Photo of Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, US
Photo of Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, US
Photo of Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA, US
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Winchester Mystery House

Historic Site

Winchester Mystery House34
behind the scenes • tour guide • grand tour • basement tour

525 S Winchester Blvd
San Jose, CA 95128, US
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Following the death of her husband, rifle magnate William Wirt Winchester, Sarah Winchester commissioned a Victorian labyrinth designed to repel the vengeful spirits of the lives taken by her husband’s guns. 
  • Photo of Kurt Jennings
    2 years ago
    An earlier piece of technology, the Winchester rifle made a lot of money for the eponymous family. Heir to the family fortune, Sarah Winchester built a house in San Jose — but she was haunted by the ghosts of everyone who died at the hands of her rifles
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  • Photo of Citymaps Embed
    3 years ago
    The property and mansion was claimed to be haunted by the ghosts of those killed with Winchester rifles, including Winchester herself, ever since construction commenced in 1884.
  • Photo of Morris H
    2 months ago
    A very interesting tour & insight to the mind of the Winchester rifle widow. Beautiful home & gardens...
  • Photo of Isaac H
    2 months ago
    The house, the oddity, and the history behind the Winchester Mystery House are great to see if you are into California history, gun history, or architecture/interior design of the early 1900s. This is very worth a visit as the structure itself and many of the rooms inside are fantastic examples of the period. That being said, I don't think it's worth a second visit for several reasons. First, the tour is overpriced at around $40/per adult or $20/per child, and the "Explore More Tour" is an additional $10/per person on top of that, coupled with the fact that photography in the house is strictly not allowed, I feel that point eats away at the overall value of the visit. Second, the tour guides are very scripted, painfully so, and they seemed rather off-putting to me; we had one for the main tour, and one for the additional tour. Thirdly, the "Explore more tour" was rather lackluster after the main tour, it didn't seem to have a lot to offer in respect to new information or eye catching rooms; a few neat stops on the shorter tour but left me with an "eh", feeling and really tired feet. But When you're already about $80 in whats a few more bucks for the full package. The property is very well kept, and has enjoyable additional features of a small antique gun museum, a laser gun shooting range, and a gift shop combined with a little deli. We were happy with our visit, and that even with all the negative aspects it is quite a spectacle to see. I just think it's something that doesn't demand a second visit.
  • Photo of Sebastian825dlb
    2 months ago
    I have always wanted to visit this place since I was a kid. The house is very unusual and the story behind it is great, you really could get lost in there if you're not careful. The tour felt a little rushed and the group sixes are too big, they need to do smaller groups on each tour to maximize the talking points. Our tour guide, Benny, was fabulous though and couldn't have been nicer. The grounds and the gardens are beautiful. They are making a movie about Sarah Winchester starring Helen Mirren so I can't wait to see it.
  • Photo of Anthea Atkins M
    2 months ago
    I was delighted to find the House open when I visited, but I did think the tour was a bit overpriced. The tour is very interesting and informative, but a bit on the rushed side. As we moved from room to room the guide would start explaining that room before everyone had come in. That said, it is a strange quirky place to visit and I would recommend it.
  • Photo of Jeff S
    2 months ago
    The tours of the house are very expensive. The tour is setup to take you the longest way through the hodgepodge of rooms in the house. The tour narrative was interesting and gave you a good idea of what Sarah Winchester was like. Parking was minimal. It's not something I would go out of my way to see.
  • Photo of cindy545
    2 months ago
    I have seen the Winchester house about 10 yrs ago loved it, this time we felt very rushed the tour guild states talking before everyone was in thw room, so if you were at the end you would miss whatever it was she didn't care either, after that we went on the explore more your with Tanner he was much better. It was in October so I knew it. Is haunted month but they had the most ridiculous Halloween decorations and fake pumpkins it looked like a cheap dollar store sale. I think it's a dishonor to Sarah Winchester.
  • Photo of StephiePon
    2 months ago
    While the house was interesting and the tour guide was very informative, I don't believe it was worth the over $100 that we paid for the tour. I am a picture taker and was saddened to learn that you could not take pictures inside the house. Looking forward to the movie.
  • Photo of JudyStacia
    2 months ago
    I went with an old high school friend, and our granddaughters, both teenagers. We ALL had a wonderful time. It was the first for the three of them while I have gone many time. We all learned something new and the young women were never bored. With all the different rooms and our enthusiastic guide, they didn't realize how much exercise they were getting. A little word of advise - it's best to buy things after the tour so you don't have to carry a bag with you.
  • Photo of Darlene A
    2 months ago
