Photo of BD's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO, US
Photo of BD's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO, US
Photo of BD's Mongolian Grill in Denver, CO, US
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BD's Mongolian Grill

Asian Restaurant

noodles • seafood • tortillas • pot stickers

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  • Photo of gazzillion
    3 months ago
    Lots to choose from; vegetables, meat, and seasonings/sauces! An interactive dining experience! Great fun for groups and date night! For a unique dining experience and a chance to walk around Lodi in Denver, this is your spot! I would describe this place as Asian fusion!
  • Photo of Montgomery L
    3 months ago
    For those familiar with Mongolia BBQ, you get to pick the vegetables and the meats you want for your meal, then have them grilled on an giant wok. The selection is excellent, and the vegetables are all very fresh. A superb selection of spices to flavor your meal how you want it. Service is excellent. Great place for a nice casual meal!
  • Photo of rsocha88
    3 months ago
    I got to pick EVERY veggie imaginable . . .and. . . he got to choose all the carnivore meat he wanted! It was a match made in heaven. Fresh food, great service, and every kind of dipping sauce imaginable. Great area and a fun find. HUGE portions in beautiful bowls.
  • Photo of manos6232
    5 months ago
    Great place to have fun. You personally get a bowl to pick out all the meats and seafood and veggies and sauces and toppings to ur hearts desire and then take it to the master grilling chefs to cook right before your eyes and then enjoy delish right from the grill Quick and easy, good list of beers --- fun meal !!!
  • Photo of eileen b
    5 months ago
    My friend really wanted Asian food and we were shopping in the area. Well I don't know if I would call it Asian but I would call it delicious! You get a bowl to fill with your protein - chicken, steak, scallops... then you add vegetable of your liking,pick a sauce and take it to the grill. There are a chefs that cook it on the grill for you and you wait while they prepare it! Yummy! And fun too! No need for the salad bar!
  • Photo of DenverMagpie
    7 months ago
    We were here for a late lunch. You receive a bowl and load it with the meat, fish, vegetables of your choice. Then you select sauces and spices. You proceed to a large grill where professional "grillers'' cook it for you while you watch. They add the sauces last. There is also a salad bar and other appetizers that can be ordered. It is fun and seems to be a pretty healthy way to dine. Everything is fresh. You can be as adventurous ( or not) as you wish to be.
  • Photo of Amy B
    7 months ago
    Loved the food and the atmosphere!! Would definitely return when we visit Denver again! Reasonably priced and we had good service.
  • Photo of Kimberly W
    7 months ago
    Enjoyed lunch at the outdoor seating June 3rd while in town from North Carolina visiting our son. Ordered off the menu, Asian Tacos. Ohhhhh, so good! Our server was very friendly and attentive. As she handed me my plate, she told me they had made the tacos wrong (with fried chicken instead of the grilled chicken that I had ordered), and she would bring the corrected dish when it was ready! They thought we might like to have the "wrong" order to munch on in the meantime. Wow! It was good, too! There was more food than we could eat; our son had plenty to take home since his dad and I immediately headed to the airport. Now back home, I'm still craving those tacos, but there is no bd's anywhere close by.
  • Photo of MauricioBabilonia
    8 months ago
    It was a while since we were here. The place works as well as when the kids were small. You choose the ingredients and the cooks take care of the hot plate. Good food is what you get by choosing wisely.
  • Photo of Mike V
    9 months ago
    We used to love BD's! It was our go to place to eat as a family. The kids menu was great for our kids, and who can't find something to eat in a GREAT Mongolian bbq place?! Well the last two times we have gone we have noticed some serious downfalls. More specifically at our last visit, the service is just absolutely abysmal. So bad that they discounted the check before we even had to speak to a manager. The waitress said "I know your time here has sucked, so, I discounted this for you". The food you order from the menu takes FOREVER to arrive, we didn't get our drinks for almost 15 minutes. I am a huge water drinker and I had to ask 4 times for a refill before it came. Worst of all is the smell in there now. I can't imagine how they are passing a health inspection at this point, it was AWFUL smelling in there when we went last time. Especially near the bathroom (which is 10 feet from the grill they cook on). I want to believe this place will turn it around, because the other places in town don't compare to the food, yet.
