Photo of Espetus Churrascaria - San Mateo in San Mateo, CA, US
Photo of Espetus Churrascaria - San Mateo in San Mateo, CA, US
Photo of Espetus Churrascaria - San Mateo in San Mateo, CA, US
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Espetus Churrascaria - San Mateo


sirloin • salads • grilled pineapple • chicken hearts

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  • Photo of drmjroman
    3 months ago
    I had the opportunity to go, once again, to this delicious Churrascaria with the entire family. We experienced no problem when checking in as we had a reservation. The service was pleasant and dessert was superb. At the time of the visit they had 14 or 16 different cuts circulating. The filet Mignon was exquisite, all cuts were. I particularly don't like well done as it takes all the juice/tenderness of the cut. Medium or medium rare are my favorite degree of doneness. If there is an inconvenience to point out is parking. If you are not there 15-30+ minutes before your reservation time you will need to circulate for a while before finding parking 4-6 block away. I guess we weren't so lucky for it. Their site should advise.
  • Photo of Angie T
    4 months ago
    We went here to celebrate my sisters birthday and we enjoyed the experience. The food was good, especially the meats, with the exception of a couple cuts of meat which were a little you pick your favorite and go with it. Unlike another review, I thought their salad bar was excellent with a lot of choices. The other hot items also completed and rounded off the meal nicely. The service was OK, not over-the-top but didn't have to wait too long for anything. A little pricier than others, but not bad and a step above other Brazilian steakhouses I have been to.
  • Photo of eleypon21
    5 months ago
    Will never return . Has a bad service experience. I have taken a lot of my friends and family. I decide to take my father in law for his birthday . I personally do not eat meat but I do eat the shrimp. I waited 45 minutes for shrimp after them saying it would be right out several times . When it actually comes I am only able to get 4 shrimp . I ask for more and they say it will be about 3 minutes. I then wait 15 more minutes until I have to pay and leave . No sympathy from the manager and I will never return . Will gladly take my business elsewhere . Very unfortunate!
  • Photo of Parisa N
    6 months ago
    This restaurant was excellent. It far surpasses the meat quality of fogo de Chao. I would highly recommend eating here.
  • Photo of Isabel G
    7 months ago
    It is OK ! I am Brazilian and I go to all Brazilian steak houses when I am visiting a city . The salad bar of this place is not as good as the others churrascarias I've been in USA. The quality of the Meats were average . My favorite were: trip-tip , pork sausage , chicken w/ bacon . Overall , I would say it is an OK place .
  • Photo of Jaybee412
    7 months ago
    My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter treated me and my wife to a visit to this outstanding dining experience. We had reservations set for 5pm and we arrived and were warmly greeted and seated within minutes. After ordering beverages we were told to help ourselves to the side dishes and salads. I loved the fresh foods in the warming pots and crisp salads. Then after returning to the table the meat parade began. The flank, filet mignon and other choices were excellent. The chicken and shrimp were spectacular. But what sealed the deal was the pineapple. The sweetest thing ever when it touched my tongue. Since we went on a weekend, parking was on the street and no charge on the meters. The tab came to $200 plus tip. But it was well worth the price.
  • Photo of dcs1755
    8 months ago
    First time for lunch. Food & service is excellent. A little pricey but worth it. Tough street parking.
  • Photo of Sarah V
    8 months ago
    I came here on a business trip, and everything was absolutely perfect. Espetus is an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse, and the meat options are limitless. This is obviously not an ideal option for vegetarians or vegans, but there are other options such as rice, potatoes, salad, and bread. The meat is very high quality and smoked, and roasted to perfection. I will definitely be coming back the next time I'm in the California area!
  • Photo of CoGus
    9 months ago
    Great place for a hearty dinner with friends. If you're not familiar with Brazilian's got the MEATS! The great thing about Espetus is their great buffet selection in addition to all the meat, so if you're on a low carb diet, or not that into meat on a pike, there are other options to break it up or replace a heavy meat dinner. Great selection of the meats they do have. It is on the pricey side for buffet/Brazilian, but overall a good time out.
  • Photo of lovelife2883
    9 months ago
    Our family's enjoys the Brazilian churrasquerria and we have tried different restaurants, but on my opinion espetus is a bit pricy. If you go early that doesn't mean you will pay less then going at dinner yes you do get more meat variety at dinner and other options but besides that customer service is good the buffet is decent place is clean and big and I will recommend the espetus in San Mateo if you don't like to deal with Parking in San Francisco.
