Photo of Louis' Lunch in New Haven, CT, US
Photo of Louis' Lunch in New Haven, CT, US
Photo of Louis' Lunch in New Haven, CT, US
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Louis' Lunch

American Restaurant

Louis' Lunch34
potato salad • hamburger • bread • patties

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  • Photo of Kate Poole
    2 months ago
    Oldest burger joint
  • Photo of Scott Rey
    4 years ago
    Famous as the inventor of the Hamburger, you can get very simple yet delicious sandwiches. No condiments and only velveeta cheese!
  • Photo of Scott Rey
    4 years ago
    This place claims to have invented the hamburger! Ask for a cheese and a Birch!
  • Photo of danpan066
    4 months ago
    Was in New Haven by myself and went out of my way to try Louis' Lunch as I have seen it on food shows and read about it for years. Got there about 20 minutes before it opened and line was already about 15 deep. They ultimately shuffled us in and I got a seat at the counter. The Place was very old school ( I mean that in a good way)and the burger cooking irons are absolutely cool and unique to this place. They jam the customers in here and since I was at the counter I was getting bumped into now and then, not that I cared. Got the burger and the potato salad and regrettably neither were anything special. The burger needed some seasoning so I requested salt and pepper which took a while since the staff is very busy, and the potato salad was average. Definitely was worth a look but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.
  • Photo of Justin W
    4 months ago
    I had lived in New Haven for two years and Louie's Lunch was just around the corner from me and I never ate their the entire time I was a resident of New Haven. I was up for the Yale vs Cornell football game and I knew the concession stand at the field is limited so I had much before I went to the game. I am glad I did because the hamburger was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the place was mobbed at opening. When I mean that the burgers are non-traditional, they are steamed instead of fried or barbecued the regular way in a machine that is over a hundred years old. The freshly ground burger meat is placed in the machine and steam cooked. There is also no ketchup served here. The topping is either American Cheese, a slice of onion or fresh sliced tomato or nothing. It is also served on two slices of bread instead of a bun. There is also limited seating. The burgers are perfectly cooked. I had mine well-done and it was still juicy and well cooked. It had a nice rich beef flavor to it as you could tell the meat was high quality and just ground that day. It also had a crisp slightly salted crust to the outside. You could taste it in every bite. They also served chips and fresh pie. I had a burger and a Pepsi and that was fine with me. The owner is really friendly and takes a lot of pride in the food in his establishment.
  • Photo of Simone D
    4 months ago
    Don't even ask for ketchup heathen! No fries, no condiments, no parking! If you can survive, you're in for one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, Want a tip? Just let them do their thing and take your burger the way they suggest. They've been at it a while!
  • Photo of PerryOtis
    4 months ago
    It's a must visit Even if it's a snack..... easy place to get in and out, friendly, and a one of a kind! I am happy to visit back home
  • Photo of Bonnie L
    4 months ago
    The burger was average. Cooked one way, rare. Two slices of white bread, toasted, with onion, tomato and cheese. The potato salad was ok, but dry and not very flavorful. The building is iconic. Go once to say that you have been, but don't expect much for quality or serving size.
  • Photo of John M
    5 months ago
    Hold the ketchup and the bun. Just a spiced burger with optional onions and tomato on toasted white bread. Unique eatery -the birth of the burger. Limited tables / booths.
  • Photo of JohnOFranP
    5 months ago
    Even if you don't eat meat, stop by for the atmosphere and potato salad. Perhaps, if you ask nicely they might even make you a grilled cheese sandwich! Such great folks and food.
  • Photo of foodjunkie447
    5 months ago
    The best place for a burger made to perfecrion whether during the day or on a walk back from a night out. A must go. Absolute delicious and friendly atmosphere.
  • Photo of adi_pundak_mintz
    5 months ago
    This is the place that invented Hamburgers. Respect! It has remained simple and close to its origin. No ketchup. No French fries. No bun, just toasted sliced bread. Did I say simple? Hamburgers are grilled in century old iron casket in a vertices position. Expect long lines Order more than you think as dishes are small and wait for another can be frustrating. Service is rough. It is a very small place with charm, but some people are easily disappointed
    6 months ago
    Louis' Luch is an old little restaurant that claims to be the place where the first hamburger was made, they have a friendly environment, furniture from the 1800's, the hamburger antique press is their invention and the 5 meat burger is delicious. I will recommend changing the modern sandwich bread for one that looks more rustic and attunes to the ambiance.
