Photo of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, CT, US
Photo of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, CT, US
Photo of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven, CT, US
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Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Italian Restaurant

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana24.5
pizza • pie • clams • worth the wait

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  • Photo of Scott Rey
    4 years ago
    This place has been around since 1925 and invented the White Clam Pizza which is a must try, but add bacon!
  • Photo of Scott Rey
    4 years ago
    This pizzeria is famous across the U.S.! Try the signature white clam pizza.
  • Photo of Lauren L
    4 months ago
    Didn't disappoint! Great ambiance and local favorite. Amazing pizza. One of those places where you go in wondering if it really is one of the best. Yeah, it is!
  • Photo of David P
    4 months ago
    You will not be disappointed when you eat here! Service was great, food was awesome, atmosphere was amazing!
  • Photo of Newnhamp
    4 months ago
    We stopped on our way Nth at a friends recommendation and where suitable impressed with the thin crust coal baked pizza. Worth the stop.
  • Photo of Phil P
    4 months ago
    The original location in the heart of New Haven's smallish Little Italy district, Saturday night came with the expected wait but it was worth it. Friendly mix of first-timers and veterans. Lines and service once inside went quickly and pizza was outstanding. Keep doing it the old-school way!
  • Photo of Jlrich114
    4 months ago
    Best pizza in the country! Very famous. Lines are usually there, but worth the wait. The pizza is oven baked and the best pizza you will ever have. I recommend the clam pizza with with sauce, however , you can't go wrong with any combo. Love this restaurant, true family style! Very highly recommend
  • Photo of Krish095
    4 months ago
    Stopped in for the fresh tomato pie and it was very good. We've been to the Pepe's in Fairfield and actually liked their pie better. Always a debate over who has the best pie - Pepe's, Modern or Sally's. The debate continues.
  • Photo of Susan W
    4 months ago
    Brought my niece and her 4 college friends, plus other family. Waited in line but we expected it on a Friday night. Then pushed 2 tables together to fit 9 of us. Casual place but funky space - the original Frank Pepe location ! 3 pies fed us all - we chose a bacon, a roasted pepper and a cheese. Delicious!! No frills but excellent chewy crust and yummy pies!!!
  • Photo of PG-NY
    4 months ago
    We've always been huge fans of Frank Pepe's in New Haven but not now. $45 for one pizza and a small salad to go is crazy but we pay it because has always been so good in the past. But we didn't even recognize the dried out, flavorless pie that was in the pizza box. We should have realized there was a problem when there was no aroma coming from the box on our way home. We could barely find the clams, the cheese was nonexistent. Yet the lines are still as long as ever. We're hoping this was just a mistake but we'll never know because we won't go back. What a shame - they're relying on their name but not the quality.
  • Photo of hay785
    4 months ago
    I've only been twice but the food and service were both excellent both times! Definitely a great pizza. Great prices too
  • Photo of Lola2104
    4 months ago
    Stopped at this one because we were stopping to see the Yale campus. Pizza was very good and we understand why people like it. It is different due to the coal fire and the way they deliver it on the rectangular trays. If the line is long, check out the Spot around the back. Same food. Both were packed when we arrived but we got seated quickly due to having a party of 2 (so lucky!!) Beer is available. Would definitely do it again, though maybe not at this location for less tourist activity. Parking lot was full, but lucked out and found a spot on the street, though things seem to turn over quickly.
  • Photo of StevenTsou
    5 months ago
    Best pizza in new haven. The specialty is clams pizza but I can’t eat seafood but rated best in the country for several years.
  • Photo of tieknee2017
    5 months ago
    I know this is the one that's famous, but you would get better pizza and better service at any other Pepe's Pizzas. I love Pepe's Pizza, but the New Haven restaurant is always too crowded and the pizza is burnt.
  • Photo of NaraTheDeer