  • Photo of dcs1755
    9 months ago
    Second time there. A real experience how they put it together. Great salad bar & so many entree choices. Parking is a little tough. Go when not peak hours.
  • Photo of Dildar P
    10 months ago
    Had a pleasant meal with a visiting family member. Talkative and happy crowd. Be prepared for a noisey atmosphere. Generally good choices among the meats available as the main course.
  • Photo of DrGuapo
    10 months ago
    Food was typical Espetus quality. This review isn't for the food, as the title teases. Upon receiving the bill we noticed that each Soda Water (from the gun) refill was $2.50, for a total of $12.50. A member of our party noticed this and queried the Manager. He explained that Perrier was at least that much. He reasoned that imported water was the equivalent of his kitchen's gassed up tap water, so we got a bargain. As my previous reviews state, it was my fault for not asking. Again, I got off lucky by not incurring a seating or utensil charge. Thank you Mr. Manager. No qualms about the food but restaurants that run on these ethics are not for me. Just sayin. I choose to eat elsewhere now.
  • Photo of LH L
    10 months ago
    Was there last night in a private room for an adult birthday party. Although the room was noisy, all worked out very well. We stayed long after the restaurant was cleaning up the main dining room. We were NOT rushed out. The food has improved since I was last there, especially the quality of the ingredients in the salad bar selection. The staff came by with slices of the grilled meats frequently. Some of the meats are a bit salty. Come hungry!!! And save your appetite for the grilled items served last such as shrimp, grilled beef ribs and the best steak.
  • Photo of dcs1755
    a year ago
    First time there. Excellent service & food. All you can eat for set price. Parking a little difficult. Suggest early reservations.
  • Photo of cook_25_05
    a year ago
    I wanted to treat my son, and daughter-in-law to a dinner to remember at the end of their vacation. I had heard good things about Espetus Churrascaria and had wanted to try it but only for the right occasion. We arrived early (first customers) and, on reflection, this was an advantage. We had unlimited choice of the huge fresh salad buffet, and all the skewered meats (15 in total) arrived at our table hot, tender (some rare instead of medium rare but that was very ok) and delicious. Our wine was a reserve Malbec recommended by the waiter, and it was exceptionally good. We didn't have dessert, but my son enjoyed a caipirinha and I had espresso coffee which sadly tasted horrible - the only elephant in the room. We left very satisfied and with memories of an eating experience that will stay with us for a long time.
  • Photo of AngelicaFerreira
    I have been to this restaurant 4 times and all 4 times my family, friends and I have always been well received and the way and the accommodation with a piano for those who have the talent and courage available to play it. brazilian Liqueurs And I almost forgot, I recommend to asking for the picanha nobre ao alho AND Caipirinha But after that drink if more then one please order Uber lol It's just to good to stop. Enjoy
  • Photo of fnulnu0723
    a year ago
    Came here few times already, but this is my first review. I love this place. Endless run of meat supply to your table as long as you show the green piece of paper on your table. Meat are flavourful. Correctly spiced. Not overly salty nor greasy. The grilled pineapple might not be the most appetizing with all the available meat choices, but you should try the grilled pineapple. It is coated or rubbed with cinnamon and grilled. Mama mia! I also like their fried plantains. It is sweet. Good to clear your pallette after those savory meats. To note however, the dinner and lunch is different. Dinner will cost significantly more, but the meat choices will be more than lunch as well. Either way, it is a worth it meal.
  • Photo of TravelingfromSF_8
    I had the pleasure of taking my family to Espetus to celebrate my birthday. The meats were sublime. My two boys kept getting more and more food and I never heard them say "Mmmmm" more often! If you pace yourself you can really try as many of the cuts of meat as you like. I also quite liked the salad bar. A great time was had by everyone and this place is suitable for many occasions (family, business, date, celebration, etc)
  • Photo of Paul L
    a year ago
    Espetus is a Brazilian steak house. The choices are as straightforward as possible: meats, with not too much variety, but as much as you want--and that is why you go there. So, no exotic meats, unless you count an occasional chicken heart as such. But a place with good service. I've been there several times, and have been satisfied each time. Not cheap, but good! Dress is reasonably flexible.

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