Photo of Mongolian Grill in Pueblo, CO, US
Photo of Mongolian Grill in Pueblo, CO, US
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Mongolian Grill

Chinese Restaurant

noodles • medium • meat • sauces

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  • Photo of ROCtraveler30
    2 months ago
    We were passing through town at lunch time and wanted something fairly quick that was not too far off the highway - and this certainly met our needs. They were not too busy at a Sunday lunch so we made our choices and had our food in about 10 minutes. We have eaten at many of this style restaurants before so we had a good idea of what ingredients it takes to make a delicious combination. There were certainly plenty of options to choose, including several non-traditional Chinese choices (e.g., pepperoni?). The included soup was gelatinous and the white rice was inedible (how hard is it to run an electronic rice cooker these days?). And as we sat there eating we noticed that the whole place was fairly shabby - from the ripped seats, to the dirty carpet, to the rustic restrooms. We will probably look for another stop next time we are in town.
  • Photo of Desiree P
    2 months ago
    I've seen a lot of reviews saying the food wasn't fresh but on our visit it was, super crisp veggies, the meats looked and tasted fresh, it was delicious!! They have dried powders for even more flavors and the selection of cooking oils was fantastic. You can even get the bubble tea without the tapioca pearls and that was the most delicious drink ever! I just wish they had prices posted SOMEPLACE but overall would definitely be back.
  • Photo of See B
    8 months ago
    The first time my husband and I went there we were the only ones in the restaurant and we weren't sure what to do since basically the staff went AWOL for about 10 min but we figured out that we should gather food in a bowl then stand by the giant round grill for the cook to basically, stir-fry it. The choices are not bad. They are some "traditional" stir-fry ingredients such as, onions, peppers, carrots, beef, chicken, some noodles, etc. then there are some strange (or what I consider strange) stir-fry ingredients like pepperoni and spaghetti noodles. It's all up to the individuals taste. You can pile up as much as you can fit in the bowl size that you choose, S, M, or L, (it all shrinks when it gets cooked) then add spices and sauces. The first few times we went there it was fun and we would pile up as much as we could in the med size and it was pretty good. Not gourmet cuisine, just pretty good. The last time we went, there were a few problems. First, they usually give a small bowl of rice, our rice (and everyone's rice) was hard and stale. I didn't even bother to eat it I could tell just by looking at it. Next, our food, even though we picked out our own ingredients and added our own spices, tasted weird... like there was hardly any flavor and it was grainy. I couldn't figure out was was going on right away. I thought maybe I didn't put enough sauce or powder spices. I used garlic, Chinese 5 spice, Mongolian house sauce, chili sauce and a few others. I usually put quite a bit and they recommend it since when it's on the grill it gets watered down. My theory is that they started cutting the spices and sauces with something. The sauces I imagine they would cut it with water and that is why it didn't have much flavor but I don't know what they would cut the powder spices with (if they do) because it was like a feeling of very fine sand and it stayed on my tongue and teeth. Was it just me? Maybe, but the experience left me disappointed and unwilling to go again even if it was only for the sub par, stale, gross rice they served to their paying customers.
  • Photo of Steve W
    10 months ago
    Mongolian BBQ is a very good change in the every day decision of what to eat. A choice of noodles, vegetables, meats and sauces you put together and cooked by a Chef on a gas Mongolian Grill as you watch. Very good service, three sizes to fit you appetite , Small, Medium & Large. Very reasonably priced.
  • Photo of Aaron S
    a year ago
    I like to eat here because it's good food at a good price and I can customize my lunch to my mood. The whole Mongolian Grill experience is pretty interesting. They always have a good variety of toppings and sauces on the buffet line. The wait staff and the chefs (? cooks with a stick ?) are always friendly. If I could base it all on those things, my rating would be a 5. Unfortunately, the place is pretty run down, the restrooms are a mess and it's not very clean. I eat there once a month or so anyway. Call me crazy. Hopefully someday they will surprise me. :)
  • Photo of Red23Hair34
    2 years ago
    You select your own bowl of ingredients and sauces. I added what I thought was enough Mongolian hot oil and other hot spices, but something in there came out sweet. When you walk in the door, it smells great. There is a sign at the end of the buffet that suggests how much of what sauce to add...I missed that until it was too late. The decor is lowbrow and the men's room doesn't smell so good.
  • Photo of Tidwell9
    2 years ago
    It was a nice break coming into Mongolian Grill. You have a choice from small, medium, or large and even a child's size bowl. You choose your size and then your meat, vegetables, or even tofu. Then you get a choice of the noodles (flour or rice noodles). Next you get a choice of sauces to cook it in. I chose mongolian, garlic sauce, and hot pepper sauce. Next you move down to watch a really cool cooking exhibit. The gentleman poured everything on a hot stone wheel and used a stick to move the food around the wheel. You get a choice of teriyaki sauce or none while they cook it. Everything was cooked very well and tasted amazing. They served it with egg drop soup and a bowl of white rice. The waitress was great about keeping our drinks full and checked on us numerous times. Great family owned business.
  • Photo of Ross C
    3 years ago
    They keep raising the prices. 14 dollars for a bowl of noodles is just wrong. Servers are usually friendly. Owners are not. I put paprika on my food only to find out it was cayenne. Owner did not care at all. Your money is better spent somewhere else.
  • Photo of William P
    4 years ago
    The best part was the Mongolian grill food but was lacking in options on the line. I have been too much better Mongolian Style restaurants. The chicken was out and did not a big variety of seafood. The grill master cooked for our party of four one at a time. Worked well for me so I could get back to the table quickly to enjoy my soup when it was still hot. By the time everyone else came to the table their soup was cold. The rice side was the worst...not sure it was completely cooked. The egg rolls must have been cooked from frozen as the were a little burnt and the inside did not taste fresh. I used the restroom and it was disgusting. It did not appeared to have been cleaned in days and stunk horribly. Definitely avoid this place and was not surprised when I was never asked by the staff how everything was with our meal.
  • Photo of Helga H
    4 years ago
    it is very filling, and since it's mongolian grill, it's a lot of veggies and such, so this is good for me because i'm trying to lose weight. service was great, too
  • Photo of George T
    4 years ago
    service is great, waitress was polite, asked for our drinks and we grabbed our bowls. The cooks ask if you want teriyaki sauce at the grill, but the variety of sauces and oils available are enough, especially if you like it spicy. I recommend the hot red pepper, coconut, and garlic. Adding sauce before the chefs cook it adds more flavor and believe it or not helps them out too. Come early to get the best ingredients, and ask for meat to get stocked if it's empty.
  • Photo of Dominic G
    5 years ago
    I had been to this place numerous times in the past few years. It was usually ok but my last trip will be my last. First off, it's not clean, the floors around the ingrediants and grill are always sticky. Secondly, the ingrediants you can chose from are low quality, especially the meats. On my most recent trip they were busier than usual but I decided to still wait in line to have a bowl grilled. I stood in line 50 minutes!!!!! By the time I sat down to eat I was past hungry, and I told the waitress how long and she couldnt believe it. I assumed we would not be charged full price due to the excessive wait, but I was wrong. I told the cashier after as we left how long I stood in line and she too was in disbelief. They need to do something to speed up their process, cooking food for two people at a time does not work on a busy Satruday. And after the long wait, the food was terrible, will never go back.

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