Photo of Shake Shack in Westport, CT, US
Photo of Shake Shack in Westport, CT, US
Photo of Shake Shack in Westport, CT, US
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Shake Shack

Burger Joint

Shake Shack43.5
fries • burger • beef • frozen custard

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  • Photo of Juice Fong
    3 years ago
    Try the burger.
  • Photo of Peter Najarian
    3 years ago
    Love it
  • Photo of Ryan Felner
    4 years ago
  • Photo of Ryan Felner
    4 years ago
  • Photo of DougDavidoff
    5 months ago
    I maybe the last person in America to try Shake Shack for the first time. This week, I did, at the location in Westport. I had a very good time, eating with three friends at the front corner table on the outdoor terrace. Our burgers were quite tasty, but not quite as large as I expected. The fries was smooth and melt-in-your-mouth good. Inside, the order area and indoor dining was frigid cold! And it's odd that Shake Shack's parking spaces for the handicapped are next to stairs up to the restaurant, whereas a ramp to roll up to the restaurant is across an elevated terrace from the handicapped parking spaces.
  • Photo of Sandy R
    5 months ago
    Had the Shake Burger with fries and Fanta soda. Tried the mushroom burger but it had too much cheese for my taste! Always a fun time at Shake Shack!
  • Photo of Stacy M
    5 months ago
    Unsure how anyone can eat there. Food tastes like hockey pucks. My daughter enjoyed the milk shake and hey were fast. Unsure I would eat there again
  • Photo of MahonenTravellingFIN
    Good quality burgers with fries on the side. But better aim for the Burgers, Fries and Shakes, leave the Hot dogs. Weirdly, a bit pricy for fast food..
  • Photo of RWVal
    5 months ago
    Had never been to a Shake Shack before and weren't disappointed. Burgers were fresh and perfectly cooked (actually a little pink--not a bad thing). Shakes were the real deal. Fries not bad but nothing special. A little pricy but on a par with Five Guys and other premium burger places.
  • Photo of birch72017
    5 months ago
    So, I reckoned I'd go see what all this fuss was about. Was this just a mcdonald's on steroids (ok, the prices sure are) or was it really a fantastic new thing. I am hard pressed to give this a 2 out of 5 rating. The food is fine, but hold the salt!!!! A small burger (i didn't go double), small fries and a rather small milkshake came in at $14.72 - not a small price. While filling, the primary taste that came through to me was SALT!!!! The burger and fries were coated in it - so whether this is just an issue of Westport or if this is the way the organization believes food should be served is the question. PT Barnum put it best - "there's a sucker born every minute" - I'm of the opinion that Shake Shack figured that one out.
  • Photo of Carlupi
    7 months ago
    I cannot understand the hype about this place. I go once in a while because my kids like it, but there is always a long wait at this Shake Shack, which consistently delivers a mediocre hamburger and limpid fries and often messes up your order.
  • Photo of Jeff C
    8 months ago
    Enjoyed a very good lunch at Shake Shack. They now offer Gluten-Free buns, a nice addition to the menu. Fries are not GF, however.
  • Photo of DavidofFairfield
    8 months ago
    We've been to this Shake Shack probably 20 times or more. The burgers are great, so are the milk shakes and fries. The problem we've had repeatedly is orders not being filled properly. For example, burger with the wrong toppings, burgers with toppings missing, the bun-less "In The Grass" burgers, that are supposed to be completely wrapped in lettuce leaves, having just one leaf on top. Inconsistent taste of the same flavor of shakes, most are good, but too many are not. In my opinion, this comes down to poor training of employees and high turn over of staff. We're there every week and rarely see a familiar face. So if you can deal with marching back to the service window to get them to correct their mistakes, the food is tasty... eventually.
  • Photo of maisiemom
    9 months ago
    I agree with what some of the others have said about the food being good but the amount/size is stingy and it's pricey. It also felt like we waited forever for our food to be ready. I ordered the 'shrm burger and was disappointed because I didn't realize the mushroom was breaded. I brought it up to the counter and they basically told me "that's the burger you ordered". The cheese fries were very good but again stingy with the cheese. Both my daughters ordered the brownie batter shakes and said they were delicious.
  • Photo of Olive54
    9 months ago
    I really thought the burger was delicious. Even the bun was so good. A nice sweetness with the sauce they put on and there is a little crisp to the burger that is nice. Although I didn't get a shake this visit, I will next time. I hear they are amazing.
  • Photo of SusB962
    9 months ago
    The menu selection is good, the burgers taste good, french fries are good, but they are pretty stingy with the amount they give you, and there are good drinks options to choose from. I hardly ever eat there as it is usually too crowded to score a clean table, but service is pretty quick so I can drive over on my lunch hour, get some food, and then have time to drive back and enjoy it.
  • Photo of Edwin H
    9 months ago
    The food is tasty and fresh. The menu offers fries, and a good selection of burgers and chicken sandwiches. You order at the window and they give you a pager that will vibrate and flash when your order is ready. This allows you to find a table to sit while waiting for your meal. The parking lot gets full pretty fast....seems like many others also enjoy the food. I would eat here again.
  • Photo of jcl08
    9 months ago
    This is just a hamburger joint but do not mistake it for classic "fast food". It has a decent meanie for all. It is clean, food cooked to order, tables for families, friendly service... great place for a quick evening out with the kids. Easily a family staple.
  • Photo of Marian T
    a year ago
    The burgers are good, not great. They got my order wrong, had no ketchup in the dispensers, no cups in the cup holder and no one cleaning tables. It was busy, but not overly so. It's more expensive than other fast food, so they should get it right.
  • Photo of Sak3md
    a year ago
    for a fast food burger it just doesn't get better--the smokestack burger is one of my favorite burgers ever--just perfect.
  • Photo of FredSiegel
    a year ago
    This place is ok but frankly Wendy's is better. Took long to get my food (and place was empty), burger was very salty and the soda was mostly ice. Staff nice enough but not really worth the money given the experience.
  • Photo of Scott S
    a year ago
    A great little find was craving a hamburger and shake got exactly what i was craving for a bit more than i expected all in all a good time thanks
  • Photo of pkrissel
    a year ago
    This is a decent burger joint. My family loves it. I think the burgers are good, but not up to the hype. The fries also seem mediocre. I did like that you can have a Portabello mushroom on your burger. Shakes are real ice cream, as you would expect in a place that has shakes in its name. There are very limited options if you are the non-burger fan in your group. Since you pick up at a window, there is no service to rate. They did make a mistake on our order and left out a burger, so it was quite a long wait for one of us to eat while the rest ate their food while still fresh.
  • Photo of always2nice
    a year ago
    This location is probably one of the best shake shacks around. Extremely clean and the food is deliciously fresh!

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