  • Photo of anthony r
    10 months ago
    So first off, if you are a Mongolian BBQ fan this is a must place to go. They have tons of options and everything tastes great. Great atmosphere. Standing around the huge grill watching your food being prepared is cool. Very reasonable on the price also.
  • Photo of manos6232
    10 months ago
    Walk in, pick your proteins off a large protein bar , then go for the veggies and then the toppings and then the sauces and watch the master BBQ guys BBQ ur mix of ingredients into a heavenly huge lunch or dinner made with just what YOU wanted --- enjoyable experience and great tasty food -----
  • Photo of John W
    10 months ago
    Been some time since I've been to BD's but happy to say this one lived up to expectations. Ample selections to chose from to make your meal, friendly cook to grill it up, lots of attention by the waitress. Good overall experience.
  • Photo of jillntom
    10 months ago
    Husband & I went while on a business trip. We're trying to stick to the Whole30 plan for the most part (we are past our strict first 30 Days). Mongolian Stir Fry gives you the option to choose your proteins, veggies, and sauces. In this case there were only 1 or 2 sauce options that were compliant for Whole30 (Marinara & ??). My husband and I have gotten used to using virtually no sauce though. Sometimes we put a little olive oil and squeeze some lemon or we come prepared with our own dressing. One thing I liked about this particular restaurant was the selection of dry spices/seasonings. This way we were able to add flavor without a bunch of non-compliant ingredients. I like the salad bar option at this Mongolian restaurant as well. It's a natural fit based on all the cut veggies, etc. By having a salad first, we were able to keep our hit food trip to just one time through rather than the all-you-can-eat option. Our server was friendly and accommodating. The only thing I'm knocking off a star for is it took a tremendous time to get our food cooked. The line was long and there seemed to be a backlog of people waiting to have their food cooked. For some reason it wasn't as efficient as at other Mongolian BBQ restaurants... Will definitely seek out BD's on our travels in the future though! BTW, if you have food allergies, I believe they can do an extra cleaning and put some sticks to isolate your food from nearby food cooking.
  • Photo of gabyqr12
    a year ago
    We always go to chinese restaurants but this was difrent but since you choose what goes in your plate carefull with the spices it might end up a bit salty it happend
  • Photo of gazzillion
    a year ago
    Wonderful selection of fresh vegetables and meats to create your own meal! Fun and different dining experience! Located in lower downtown Denver surrounded by other restaurants and bars, this is a fun place to eat dinner and then enjoy other venues for dessert, drinks, and music!
  • Photo of Walter F
    a year ago
    My favorite place to take out of town visitors. There are very few Mongolian Grills around the country, so it's always fun to take someone here who has never been to one. My wife and I got hooked in Hawaii many years ago and have never lost the interest. This is one of the best outside Hawaii. The selection of meats is incredible. The veggies are always fresh. The assortment of sauces and spices can't be beat anywhere, even in Hawaii. Friends are always timid the first round - not so much on the second or third. Once you fill the bowl and get to the grill, the fun begins. The cook the food (expected) and put on a show (not expected). They are artisans with the swords and put on a display you need to see. They never fail to entertain guests. Once seated, no one has ever complained, they just want more, and of course you can have more and more. Try it you will like it and continue to go back. Have fun!
  • Photo of Wyofarmer
    a year ago
    On the weekend this is a popular place to eat! But if you like to choose your ingredients in your meal and watch how the cooks finish your meal then GO! We love to eat at places like this and this was a great find right off 16th street.
  • Photo of eqfbrown
    a year ago
    Went here for lunch - really like the set-up and the ability to pick your own things for a stir-fry. Delicious.
  • Photo of Jim T
    a year ago
    They do what they do well. You make your mix, pick your sauce, and take it to the cooks. They grill it and serve you up a pick heaping plate of decent asian food. Nothing special, like we said, it's consistently o.k. There is a lot of better choices downtown, like nearby Illegal Pete's and the Los Cabos II for similar prices. But if a family wants to fill up and get your fill of o.k. Asian food, check it out.

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