Photo of Freshcraft in Denver, CO, US
Photo of Freshcraft in Denver, CO, US
Photo of Freshcraft in Denver, CO, US
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pretzel bites • sandwich • fries • wings

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  • Photo of Artemis112013
    2 months ago
    We stopped for dinner with our son and his girlfriend on a Thursday night. The service was friendly and fast and our server gave excellent recommendations on both food and beer options available. We are in Denver often and will definitely return.
  • Photo of Todd C
    3 months ago
    I went to Freshcraft twice this past weekend at the recommendation of friend. The brewpub has a great location, is full of great people, but not jam packed. Friday evening, we went for happy hour. The waiter was patient as the four of us asked many questions about the vast array of beer available. He brought samples, twice, and was both thoughtful and knowledgable in his responses. The beer was awesome - all four of us were pleased with our choices. We also ordered the pretzel bites with cheese sauce and mustard (2 separate). This was an awesome selection. We also ordered the cheese bite which also disappeared quickly. I returned Saturday morning to join fellow college football fans and watch my alma mater. Freshcraft is a designated game watch site for our alumni group. It was early, but I indulged in a Moscow Mule (2 actually) which was delicious and perfect for the event. They also have a special barbecue menu for the games. I enjoyed the burnt ends with beans and cheesy corn. The burnt ends were tough, and not the best I've ever enjoyed, but decent. Both visits, I enjoyed the atmosphere. It is evident that Freshcraft has a following if you are truly seeking a brewpub experience. I will return many times... The food - while I was honest with our food selection, the menu is extensive, and I look forward to trying other plates.
  • Photo of KEGarcia
    5 months ago
    This place had the most robust and well-designed menu I'd ever seen! I appreciated the way they organized their meal options most; snacks, small, plates, medium plates, and larges plates. You'll always order just the right amount. 👌 My husband most appreciated that the beer list included abv, price, AND the amount of the beer you were getting... Plus an unreal amount of options!
  • Photo of wisgirl01
    6 months ago
    went here with friends, beer selection is great. service was just ok. She didn't seem interested in offering any suggestions, or care to know my tastes when I couldn't decide what to try. Not being a local, I'm not familiar with the local microbrews. Would have been great to have a few suggestions.
  • Photo of Steve D
    6 months ago
    I was recommended this place for its choice of beers, and was not disappointed in that respect. I was able to try a barley wine which I'd never seen before, and there were a few options of most beer styles on tap. Location is great, convenient when you want an afterwork beer. The only downside was a rude waitress who wouldn't take a minute to let you talk and just abandoned me to serve other people multiple times. I've lived for years in London so I know my way around a busy pub, she just lacked etiquette. When payment time came, I gave her my credit card, she went to wipe it, put it back in front of me, said thank you and left precipitedly (at this time it had been obvious for a while I was a foreigner as she did not understand my British pronunciation). By all means, when a waiter thanks you and leaves, they've no business with you. Except she'd expected me to write down on the very receipt she gave me how much tip I was giving her, and to somehow stick around with my card till she served another 4 or 5 people? As I didn't get it, and apologised for having gone back to my sit when she called me, she scoffed at me and then gave me the receipt again telling me to fill it. As I did not tip her (multiple waits, no efforts to communicate clearly, scoffing at a client in their face), she had the guts to complain about that! Surely that's gonna help me change my mind. I did not order again in the same evening. I'm sure the experience would've been excellent with pretty much any other waiter or waitress, though.
  • Photo of Elizabeth R
    7 months ago
    If you want to try beer from all over; this is the place. With over 25 beers and a few ciders on tap, this was a fun spot to pop into for a few beers on our way back to our hotel. This location is in LoDo -Downtown Denver just near the 16th Street pedestrian mall. Cheers!
  • Photo of Jpfoff B
    7 months ago
    Freshcraft is hands down our favorite place to go downtown. Best soups, Ale Cheese and French onion. The beer list is incredible and the servers always know how to help you pick the best. Pretzel bites are yummy too! Love this place, love the staff, love the food and beer. Always take our guests from out of town to our "local place"
  • Photo of Flashby
    7 months ago
    Post ball game hunger brought us here. Giant beer list with Ska brews in tap big bonus. Starter of Brussels sprouts went fast, so good and tons of flavor. Waiter suggested the lamb-sagna and it was outstanding. Cheesy and lovely lamb ragu. Best late night food I've had in a long time. Downtown Denver I will be back and back at Freshcraft.
  • Photo of Bryan H
    8 months ago
    Came here after the Avs game to drown our sorrows and grab a bite. Lots of selection, the waiter was great and recommended his top choices which were both good. We had the pretzel bites and the sausage. Pretzel bites are a must!
  • Photo of MaryKop
    10 months ago
    Stopped in for dinner on a Saturday night. We were seated immediately even though the place was pretty full. Remodeled warehouse with brick walls and low ceilings make for a cozy atmosphere. We ordered the evening's special-- Braised bison short ribs with green chile mashed potatoes, pan-fried brussel sprouts and flatbread. The bison was so well done, it fell off the bone. Green chile spuds had just a hint of green chile--maybe could have used a little more. We also had the Pork schnitzel with mustard caper sauce over German spatzel (pasts-like noodles). The schnitzel was pounded thin and breaded-very tasty and juicy-not dry and the mustard and caper sauce was also very good--unusual for schnitzel and spatzel, but really good. There were over 18 beers on tap and they seems to specialize in dozens of cocktails and wines. They also have many bottled/canned beer selections. Our waited (Dean) was friendly and knowledgeable and took good care of us. The bar area out front was lively and full with a younger crowd but laid back. Great place for dinner and drinks. We enjoyed our visit and would eat here again.