  • Photo of nytexano
    6 months ago
    Not knowing if their claim to have invented the hamburger is accurate, I can attest that the hamburger they serve, in the ambiance of history they serve it in, is well-worth the experience.
  • Photo of bilasi
    6 months ago
    This place claims to be the first hamburger made in the USA. It is very small and unique. They cook the hamburger on a vertical old fashion grill. They only have hamburgers and steak sandwiches, no fries, very limited. The hamburger consists of a homemade ground beef, a slice of onion, tomato and I believe they put cheeze whiz on the American toasted bread and that's it. Do Not and I repeat Do Not ask for ketchup. You cannot have it your way.
  • Photo of Jenn K
    6 months ago
    The burgers were spot on, the guys working were very friendly and comical. Glad we made a stop to Louise Lunch! Cheeseburger with the works is the way to go, I don't even like tomato but it made the burger! Great selection of drinks, chips, and the potato salad!
  • Photo of Rocket D
    6 months ago
    yes, odd title for a 110 year old joint. just as it takes a little extra effort to appreciate the meaning of modern art the same applies here. the burgers and bread are average and simple. there is an honesty to the meal thats not cluttered with brioch buns and jalapeño aoli. from hobbit size exterior to seasoned wood interior it almost feels like you entered an old irish pub or large church confessional booth. i patiently sat at counter watching the burger master put raw patties in enclosed trays to vertically cook in antique ovens. he occasionally pulled out trays poking meat to allow heat to penetrant center of patty. all burgers are served medium rare. i suppose if you ask they may accommodate one cooked more but im guessing they'd be pissed. they also slice onions to order, place on meat, then insert into oven. i like a place that slices onions to order. sitting there watching the whole process was very zen. it transported me back in time and the flavors put me there.
  • Photo of HVGunks
    6 months ago
    Tight quarters, maybe 20 seats total. The menu is burgers w/ cheese, onions and tomato, chips, potato salad, pie and soda. That's it. They say they serve them medium-rare, mine was more like medium-well, which was fine. The burger was simple, but excellent! The two guys behind the counter were quite amusing. I'd go back just for the entertainment!
  • Photo of Jerseyites2
    6 months ago
    We saw this place on the food network and thought it must be a great place to eat, we were wrong. The hamburgers were dry, and the bread was nothing great and everything is extra. I thought it was waaay too expensive for what you get. There are very few seats so you end up waiting outside. Not for nothing I wouldn't waste my time going here.
  • Photo of bizandfun
    6 months ago
    This place was on my hamburger bucket list so had to go there. The burgers are good but could use some ketchup (yeah, I know...don't even ask). The cooked temperature is basically at medium/medium-rare. You can ask for it well but basically it'll come out medium/medium-rare. The place is small and the seating was limited. It was definitely worth the trip but not a burger joint I would go out of the way to go back to.
  • Photo of Bob I
    6 months ago
    Arguably the home of the original hamburger. Great concept and still the original way of cooking the burgers. Don't even ask for ketchup they will throw you out!!! Really just enjoy the burger the way it was meant to be.
  • Photo of GUSTAVE P
    6 months ago
    The best hamburger in the state just a simple fresh ground gas grilled Burger. Always fresh always juicy a long wait at lunch not much seating but perfect the way it is.
  • Photo of Pat G
    6 months ago
    This extremely tiny order counter with eat-in tables and stools is a treasured local landmark for being the first hamburger in the US. It has a tiny menu, doing just a couple things in a perfected way. Thick patties are cooked in antique vertical flame roasters that date back half a century (or more!) in design. How do you order? Burger will only come with 3 things: onion, tomato, cheese. That's what you want to do. The onion slice is pressed into the side of the patties and will cook and grill along with the meat. Thin toast is spread on one side with a secret recipe pub cheese, that is cheddary and savory, and gets melty when it's combined with the juicy burger. No condiments. Just those 3 choices. Get all of them for the marriage of the perfect (pretty rare) burger. Get a potato salad to enjoy while your burger cooks to order. Sip your Foxon Park (local CT favorite) soda. White Birch flavor is your go to must try more unique flavor, if you aren't from the area. There might be great desserts here. I saw 3 choices written on the menu. I didn't get to try it. I felt like getting up from my table so another person might more quickly sit down to eat.

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