    5 months ago favorite food is definitely pizza. Having said that, I really don't have high expectations and usually appreciate all kinds of pizza. This place had tons of glowing reviews but unfortunately it really fell flat for me. We waited about 40 min to grab a table on a Monday evening around 6:30 (it was slower around 8p by the time we finished dinner). We had the fresh tomato pie and also the basic pepperoni pizza. The tomato one was decent, the tomatoes were tasteful. The beloved pepperoni...were too chewy and sadly not to my liking! Im not from New Haven so I can't offer any alternative pizza joints so maybe this place is the best pizza there. Looking back at this visit, I'm still perplexed as to why this place is so popular but it probably was just me and my pals' weird Texan taste buds...
  • Photo of LPLoveToTravel
    5 months ago
    Seberal people told us to try Pepes... so we took their advice and were glad we did. The atmosphere is typical pizza frills just good food. We shared a medium white clam pizza and a small pepes salad. Tons of good food for reasonable price!
  • Photo of Jocelyn C
    5 months ago
    We split a large 18” Margarita pizza, and literally had to box it up to stop ourselves from eating! It’s so hard to find good pizza in the states. We actually felt like we were enjoying pizza standing in Italy. We walked right off the street on a Thursday night for a table so luck was on our side!!
  • Photo of Henry L
    5 months ago
    This is the second time we tried Frank Pepe's Pizza. We were our way back from a month long auto trip from Canada and New England and were wanting to have some pizza after we saw hundreds of pizza places through our travels but never stopped because we were wanting to go to Frank Pepe. We arrived around 1:30 PM and there was a rather long wait outside. After about a 30 minute wait we finally got seated. The A/C was blowing right on our table. We each ordered a 11" pizza. After biting into the crust I found the dough to be on the chewy side. The sauce and cheese were good. Overall I would not rate this place as a great pizza restaurant. For me it was OK nothing outstanding. Besides, the cold air from the A/C chilled our pizzas.
  • Photo of Susan S
    5 months ago
    I come from upstate New York to visit my family in New Haven. We always talk about coming here and I finally got to try Pepe's pizza this visit. We got right in and seated promptly. The waitress brought us menus and water. We ordered a fresh tomato pizza and a clam pizza ( which I don't eat). The pizza is thin crusted coal fired pizza that is thin and crisp. It was perfectly cooked and brought to our table hot and bubbly. My pizza was delicious and my family raved about the clam pizza. There were five of us, the waitress was nice enough to bring a pitcher of water to the table. The waitress was attentive and cleared the empty pizza pan quickly to give us more room. Definitely a return trip on my next visit to New Haven.
  • Photo of Sharon D
    5 months ago
    Pepe's is one of my husbands childhood favorites but this was my first time. I'm kind of a pizza snob but this was delicious. Different crust than I usually like but it was nicely flavored. We ordered a cheese and sauce and a clam and garlic. Both cooked in their coal brick oven. A good pie. Even at lunch they had a big line. Give it a try
  • Photo of 411BarbaraS411
    5 months ago
    The pizza simply isn't what it used to be. Flavorless crust that can best be compared to cardboard. I've been going here since the late '70's and it seems to me that franchising has had an effect on the original recipe. So sad to be looking forward to amazing pizza and be so utterly disappointed.
  • Photo of Justin W
    5 months ago
    It had been 27 years since I had eaten at Frank Pepe pizzeria and I have to tell readers that nothing seems to have changed in the restaurant. It still is the same. These pizzas are world renown, especially for Yale Alumni. This place is written into every article about pizza in the country and all over the world for food guides. Yes, the pizza is that good! I had a Clam pizza with a Coke and it still tasted the same after all the time. I had a small pizza, which is the size of a decent personal pizza and can feed one person nicely. The clams were so sweet and fresh that you can tell they are brought in daily. It tasted like clams and spaghetti without the pasta on top of the pizza. It is a thin crusted coal fired pizza that is thin and crisp. It was perfectly cooked and loaded with chopped clams, garlic and what tasted like a white wine sauce. The one nice thing about the Coke is that they give you a nice sized glass and there are free refills. It came out on a timely basis and the service could not have been friendlier. They were busy but the waiters do work together and made the busy night much easier. I think those ladies have been there for years. Don't be spooked off by the line. I got in the restaurant after a twenty minute wait. It is a nice size restaurant and the tables do turn fast. Take the time to wait and really savor this pizza.

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