen men/women contributed their lives for our freedom. Located in the heart of Washington DC.
  • Photo of Josephine J
    3 months ago
    We visited this memorial during the day and at night. It’s a lovely memorial but a few children were paddling in it! It is well placed to visit in the middle of the mall and not far from the whitehouse. We visited it again as part of a city night tour and it was truly beautiful.
  • Photo of Cathy M
    3 months ago
    We stopped for quite a while here. My hubby's dad flew in the Pacific Theater and we're in DC for his burial at Arlington Cemetery. It's a visually stunning memorial and very meaningful with all of the states represented.
  • Photo of pkincell
    3 months ago
    Of all the amazing monuments in DC I feel that this is one of the best for simply stopping for quiet reflection at the unbelievable sacrifices that were made during this history changing conflict. Take time to walk round the whole circumference, read the place names, listen to the gentle waters in the fountains reminding us that life goes on, and it does so because of all the bravery in WW2. Take a look up towards the Lincoln Memorial and then down to the Washington Memorial and drink in the history. There are plenty of places to stop and sit down to gather your thoughts and think of loved ones. I will end with a teaser... see if you can find the cheeky but well known inscription on the monument (visible at ground level so no climbing necessary) of 'Kilroy was here'.
  • Photo of KJB51862
    3 months ago
    Some of the survivors from WWII were there the day we visited which made this beautiful memorial even more memorable.
  • Photo of neeko215
    3 months ago
    Really nice memorial to WWII. However, sometimes there are issues with tourists wading or swimming the fountain... I have no idea why they think this is ok/not disrespectful. Visitors from the US like to find their state pillar and take a picture in front of it.
  • Photo of KEITH10
    3 months ago
    Until our visit I had no idea of how large this memorial is and all that is part of it. The memorial is powerful and includes a very thoughtful design. We were fortunate that there was a volunteer representing the memorial who took a lot of time to point out the symbolism of various parts of the memorial. The memorial recognizes all that died in the military fighting to keep us free and shows the involvement of each state and USA territory in the War and that the war spanned both the Pacific and Atlantic locations. A must see site.
  • Photo of Aaren T
    3 months ago
    Avoid the weekend crowd. We went on a Saturday and then on a Monday and it's amazing the difference of atmosphere. Beautiful to see and to remember the history of our nation.
  • Photo of Mckenziel3327
    3 months ago
    This memorial is absolutely stunning either day or night. Definitely provides a venue for reflecting on the sacrifice of those who served.
  • Photo of mjr1207
    3 months ago
    This memorial meant the most to me because my father was in the war and survived it. The beauty and the recognition it holds was more than I had anticipated. My dad's name had been submitted to the memorial officials. Because of that we were able to find his picture, name, rank and a short paragraph submitted by a family member on the kiosk outside of the Information Center. That made it extra special.
  • Photo of Theresa   M H
    3 months ago
    This is awesome words cannot describe how beautiful this is and how nice it looks at night. History is so powerful....
  • Photo of RyanAndTiffany
    3 months ago
    I recommend visiting all the monuments and memorials at night when the lights are on. The lights and water really make for a peaceful visit.
  • Photo of Shane n
    3 months ago
    This a tremendous memorial to the 400,000 plus Americans that lost their lives in this war which is almost the same as the UK, Australia and New Zealanders in the same conflict The memorial is divided into the Atlantic and Pacific fronts and provides a lasting tribute to all of the lives lost to the idea of democracy
  • Photo of rpszone
    3 months ago
    it is a reminder of who stood by us to defeat the axis powers in WWII.. it is a grand is on the mall just across the road from the washington monument..worth a visit.
  • Photo of Ed W
    3 months ago
    The WW2 monument is an amazing addition to the existing monuments. A true testimony to the heroic actions of these heroes. A must see and walk when visiting the area.
  • Photo of Gaye N
    3 months ago
    An outstanding well looked after memorial dedicated to all the men and women from all over the commonwealth and the United States who fought all those miles away so we could have our lives now.

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