    We went in May to the Winchester Mystery House. It was so incredibly interesting to go through. I probably would not have to ever go back, but I am not sorry that I went. It is not scary whatsoever and it is very suitable for young children; however, I fear that they might find it rather boring. If you have trouble climbing stairs, I would definitely not recommend this adventure to anyone. I do wish we had had a better tour guide as it felt like ours was reciting a memorized script. And do not come prepared to ask questions. My grampa asked a question and her response was that she was going to be talking about that later in the tour and let's keep on task. I will say that I'm not sure it was worth the $40 per person that the tickets cost, but it was interesting experience to say the least. I was disappointed that most of the rooms were not even furnished....they are currently working on restoring the mansion back to what it would have looked like since the daughter sold everything in it when her mom (the lady who built the house) died. The rooms that did have period related pieces in them I found to be much more entertaining to view. The gardens are absolutely beautiful, if I did ever go back, I would want to do a garden tour.
  • Photo of tilly6479
    2 months ago
    Quirky large timber built mansion House with myriad of interesting and unusual features. You are obliged to take a tour so can't self guide through the house. Some really beautiful Windows and features. Some just wacky. Bit pricey for what it is but I suppose it costs a lot for its upkeep. Thought shop a disappointment. all the souvenirs focused on making it seem spooky when the house itself had some beautiful features. I'd have bought something that reflected the stained glass windows for example. On balance glad I visited.
  • Photo of lisamL5119KD
    2 months ago
    Great story about the life of Sarah Winchester, the history of the Winchester rifle and Winchester Family. With a Movie coming out soon about Sarah Winchester the time to visit is now, before it gets Crazy Busy. The Estate Grounds are Beautiful!
  • Photo of nicolebF9386TP
    3 months ago
    My husband and I purchased the standard tour and I was shocked that it was nearly $40/person. The tour guide was excellent (although scripted) and the house definitely has some interesting aspects. I was surprised that more of the rooms were not furnished, although some were. We also enjoyed the self-guided garden tour. The house tour took right at an hour and the gardens only took about 15-20 minutes to walk through and read the descriptions from the map. I'm glad we went, but the price is definitely too high for what you receive.
  • Photo of Aparna J
    3 months ago
    The house isn't spooky and the strange architecture is interesting...but not a must-see. San Jose doesn't have a ton of history preserved so it is interesting from that standpoint. Gift shop is pretty cool.
  • Photo of ArkansasRev
    3 months ago
    This was my 4th visit over several years. I always learn something new from the different tour guides. We went the end of Sept and it was decorated for Halloween which was nice. A movie is coming out in early 2018 about Sarah Winchester and the house. I'm looking forward to it.
  • Photo of Antonia C
    3 months ago
    So, after living in San Jose my entire life, I finally took my kids to the Winchester Mystery House. They were redoing the entrance at the time, and by the looks of things, it likely hadn't been done since the early 80's. It was an interesting story and bizarre house to walk through, but a lot smaller inside than it looks from the outside. My kids enjoyed all of the stories, but I didn't think it lived up to all the fuss. I can check it off the list, but see no need in going back. If you just want to walk around the grounds or see the Winchester gun collection, you don't need a ticket. You can just walk through the gift shop. Be sure to pack some snacks though, because the prices they charge for food there are ridiculous!!
  • Photo of Terry C
    3 months ago
    We had a 70th birthday party here with a bunch of classmates. It was a fun venue. Had never been here although we lived here until 45 years ago. The area in the garden for our group was just right. The tour we took together was fun. Interesting place
  • Photo of Shellee B
    3 months ago
    This is a well worth trip to make !! A very interesting house to visit .. a lot of history and the windows and wood workings inside are just beautiful! A added plus is all the Mysteries!! They have several tours you can pick from :)
  • Photo of Nevadawx
    3 months ago
    We did both the 'house tour' and the 'more tour' WOW! If spooky old stuff is what you'll love this place. Be advised there are hundreds of stairs, however, most are only about 4" high per step or less. You'll see earthquake damage from the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake + so very much more. Hosts and staff are most informative and friendly. All I can say is if any of the above appeals to you - - - do it - Do It - - DO IT!
  • Photo of E J
    3 months ago
    This is a place that has something for everyone. . .from the stairs that lead to nowhere, to the doors that open to nothing. People of all ages will enjoy touring this quirky, enchanting house.
  • Photo of Mike W
    3 months ago
    Yes, I've been to WMH many times... In recent trips I've been slightly disappointed with the standard tour. Lackluster Young College Students who can barley remember the basic script with little mousy voices no one can hear.... BUT! This was an amazing experience! Jack was our tour guide. While a little hokey and overzealous with some of his delivery, he was a wealth of knowledge! He gave an outstanding tour! Great vocal projection and enthusiasm. His knowledge of the WMH was above and beyond the standard script. He delve into the rarely mentioned 7/11 staircase. No one has mentioned that on a tour I've had in 10 years! A few other old school pieces of info made this fresh and informative... The Disney thing was true at all, Jack.... But we'll let ya slide. NOT to be overdone by the more veteran guide, Jack... Tanner was a young guy doing the Explore More part of our tour. He too was excellent! Tanner's knowledge was also above a beyond the standards of past visits. The combo of new/old rooms and areas, along with the basement was a real treat. Great sights and info... I think we saw every elevator... The start of the tour is extra special... I won't ruin it for those who haven't been.,.. BTW.. The Crystal room which used to be on the regular tour and included on the Explore More tour is great.. according to guide it was removed from tour due to damage of the Crystal Wallpaper... ? Why not just cover it with plexiglass like other parts of the house and call it good? Bravo... Great tour.

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