Photo of Shima in Venice, CA, US
Photo of Shima in Venice, CA, US
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Japanese Restaurant

sushi • venice

1432 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291, US
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  • Photo of Eater
    2 years ago
    Perhaps the sushi bar with the best overall design in L.A., this Abbot Kinney restaurant does its best to cater to the "locals" by offering brown rice with its sushi. In addition to the sushi, there are specials like live clam in ponzu, lobster ceviche, and steamed black cod to complement the menu. High prices go along with the style and quality of the food. [Photo: Yelp]
  • Photo of fabio a
    7 months ago
    This place was recommended as good sushi. I have to say it was a disappointment. From the 30+ minute wait to the $15 plain seaweed salad to the dirty napkin and the average sake and the salty bill. Not a starter...You're better off with some low-cost sushi least the fish would be fresher.
  • Photo of brenncc
    2 years ago
    For all the NYC vs LA sushi talk I wasn't blown away more so than I have been in NY. BUT this place was pretty good. Pretty laughable LA scene despite being on AK. Lots of fun plastic surgery to take in and an ex model or two but the sushi IS definitely some of the best in Venice. Would recommend if you're in the mood for sushi.
  • Photo of Grace81617
    3 years ago
    Nice small Japanese restaurant. No meat. Vegan desserts. Great tasting food, you can taste freshness, but small portions. Very expensive. Great decor.
  • Photo of BroadOakPS
    3 years ago
    Wow - rarely can someone spend so much and feel so unsatisfied. The ambiance, the service, the food, the drink - not worth half of what was spent. Would never imagine returning.
  • Photo of goldieSydney
    3 years ago
    Despite rave reviews and personal recommendations from trusted sources I didn't enjoy Shima. The building is interesting but inside the atmosphere is sterile. The food was up & down - great miso soup, quite nice blackened cod. So much choice on Abbot Kinney - wouldn't botherr going again
  • Photo of CALfromLA
    4 years ago
    We have been to Japanese restaurants all over the city and all over other cities, for that matter. Shima is by far the most delicious. The chef/owner and his wife create a very warm and friendly atmosphere and food is both extremely fresh and beautifully presented, too. We are serious foodies and so are many of the people that we know. We have eaten here MANY times and I have never known anyone that was anything less than thrilled with their meals at this restaurant. If you like delicate, authentic, fresh, clean, food, you will love Shima.
  • Photo of Andrew G
    4 years ago
    We ate with a group of friends and had lots of different dishes, some were nice but others were overpriced and somewhat average. Also the potion size was small considering the cost! The staff need to get over themselves and listen to what the customer orders, and then acknowledge the mistake and rectify it, not make me have to get up and chase them to do their job. We shall not be returning!
  • Photo of Msmouse1
    4 years ago
    If you want a smaller intimate experience with excellent food Shima is a good fit. W were considering Chaya Which is down the street but on a saturday night is mobbed and loud. We sat upstairs on this chilly evening and ordered the seaweed salad to share as well as the spicy lotus. Both delicious and well prepared. The I had the cod with miso glaze and my husband ordered ahi tuna in a soy reduction with veggies and born rice. Some of the plates are small so ask the waitstaff. They service was excellent!
  • Photo of 81semidizucca
    5 years ago
    Ho festeggiato il compleanno e mi son trovata bene. Il sushi è fantastico anche se ho provato di meglio. Il dessert è stato deludente, ma l'atmosfera non era male!
  • Photo of GirlTrippin1999
    5 years ago
    The best sushi on the westside! Fresh, fresh, fresh. Ground wasabi, amazing sashimi...the top notch "neighborhood" spot, if you consider Abbot Kinney a neighborhood. Quality cost...prices are higher but worth every cent!
  • Photo of tanasurfs
    6 years ago
    This is our favorite Japanese Restaurant in the West side. Their ingredients are always fresh and authentically japanese. Everything is cooked and served with the utmost care. They are very proud of the quality of their food. All the sea food is flown in from japan and certified free from radiation. Truly first Class. They are only open for dinner and there is no sign outside so just google their address.
  • Photo of Belovian
    6 years ago
    When you pull up outside Shima you'd think they flew the restaurant in from Japan. the modern design and ten foot tall door gave this little place a real authentic feel. Then there was the food. Easily the best I have ever had. One of my sushi pet peeves is cold fish. They nailed it at Shima. It's not cheap, but quality costs. They put that cost into the food. Next time I'm in LA I'll be going back.
  • Photo of travelmonster111
    9 years ago
    Shima is the best sushi in Venice, and is definitely one of the best in all of Los Angeles! Every bite is met with salivation of the mouth, whereby your tastebuds open up to close to erotic, wonderfully oral flavours. We usually try everything we can get our chop sticks on, untill we walk out, practically 'wheeled' out, if you know what we mean? We have been reviewing hundreds of restaurants in the area, and I am now getting busy on reviewing them. I will continue to update my reviews as I return to these places from time to time. Let me just tell you all, SHIMA RESTAURANT is DELICIOUS! We love the staff, and definitely YOSHI the magical chef. He will read your mind, figuring everything you would like, if need be, or let you on an adventure of a perfect gastronomical importance. I could go on, but will let you decide, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, or decide to take a ride to be in the neighborhood, just to try this treat! If you do try, tell Yoshi Mario and Gino say, hi!
  • Photo of Eliseetpierre
    10 years ago
    For now, the best sushis I've ever tasted. Bit pricy, but DAMN, that's nice and fresh food. They serve only brown rice sushis which gives a more tasty and savoury flavor. Eventually, you have a large collection of sake to choose too.
  • Photo of Stephanie S
    10 years ago
    excellent organic fish, brown rice sushi. a gem.

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