Photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
Photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
Photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC, DC, US
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Monument / Landmark

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial14.5
tidal basin • water features • great depression • fdr's presidency

1850 West Basin Dr Sw
Washington DC, DC 20242, US
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  • Photo of Paul Asel
    3 years ago
    Expansive FDR Memorial resells his role in assuaging the Great Depression and leading the U.S. Efforts in WWII
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  • Photo of theprincessandqueen
    The FDR Memorial is an interesting place to visit. You learn a lot about the history of FDR as a person and how he shaped the US during the New Deal etc. Good photo opportunities as well.
  • Photo of mcars302
    5 months ago
    What a great tribute to FDR. Everyone should visit and take the time to read the inscriptions, what a difficult and trying time in our history. I loved how the First Lady was incorporated in this thoughtful memorial.
  • Photo of Paisajista
    5 months ago
    We use to review memorials as if they were hotels, and they are not, they relate to important events and experiences of the American People and deserves respect. This one is not only historically relevant to the Us, it is also a master piece of landscape architecture. It is humble, does not try to be a monument just a place to reflect in peace, and even though it does not scape your memory.
  • Photo of theatremaria
    5 months ago
    This is by far the most interesting of all the beautiful memorials in the city. Well laid out with lots of information that you might not have known. See it at night for a completely different effect.
  • Photo of disney23mickey
    5 months ago
    4 sections. All well done. Need a guide to appreciate all 4 sections. Beautifully done. Nice to see at night too.
  • Photo of surfercharlie
    5 months ago
    The FDR Memorial goes on for a long time and is quite large. I think this is appropriate since he was our longest serving president. There are quotes from all four terms of his presidency, and the display goes on for a long time. It is very nicely done.
  • Photo of adoral955
    5 months ago
    We walked through the whole Memorial and it is such a lovely peaceful place to be. The Statues are exquisite and both his and First LadyEleanor's voice is truly heard. Beautiful place.
  • Photo of Samuel J
    5 months ago
    Outstanding monument and tribute to our former President. Reading the writings on the wall made the waling worth while. FDR was great for our nation as a leader.
  • Photo of Garrett H
    5 months ago
    The Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial was my favorite Memorial in all of Washington, D.C. It's large with lots of beauty. It was mostly quiet until the very last part which made it awesome to just stroll through and ponder the powerful FDR quotes carved into the massive stones. This entire Memorial is beautiful! Make sure you see this one.
  • Photo of KJB51862
    5 months ago
    This memorial was very well done-walking you through each of FDR's terms in a beautiful and peaceful setting.
  • Photo of DRLaskeyTrips
    5 months ago
    This monument is stretched out and has alot of water falls and rocky areas with water. Many monuments statues throughout. This area is all flat no issues with stroller and does have restrooms.
  • Photo of KEITH10
    5 months ago
    The memorial is amazing and very well thought out. There are four major sections to the memorial that commemorate each of FDR's four terms in office. It is a must to see.
  • Photo of Aaren T
    5 months ago
    This is my second time here, once when I was younger. This memorial is well done. Tons of great quotes by FDR written on the walls. Loved that the statue included his dog and that there was one or the first lady as well!
  • Photo of Gaye N
    5 months ago
    What a great memorial that covers so much ground. The inscriptions on the walls the different statues and friezes really made you think. Loved the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt and the one of FDR and his little dog, and I'm Scottish.
  • Photo of Félix C
    5 months ago
    Roosevelt's messages are captured around this excellent memorial. Well distributed to capture his legacy is also very accessible to anyone in wheelchair. It helps to visit with a guide to get the whole meaning of the memorial.
  • Photo of hodomann
    5 months ago
    so tastefully is magnificent as it treats each of FDR's 4 terms, separately and highlights its accomplishments...we were so lucky that he was POTUS back then
  • Photo of Brian K
    5 months ago
    What makes this memorial so different from all the others are the waterfalls. Nighttime is ideal for visiting, as it's less crowded than the rest of the day, and the power -- the sound -- of the water is in full effect. It's lit just enough to see each individual monument but not so much that you don't feel each area as a separate step in FDR's journey.
  • Photo of Amber v
    5 months ago
    When walking around the Memorial a sense of peace is felt. Being away from traffic, surrounded with the lake and trees, totally worth the walk. The monument shows the 3 terms of Roosevelts presidency with quotes and statues.
  • Photo of Ron D
    5 months ago
    There were several different walls and statues to see in this exhibit. Loved the sayings on the walls. So many wise sayings to think about. Loved the one of Eleanor also.
  • Photo of Sue M
    6 months ago
    We walked around the lake to view the Memorials and it was lovely. Just to be able to take your own time and view so much of America's history. A great way to see so much.

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