  • Photo of Ricardo P
    10 months ago
    I always enjoy visiting this restaurant. The staff is great,there beer selection is amazing and there food is worth the 20 mile trip. One of my favorite spots downtown
  • Photo of biddingpoints
    a year ago
    Went to freshcraft on new years. Many people, but still quick service. Wide variety of beers, food was good too and not the standard US-American menu. The atmosphere and the place itself were nothing special though.
  • Photo of CopperLeah
    a year ago
    We had a celebration dinner planned for 10 people. We made reservations and were on time with our full group at 4:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon. I don't know that our experience could have been much worse: We were seated fairly promptly, but then were assigned one server (which is fine). However, we couldn't get him to bring everyone waters much less let us all order drinks (they are known for their beer right?). Right off the bat, I pulled our server aside and told him there were 2 of us that needed to leave by 5:45 and if they could bring our meals ASAP, that would be great. I ordered a side of tots and a soup. My partner ordered the Saffron Risotto Shrimp. The rest of the table took their time to order (another 10 minutes maybe), but all orders were in before 5 pm. And then we waited. And waited and waited and waited. When, at 5:30 (an hour after our reservation time) no one had received food, we pulled the waiter aside and asked him to box my partner's food so that one of us could get to the after party event we were hosting at 6. And we waited... and were handed a box at 5:50. My partner hit the road with his box and I, with the rest of our party, waited for food. By this point there was internal conversation at the table about what had taken the whole event so long - there were many open tables in the restaurant - they weren't full or even busy. There appeared to be plenty of staff members - they were watching football with the crowd in the front of the restaurant. We had to assume there was one poor sap in the kitchen trying to make food for half a restaurant alone. This, however, did not inspire confidence or make the experience better. Our food was finally delivered at 6:05. We didn't order anything seriously complicated or off menu. The food was *fine*. Not good, not great, just blah - nothing at all special. We couldn't get refills on our waters or condiments or another round of drinks. I finally made it out the door at about 6:15 - completely irritated. The rest of the party stayed to finish their meal at a reasonable rate, but were also seriously frustrated. There was no apology from staff or even acknowledgement of the terrible service. To make matters worse, my partner texted me the attached photo 15 minutes after he left - the size of his $18 entree was seriously disappointing (4 pieces of broccoli, 4 shrimp, and a small pile of rice with a dollop of sauce on the side), it was slopped in the box, and apparently didn't taste all that great either. My partner tweeted the photo out on social media to the restaurant - no reply. No surprise, though. Overall, I was shocked (which is why it took me so long to write this review - I had to let it simmer for a while). I'm sure their beer selection is good based on the menu, but that isn't enough to keep a restaurant going with these prices, food quality, and super inattentive service - plus I would have had to have been able to order a beer for that to have mattered. We will absolutely not be back and will not recommend Freshcraft to others. There are plenty of places to get beer in Colorado, most with better service and food.
  • Photo of nikkip3334
    a year ago
    We came here after researching on Trip Advisor. The food menu was different but the food was really good!!! They had a big beer selection and the staff was attentive and friendly. It's right off of the free mall shuttle so that was a bonus as it only took us a few minutes to get there from our hotel. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys their beer! :-)
  • Photo of rhartogs
    a year ago
    excellent tap list, excellent food and excellent service all in a comforting welcoming environment. Get the Schnitzel and ask for a side of lemon It was highly enjoyable. As a beer nerd, this is practically heaven for me.
  • Photo of Brian E
    a year ago
    We visited a few times while in Denver for GABF. The beer selection was truly one of the best and different each night we arrived. The food was good. I wouldn't hesitate returning when in Denver.
  • Photo of Rebecca M
    a year ago
    Absolutely delicious meal after a long downtown Denver walk. Great food, wonderful service, and a laidback atmosphere. Perfect.
  • Photo of Limejello08
    a year ago
    Great food and awesome beer selection. Friendly and knowledgeable employees. Great location and comfortable seating.
  • Photo of Jessica J
    a year ago
    My husband and I tried Freshcraft (located on Blake street across from the Rio Grade restaurant) the other night and it was ok. When we arrived, we could see several open tables but we asked to wait 15-20 minutes because there were 2 large parties that had just been sat and the kitchen needed to catch up. We sat at the bar and waited. Wide variety of beers and drinks to choose from. Once we got to our table, service was good, food was good. Nothing very impressive, just another night out.
  • Photo of Brenda W
    a year ago
    We were here last Friday and enjoyed a wonderful leisurely lunch. My husband always loves to come here because there are always new beers for him to try. So while he sampled some new local beers via a flight, we had the cheese bites as appetizers. Those were wonderful!! We laughed at first, calling it cheese roulette because based on the bleu cheese crumbles, we suspected that one of the fried cheese balls was going to be bleu cheese! (Yikes!!) But our waiter explained that the cheese bites were either cheddar, swizz, or monterey jack. Whew! Somehow though, I suspect that even if there had been a bleu cheese ball, Freshcraft would have made it taste delicious. Moving on to a full pint of another beer, my husband had"The Toasty" while I had the Chopped Steakhouse salad. The salad was so good, i saved my steak for later. But I must say, I have GOT to get The Toasty next time we return. That sandwich is so awesome, I ended up eating half of my husband's sandwich. Don't get that sandwich to go though - that wonderful hunk of cheesy goodness must be savored while it is still oozing.... Excellent service, affordable prices, fresh fresh food, wonderful beer, and two pokestops - right at your table.

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